Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Alistar in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Alistar in League of Legends

Alistar, known for his exceptional initiation and protection abilities, is a formidable support in both the early and late phases of League of Legends games. Ideal partners for Alistar are ADCs who can quickly capitalize on his strong engage capabilities—particularly those with gap closers or their own crowd control to complement his. Alistar excels at safeguarding his ADC, making him perfect for pairing with high-risk, high-reward carries that thrive in solo queue. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 5 ADC champions that synergize superbly with Alistar’s support skills to dominate the bot lane.

#1: Kalista

Kalista and Alistar form a dynamic duo due to Kalista’s mobility and Alistar’s protective capabilities. Kalista’s passive allows her to dash slightly with each attack, perfectly complementing Alistar’s robust peeling skills. This pairing thrives in prolonged skirmishes where Kalista can continuously stack her Rend on adversaries.

Ensure that Kalista’s Oathsworn is Alistar, maximizing their synergy through shared damage when attacking the same target. In team fights, Kalista can initiate by using her ultimate to hurl Alistar into the fray, where he can then use his Pulverize and Headbutt to isolate key targets.

During lane phase, they can adopt an aggressive stance. Alistar’s combo of Pulverize followed by a Headbutt provides Kalista ample time to apply multiple Rend stacks. Even if this doesn’t immediately secure a kill, it forces the opposing ADC to retreat and heal, gaining lane dominance. Should the enemy linger, Alistar’s use of Flash or Hexflash can close the gap, ensuring a follow-up kill. Continuously leveraging this aggressive approach allows them to effectively control the lane and potentially snowball into a dominant mid-to-late game presence.

#2: Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw, known for his immense late-game damage output and vulnerability due to his lack of escapes, pairs excellently with Alistar’s protective abilities. Alistar’s capability to disrupt enemies with his crowd control skills complements Kog’Maw’s need for space and security to unleash his full damage potential.

Kog’Maw thrives when he can freely use his Bio-Arcane Barrage to maximize damage based on the target’s missing health. Alistar ensures this by using his Pulverize and Headbutt to keep threats at bay, either by knocking them up or pushing aggressors away, effectively safeguarding Kog’Maw in skirmishes and team fights.

This duo excels in maintaining a controlled battlefield where Kog’Maw can position himself to continuously fire upon enemies. Alistar’s disruptive presence allows Kog’Maw the time to scale into a formidable force, utilizing his Void Ooze to slow enemies, thereby enhancing his ability to kite adversaries or retreat when necessary. Together, they form a duo that can dominate late-game scenarios through strategic positioning and stellar peel.

#3: Vayne

Alistar’s synergy with Vayne is exemplified by his robust peeling capabilities, making him an excellent support for this quintessential hyper-carry. Vayne excels at scaling into a late-game powerhouse, and Alistar’s protective presence ensures she can farm safely and reach her crucial item spikes without undue harassment.

During the early game, Alistar should prioritize warding and maintaining control over the lane to safeguard Vayne from ganks. His ability to disrupt enemy advances with his Headbutt and Pulverize is critical in turning potentially dangerous encounters into favorable outcomes.

When enemies attempt to engage, Alistar’s timely use of his combo can not only thwart their efforts but also set up Vayne for successful counterattacks. By focusing on keeping threats away and allowing Vayne the space to maneuver and capitalize on her Silver Bolts, Alistar ensures that Vayne can transition smoothly into her role as the team’s primary damage dealer in later stages. Together, they form a duo that balances defensive acumen with explosive offensive potential.

#4: Jhin

Jhin and Alistar form a formidable bot lane duo, with Alistar’s robust crowd control perfectly complementing Jhin’s need for setup to unleash his full damage potential. Alistar can initiate with his signature Headbutt-Pulverize combination, allowing Jhin to follow up with his Captive Audience (W) for an extended immobilization, ensuring targets remain within Jhin’s reach.

This synergy allows Jhin to safely deliver massive bursts of damage from a distance while Alistar absorbs and deflects enemy aggression. Throughout the game, their combined abilities create pivotal opportunities to catch out and eliminate key targets in team fights.

As the match progresses, Alistar’s role shifts to diligently guarding Jhin, leveraging items that enhance his protective capabilities. This partnership not only secures Jhin the space to operate effectively but also capitalizes on his high damage output to control the pace and flow of skirmishes and larger engagements. Together, Jhin’s precision and Alistar’s disruption forge a path to dominance, making them a terror for opponents to face across all phases of the game.

#5: Samira

Samira and Alistar form an explosive duo capable of dominating the bot lane through their versatile and aggressive playstyle. Samira’s toolkit, which includes sustain, high damage, and a projectile-blocking ability, complements Alistar’s robust initiation and peeling capabilities exceptionally well.

The synergy between Samira’s extended crowd control passive and Alistar’s array of stuns and knock-ups allows them to control the flow of battle effectively. Whether Alistar leads with his powerful engage or Samira initiates with her daring dives, this pair can adapt their approach to suit the situation, making them formidable against any lane opponents.

In the early game, they can play cautiously against longer-range adversaries, scaling smoothly with items like Immortal Shieldbow that bolster Samira’s survivability. As the game progresses, their potential for aggressive plays increases. A well-timed combination of Alistar’s Headbutt-Pulverize followed by Samira’s agile dash and disruptive ultimate can turn the tide of skirmishes and team fights, leveraging their sustained damage and durability to outlast opponents in prolonged encounters.


Pairing Alistar with the right ADC can significantly amplify your lane dominance and team fight effectiveness in League of Legends. From Kalista’s precision and mobility to Jhin’s long-range executions, each ADC brings unique strengths that synergize with Alistar’s robust crowd control and protective abilities. Whether you’re strategizing for sustained damage with Samira or capitalizing on burst opportunities with Miss Fortune, choosing the right partner for Alistar can create a formidable duo capable of securing leads early and maintaining them through strategic engagements and team fights. As you hit the Rift, consider these pairings to maximize both your impact and enjoyment in your games.

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