Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Rell in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Rell in League of Legends

Explore the top 6 ADCs ideally suited to pair with Rell in League of Legends, each leveraging her powerful crowd control capabilities. Rell, often overlooked in solo queue, shines brightest when combined with ADCs who can capitalize on her stuns and knock-ups, such as Samira and Yasuo. However, other ADCs also benefit significantly from her support.

Rell’s utility extends beyond simple lane support; she enhances the overall team’s performance in most matchups. It’s crucial, though, to avoid pairing her with purely farm-focused ADCs early in the game, as this underutilizes her potential and may lead her to roam more frequently.

In this guide, we delve into the synergies between Rell and each recommended ADC, providing insights into maximizing their combined strengths in the bot lane. Get ready to dominate your matches with these dynamic duos.

#1: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune emerges as an exceptional choice for partnering with Rell, combining her high AoE damage capabilities with Rell’s robust crowd control skills to dominate the bot lane. Miss Fortune thrives in lane due to her potent damage output, although she does lack inherent mobility and defenses—areas where Rell’s protective capabilities shine. Upon reaching level 6, Miss Fortune’s threat significantly escalates.

The synergy between Rell and Miss Fortune is especially potent during team fights: Rell’s ability to cluster and immobilize opponents with her W > E combo sets the stage for Miss Fortune to devastate with her Bullet Time ultimate. To optimize this setup, Miss Fortune can pre-empt engagements with her Make it Rain (E), slowing adversaries to ensure Rell’s successful initiation.

This duo excels in smaller skirmishes and larger team engagements alike, leveraging the same devastating combo to turn the tide of battle. They benefit greatly from items like Evenshroud and Zeke’s Convergence, enhancing their damage output following Rell’s crowd control applications, making this pairing not only effective but also thrilling to execute.

#2: Kalista

Kalista paired with Rell creates a formidable duo in the bot lane, leveraging their combined strengths to outmaneuver and outlast opponents. Rell’s tankiness and crowd control capabilities make her an ideal partner for Kalista, who thrives with support that can peel effectively.

In this pairing, Kalista benefits immensely from the space Rell creates. With Rell absorbing damage and disrupting enemy lines, Kalista can exploit her unique mobility to reposition and unleash sustained damage. This synergy is particularly effective because Kalista relies heavily on her support to maximize her potential, making Rell’s protective and engaging abilities crucial.

Although their early game might seem subdued, with Kalista focusing primarily on farming, they possess a potent threat level when joining forces with their jungler for ganks. Moreover, they can surprisingly turn the tides in a 3v2 scenario during enemy ganks, thanks to their combined kiting and crowd control.

Adopting Exhaust on Kalista and Ignite on Rell enhances their aggressive posture, allowing them to exert even more pressure and secure kills in the lane. This setup not only emphasizes their early game threat but also bolsters their ability to dominate skirmishes and secure lane dominance effectively.

#3: Tristana

Tristana stands out as an exceptional ADC to partner with Rell, offering a dynamic and aggressive approach to the bot lane. Known for her explosive damage potential, Tristana synergizes superbly with Rell’s crowd control abilities, making them a fearsome duo right from the early game.

This partnership truly thrives at level two, where they can leverage Tristana’s Rocket Jump and Explosive Charge combined with Rell’s disruptive capabilities to secure early kills. This aggressive tactic allows Tristana and Rell to assert dominance in their lane quickly, setting the stage for a potential snowball.

What makes this pairing even more formidable is their ability to repeatedly engage with confidence. With Rell’s stuns and knock-ups setting the stage every few seconds, Tristani can consistently capitalize on these openings to deal significant damage and secure lane victories.

In team fights, Rell’s role shifts to that of a staunch guardian for Tristana, using her body to block incoming damage and control adversaries with her crowd control tools. This protection is crucial for Tristana, allowing her to safely unload her full damage potential on the enemy team.

For optimal synergy, equipping Rell with items like Zeke’s Convergence, Evenshroud, and Knight’s Vew can further enhance her effectiveness, providing additional defenses and utility to support Tristana’s aggressive plays. This strategic itemization ensures that Tristana remains a resilient force in both lane skirmishes and larger team engagements.

#4: Yasuo

Yasuo, when played as an ADC alongside Rell, transforms into a potent force on the battlefield, capitalizing on Rell’s exceptional ability to control crowds. Their synergy is particularly effective due to Rell’s reliable knock-up abilities which perfectly set up Yasuo for his ultimate, Last Breath.

