Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Milio in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best ADCs to Pair With Milio in League of Legends

Milio is a unique support champion in League of Legends, renowned for his abilities that excel in both protection and area control. His playstyle revolves around creating safe zones and enhancing ally capabilities, making him ideal for ADCs that benefit from extended engagements. Milio’s kit includes a powerful shield and an ultimate that boosts the effectiveness of nearby allies, making him perfect for ADCs who thrive on positioning and sustained output. Additionally, Milio’s ability to enhance healing and provide speed boosts allows ADCs to maneuver effectively in fights and capitalize on their damage potential.

With Milio, managing mana is crucial, as his abilities can be resource-intensive. Integrating runes like Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band can ensure he remains effective throughout prolonged encounters. Milio’s late-game impact is significant, particularly when paired with ADCs who can scale into formidable threats. This guide will explore the top 6 ADC champions that synergize exceptionally well with Milio, focusing on those who can maximize the strategic advantages his abilities offer, ensuring your duo can dominate lanes and influence the game’s outcome.

#1: Ashe

Ashe is the quintessential ADC to pair with Milio, greatly benefiting from his unique supportive capabilities. With Ashe's inherent strength in the early game, primarily due to her potent W ability for poke, Milio finds the necessary space to reach his own power spikes. This synergy truly shines in mid-game skirmishes and larger team fights.

Milio's Cozy Campfire (W) extends Ashe's attack range, allowing her to deal damage safely from afar while Milio mitigates any crowd control aimed at her with his ultimate. Coupled with Ashe's innate ability to slow enemies with each arrow, this duo can control the pace of the fight, making it challenging for opponents to close the distance.

The key to overcoming this formidable pair lies in aggressive early play to stifle their scaling and gain an early advantage. Targeted early aggression can prevent Ashe and Milio from reaching their full potential, giving opponents a fighting chance.

#2: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Milio form a formidable duo that could dominate the bot lane, a pairing highlighted by Riot Games themselves during Milio’s abilities showcase. Caitlyn, with her exceptional range, becomes an even greater lane bully when augmented by Milio's W, which extends her attack distance further, allowing her to poke opponents relentlessly from a distance they can't retaliate from.

Milio’s toolkit complements Caitlyn beautifully, enhancing her damage with his passive and providing crucial mobility and shields with his E, which helps mitigate her natural vulnerabilities. Additionally, Milio’s ultimate offers a crucial escape mechanism, cleansing Caitlyn of crowd controls and enabling swift disengagement from sticky situations.

However, like many aggressive bot lane setups, this pairing does have its Achilles' heel—susceptibility to ganks. Adequate ward coverage and map awareness are essential to capitalize on the strengths of this duo without falling prey to enemy jungler interventions. As Milio's abilities continue to be refined in the PBE, the strategic depth and synergy of this duo only promise to deepen, positioning them as a top contender in bot lane dynamics.

#3: Smolder

Smolder, an ADC known for his late-game power, greatly benefits from partnering with an enchanter like Milio, who excels in providing the necessary sustain and protection. Milio's ability to bolster defenses with heals and shields is crucial for Smolder, who needs to safely scale into the late game without heavy harassment or early takedowns.

Despite Milio’s supportive capabilities, this duo can still face challenges during the laning phase. It’s crucial for Smolder to play cautiously and avoid overextending in early skirmishes, even with Milio's protective spells. Strategic positioning and patient gameplay are key until Smolder can reach his full potential, supported by Milio's array of buffs and crowd control cleanse.

#4: Aphelios

Aphelios, with his versatile arsenal, particularly shines when wielding his Calibrum rifle, extending his attack range significantly. When paired with Milio, this advantage is amplified through Milio's range-enhancing abilities, allowing Aphelios to dominate the lane with superior positioning and firepower. Milio's "Fired Up" ability not only increases damage output but can force opponents to prematurely use their health potions to stay in lane.

Additionally, Aphelios lacks inherent escape mechanisms, making him vulnerable to ganks. Milio's "Warm Hugs" can provide the crucial mobility boost Aphelios needs to evade enemy advances, securing his safety and maintaining lane control. This synergy not only strengthens their laning phase but also solidifies their late-game impact, as they both scale effectively into powerful team fight participants.

#5: Lucian

Lucian, known for his high skill ceiling and aggressive playstyle, synergizes impressively with Milio's supportive capabilities. Milio's consistent shielding allows Lucian to engage confidently in trades, leveraging his passive for enhanced damage output right from the early game.

Additionally, Milio’s Cozy Campfire (W) significantly boosts Lucian's effective range, complementing his inherent mobility and enabling him to safely unleash his full arsenal while adeptly kiting enemies.

However, mastering this duo demands excellent coordination and aggressive gameplay to capitalize on their early lead. Without early dominance, Lucian and Milio may find themselves challenged in later stages, particularly during team fights, where Lucian's damage can fall short compared to traditional hypercarries. This makes them a high-risk, high-reward choice for players looking to push the limits of their laning prowess and team fight strategy.

#6: Jinx

Jinx has reclaimed her spot as a dominant ADC in the bot lane, and pairing her with Milio can elevate her game even further. Milio's supportive abilities from Ixtal ensure that Jinx can navigate her early game safely, setting her up for a strong mid to late-game presence.

As the game progresses, Milio's capacity to enhance Jinx's survivability becomes invaluable. He provides robust shields and healing, enabling Jinx to withstand the enemy's burst damage effectively. With Milio's support, Jinx can maintain her output of high damage, tearing through the enemy lines and tipping team fights in her favor. This duo excels at turning late-game scenarios into victories, thanks to their combined sustained damage and resilience.


Pairing the right ADC with Milio can greatly amplify the strengths of both champions in League of Legends. From enhancing lane control with Caitlyn to maximizing late-game impact with Jinx, Milio's versatile support capabilities make him a formidable ally for any ADC. Whether you're looking to dominate the early game or secure victories in late-game team fights, choosing the right duo can make all the difference. These top ADC partnerships with Milio not only enhance gameplay but also increase your chances of climbing the ranks effectively. So, pick your partner wisely and harness the power of synergy to dominate the bot lane.

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