Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Braum in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs to Duo With Braum in League of Legends

Renowned for his versatility, Braum functions as a protector and initiator, making him a formidable support. His standout ability in early engagements is his passive, which stacks on enemies, setting up for potential stuns. This mechanic synergizes perfectly with ADCs capable of quickly activating these stuns, leading to effective trades and potential snowballing advantages.

Braum's utility extends beyond just his passive. His defensive skills, including a shield that blocks incoming projectiles and his ability to bolster an ally's defenses, make him a valuable team member. Paired with the right ADC, Braum can dominate the bot lane, providing excellent peel and engagement opportunities.

In this blog, we delve into the best ADC partners for Braum, highlighting how their abilities complement his to control the battlefield and secure victories. From quick-hitting marksmen to those that benefit from his protective prowess, discover which champions form the most dynamic duos with Braum.

#1: Lucian

Lucian and Braum form an iconic bot lane pairing, renowned for their seamless synergy. Lucian’s ability to rapidly trigger Braum’s passive with his Light Slinger, which allows his basic attacks to hit twice, makes them exceptionally potent in trades. When Braum tags an opponent with Winter’s Bite, Lucian can swiftly capitalize with his Relentless Pursuit followed by a quick barrage, ensuring a rapid stun and significant burst damage. This combo not only secures them early lane dominance but also allows for tactical retreats to minimize retaliation.

Their synergy extends into team fights, where Braum’s Unbreakable acts as a formidable shield, protecting Lucian as he unleashes damage. Should an enemy dare to close the distance, Braum can either intercept with a Stand Behind Me to shield Lucian or disrupt the battlefield with his Glacial Fissure, knocking up opponents and creating an opportunity for Lucian to maneuver and continue his assault. This duo thrives on coordinated aggression, making them a relentless force in lane and a critical asset in team engagements.

#2: Ashe

Ashe and Braum are a formidable duo, blending their Freljordian heritage into a chilling display of crowd control and ranged harassment. Ashe, with her Frost Shot, slows enemies with each attack, creating openings for Braum to capitalize on. Her ability to volley arrows across the battlefield compounds the pressure, making it arduous for opponents to safely farm.

When Braum leaps into the fray with his Stand Behind Me and unleashes Winter’s Bite, it synergizes perfectly with Ashe’s chilling attacks to stack concussive blows swiftly. This coordination can often secure early kills due to the relentless slowing and stunning capabilities they bring together.

The true terror of this pairing unfolds in their ultimate abilities: Braum’s Glacial Fissure knocks up enemies in a broad swath, while Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow can stun a target from across the map. When combined, these ultimates can lock down opponents for extended periods, often sealing their fate before they have a chance to react. This synergy not only dominates the lane but also turns them into pivotal assets during team fights, where their combined crowd control can swing the momentum of battle decisively.

#3: Tristana

Tristana and Braum form a dynamic pairing that excels across all stages of the game, thanks to their complementary abilities to engage and disengage swiftly. Tristana’s explosive early game, amplified by her Rocket Jump and rapid-fire attacks, meshes perfectly with Braum’s protective instincts and stun-inducing Concussive Blows.

This duo thrives on aggressive plays, with Braum setting the stage using his Winter’s Bite to slow opponents and mark them for Tristana’s quick burst damage. Once Tristana activates her Hail of Blades, the duo can swiftly stack Braum’s passive to stun, allowing Tristana to unload devastating damage with her E, Explosive Charge, potentially securing early kills.

Alternatively, Braum’s defensive prowess shines when peeling for Tristana, who can dive in with confidence, knowing Braum’s shield and Unbreakable stance will mitigate incoming damage. Together, they can adapt their strategy to be aggressively forward or defensively solid, making them a versatile and formidable bot lane duo capable of controlling the pace and flow of the lane, ready to capitalize on any misstep from their opponents.

#4: Zeri

Zeri and Braum make an excellent combo due to their ability to synergize in aggressive and defensive scenarios. Zeri’s dynamic playstyle, characterized by her rapid-fire Q, Burst Fire, naturally complements Braum’s Concussive Blows, allowing them to stack stuns quickly and effectively. Braum acts as a steadfast protector for Zeri, who tends to position aggressively in skirmishes.

Should Zeri find herself overextended, Braum is equipped to swiftly intervene with his Stand Behind Me (W), positioning himself between her and danger. His Unbreakable (E) not only absorbs incoming damage but also provides crucial crowd control with his Glacial Fissure (R) to disrupt opponents, securing Zeri the space she needs to recalibrate or continue her assault. This partnership thrives on mutual support, with Braum safeguarding Zeri as she unleashes her high-energy barrages, making them a formidable force in lane and team fights.

#5: Twitch

Twitch and Braum form a potent pairing that, while slightly unconventional compared to pairings with more aggressive tank supports, boasts significant advantages. Twitch, lacking inherent escape mechanisms, benefits immensely from Braum’s protective arsenal. Braum’s defensive skills are crucial for safeguarding Twitch, especially in tight situations where Twitch’s only retreat option is Flash.

Moreover, Twitch’s ultimate, Spray and Pray, uniquely synergizes with Braum’s passive, Concussive Blows, by applying stacks at a long range, enabling Braum to capitalize on stuns across multiple targets during team fights. This synergy not only enhances their lane presence but also scales effectively into late-game, where Twitch’s enhanced reach and Braum’s crowd control can decisively influence skirmishes and full-scale engagements.

#6: Vayne

Vayne and Braum make a formidable duo, with Braum excelling in his role as Vayne’s steadfast guardian throughout the game. Their synergy shines in lane where Braum can initiate trades with his Q, setting the stage for Vayne to quickly apply her Silver Bolts and secure a stun. Before the enemy can recover, Vayne can use her Condemn to pin them, maximizing the trade’s effectiveness without retaliation.

In the late game, Braum’s presence becomes crucial for Vayne. His protective abilities ensure Vayne can navigate team fights effectively, focusing on taking down targets while he disrupts foes and blocks incoming threats with his shield and ultimate. Braum’s ability to leap to Vayne’s aid or create separation with his Glacial Fissure provides Vayne the necessary space to maneuver and execute her high damage output, making them a relentless pair as the match progresses.

#7: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Braum form an exceptionally tactical duo, leveraging Caitlyn’s superior range to its fullest potential. Caitlyn can effectively trigger Braum’s Concussive Blows from a distance, then capitalize on the stun with her Yordle Snap Trap for extended crowd control and significant burst damage. This strategy allows them to engage safely without retaliation.

Braum serves as an impenetrable barrier with his Unbreakable shield, safeguarding Caitlyn against long-range threats and skill shots, making them a nearly unassailable pair in lane. The duo operates like a sniper protected by a robust shield, where Caitlyn dishes out damage from behind the safety of Braum’s defenses.

For added security, Caitlyn can incorporate Galeforce into her build, allowing her even greater mobility to reposition or escape if adversaries bypass Braum’s guard. Meanwhile, Braum’s itemization can flexibly adapt to counter specific enemy threats, ensuring Caitlyn remains unharmed and continuously able to apply pressure from a distance.

Pairing the right ADC with Braum can significantly enhance both the laning phase and team fights. Each ADC brings unique strengths that, when combined with Braum’s protective abilities and crowd control, can create a formidable bot lane duo. From Lucian’s rapid burst capability to Caitlyn’s strategic traps, these pairings capitalize on synergy to dominate their opponents. By selecting an ADC that complements Braum’s kit, players can maximize their impact in games, leading to more controlled lanes and victorious outcomes. Remember, the effectiveness of these duos not only relies on the individual skills of the champions but also on the coordination and strategy of the players behind them.

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