From the outset, Yasuo benefits immensely from Rell’s W, Ferromancy: Crash Down, which delivers a knock-up, providing Yasuo the perfect setup to unleash his ultimate on multiple adversaries simultaneously. Furthermore, Rell’s ultimate, Magnet Storm, draws enemies in and briefly makes them airborne, creating another prime opportunity for Yasuo to execute a devastating Last Breath across a wide area.

The dynamic movement offered by Yasuo, with his sweeping, dash-based combat, enhances Rell’s mobility on the field. When tethered to Yasuo through Attract and Repel (E), Rell can effortlessly position herself to maximize her crowd control capabilities without the need to manually flank opponents.

While Yasuo and Rell may find the early game challenging due to their melee nature, their potential escalates dramatically into the mid and late game. Skilled execution of their combined abilities can dominate 2v2 skirmishes and scale impressively into larger team fights.

For optimal effectiveness, the duo should consider equipping Rell with items like Evenshroud for its synergy with crowd control and Knight’s Vow to bolster Yasuo’s survivability, ensuring they remain a formidable pair throughout all phases of the game.

#5: Nilah

Nilah and Rell make an exceptional pairing in the bot lane, harnessing their complementary abilities to great effect. Nilah thrives when paired with a support like Rell, whose initiation and crowd control capabilities align perfectly with her aggressive, in-your-face playstyle.

When Rell launches into the fray with her W, Ferromancy: Crash Down, she not only disrupts the enemy formation but also sets the stage for Nilah to capitalize on the chaos. As Rell immobilizes opponents, Nilah can swoop in seamlessly with her own abilities, enhancing their combined offensive potential.

Moreover, Nilah’s defensive skill, her W, offers a crucial safety net, protecting both herself and Rell from return fire. This synergy not only amplifies their lane dominance but also bolsters Rell’s already formidable durability.

The duo’s ultimate abilities further sync to create devastating team fight scenarios. Rell’s Magnet Storm drags adversaries together, perfectly positioning them for Nilah’s Apotheosis, which wreaks havoc across clustered foes, maximizing her damage output.

However, Nilah does have her vulnerabilities, particularly against poke-heavy compositions like Morgana and Caitlyn, which can keep her at bay with their range and crowd control. To mitigate this, Nilah and Rell should adopt an assertive approach, leveraging their strengths to force early skirmishes and capitalize on any missteps by their opponents.

By focusing on aggressive engagement and leveraging their synergistic ultimates, Nilah and Rell can dominate team fights, turning the tide in their favor with well-timed coordination and execution.

#6: Samira

Samira stands as the quintessential ADC partner for Rell, forming a powerhouse duo that excels in synergy and effectiveness on the battlefield.

Their synergy is particularly notable in how Samira’s Daredevil Impulse passive perfectly complements Rell’s arsenal of crowd control abilities. Whenever Rell lands a stun or knock-up, Samira can quickly follow up with enhanced auto-attacks, adding significant damage and prolonging the crowd control with her own abilities. This coordination makes them formidable in lane, often dominating their opponents in early 2v2 skirmishes.

Samira’s mobility is key; her agile dash allows her to capitalize on Rell’s engagements effortlessly. This dynamic is critical during team fights, where Rell’s Magnet Storm clusters enemies together, setting the stage for Samira’s devastating Inferno Trigger ultimate, which can swiftly decimate grouped foes.

Furthermore, Samira’s Blade Whirl (W) brings an additional layer of protection to the duo. This ability acts as a barrier against incoming projectiles, safeguarding both Samira and Rell, which is particularly useful for thwarting enemy ganks or securing a safe disengage.

For optimal performance, Rell should consider gearing up with items like Evenshroud, Knight’s Vow, and Zeke’s Convergence. These items not only enhance Rell’s tankiness and utility but also significantly boost Samira’s output, ensuring she remains a lethal force throughout the game.

Together, Samira and Rell do not just complement each other; they elevate each other’s strengths, making them a duo that can control the pace of the game and tilt skirmishes in their favor with remarkable synergy and strategic execution.

Pairing the right ADC with Rell can significantly amplify her effectiveness on the battlefield. From the explosive synergy with Samira to the strategic plays possible with Kalista, each recommended ADC brings unique strengths that mesh well with Rell’s crowd control and tanking abilities. Whether you’re looking for a duo that excels in early lane dominance, like Tristana and Rell, or one that scales powerfully into late-game team fights, such as Nilah and Rell, the key is understanding and leveraging these combinations to their fullest potential. By choosing the right partner for Rell and mastering their interactions, players can maximize their impact in games, controlling team fights and leading their team to victory.

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