Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Shaco Support in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Shaco Support in League of Legends

Shaco’s unexpected emergence as a viable support option in recent League of Legends seasons caught many off guard. His gameplay as support is nuanced and requires a deft hand to maximize effectiveness, contributing to his relatively low pick rate. Shaco excels in disrupting enemy advances, particularly against aggressive opponents or those with gap-closing abilities. His toolkit, centered around invisibility and the crowd control from his jack-in-the-boxes, effectively thwarts all-in engages and stalls enemy momentum.

For ADC pairings, champions with long-range capabilities are ideal to capitalize on the openings created by Shaco’s boxes. Since Shaco lacks traditional support mechanisms like heals and shields, ADCs who can self-peel or maintain distance from threats are particularly synergistic. This allows them to remain safely engaged in combat while Shaco controls the battlefield and creates confusion.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top five ADC champions that synergize best with Shaco’s unique support style, ensuring both the protection of the ADC and the disruption of the enemy’s strategies.

#1: Caitlyn

With Shaco as your support, the bot lane becomes a strategic minefield of his cunning traps. His boxes are strategically placed to thwart ambush attempts or disrupt enemies attempting to close in on Caitlyn. As Caitlyn, you need to anticipate enemy movements and be poised for quick action. When an enemy triggers one of Shaco’s boxes and succumbs to fear, it’s your cue to strike decisively.

Employ Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker (Q) or lay a Yordle Snap Trap (E) directly under the disoriented foe, following up with her full damage combo. This swift and coordinated response not only increases the likelihood of securing a kill but often forces the enemy to expend valuable summoner spells, like Flash, to escape further punishment. This pairing effectively combines Shaco’s disruptive capabilities with Caitlyn’s range and trap synergy, making them a formidable duo in controlling and dominating the lane.

#2: Jhin

Jhin, with his exceptional long-range capabilities, typically requires less peeling than other ADCs. However, he remains vulnerable to flanking maneuvers from agile assassins like Talon who can leap over walls. Shaco, as his support, effectively counters these threats by strategically placing boxes in potential flank paths and directly behind Jhin to safeguard him.

The synergy between Jhin and Shaco extends beyond mere protection. When an enemy triggers one of Shaco’s boxes, Jhin can capitalize on the moment of fear by precisely targeting his Deadly Flourish (W). Furthermore, Jhin can initiate an engagement using his Dancing Grenade (Q) to mark an enemy, prompting Shaco to go invisible and approach unsuspectingly. Once Shaco applies his passive and uses his Two-Shiv Poison (E) to slow the target, Jhin can seal the deal with his W and, if necessary, his Curtain Call (R). This combination not only disrupts the enemy’s positioning but often secures a kill, making Jhin and Shaco a duo capable of dictating the pace of the bot lane through calculated aggression and protective tactics.

#3: Ezreal

Ezreal is an exemplary ADC to pair with Shaco, offering both long-range capabilities and exceptional self-peel. This combination allows Ezreal to maintain safety in lane while also being able to aggressively follow up on opportunities created by Shaco. When a foe is caught and feared by one of Shaco’s boxes, Ezreal can swiftly close the distance using his Arcane Shift (E), positioning himself perfectly to unleash his Essence Flux (W) followed by a Mystic Shot (Q) for substantial damage. Additionally, if an enemy is just out of reach, Ezreal can deploy his Trueshot Barrage (R) to capitalize on Shaco’s ambushes from a distance.

The pairing also thrives due to Shaco’s ability to roam effectively. With Ezreal’s innate ability to handle himself alone thanks to his range and mobility, he can comfortably play on a weak side, allowing Shaco to roam and assist other lanes. This not only maximizes the gold and experience Ezreal can gather solo but also leverages Shaco’s strengths across the map, making strategic plays that can shift the tide of the game. Together, Ezreal and Shaco create a dynamic duo that excels in flexibility, damage output, and map control.

#4: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune pairs exceptionally well with champions who can consistently immobilize opponents, and Shaco’s strategic prowess enhances this synergy. Her swift movement speed and ability to cast abilities from afar allow her to capitalize on crowd control delivered by her allies effectively.

Adept Shaco players can extend an enemy’s disable duration beyond 5 seconds through clever placement of his boxes and enticing enemies into them. Miss Fortune should remain vigilant, recognizing when Shaco is setting up these traps. When Shaco successfully springs his snare, it creates the ideal moment for Miss Fortune to unleash her Bullet Time (R). This coordination can lock down an enemy long enough for Miss Fortune to maximize the impact of her ultimate, ensuring that every bullet finds its mark and devastates her opponents. This strategic collaboration not only cripples the enemy’s ability to fight back but also can swing the momentum of lane control significantly in their favor.

#5: Tristana

Playing with Tristana alongside Shaco support transforms the bot lane into a lethal trap. When an enemy unwittingly triggers one of Shaco’s boxes, it sets the stage for a devastating combo. Tristana can capitalize on the moment by using Rocket Jump to leap onto the affected champion and quickly apply the explosive charges of her Explosive Charge (E). This often guarantees a kill due to the high burst damage, and should the target or their allies flash or escape, Tristana’s reset on Rocket Jump allows her to pursue or retreat strategically.

Moreover, Tristana can enhance this synergy with clever use of her Buster Shot (R). By positioning herself judiciously through Rocket Jump, she can blast enemies back into a cluster of Shaco’s boxes. This not only multiplies the crowd control but also sets up visually spectacular and highly effective plays. This combination of Tristana’s aggressive, mobile burst potential and Shaco’s cunning traps makes the duo exceptionally formidable, turning any misstep by their opponents into a potentially game-changing advantage.


Pairing Shaco with the right ADC can dramatically enhance the bot lane’s effectiveness in League of Legends. Champions like Caitlyn, Jhin, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, and Tristana each bring unique strengths that synergize well with Shaco’s disruptive and deceptive playstyle. From capitalizing on long-range engagements to executing high-damage bursts following crowd control setups, these ADCs can leverage Shaco’s abilities to control the battlefield and secure kills. Understanding the dynamics of each pairing and exploiting their combined capabilities allows players to dominate the lane and influence the broader game. This guide highlights the potential for strategic depth and creativity when pairing these ADCs with Shaco, offering players a roadmap to mastering their bot lane and turning the tides of their matches.

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