Ares vs Odin Valorant: Which One is Better?


Ares vs Odin Valorant: Which One is Better?

In the ongoing debate between heavy and light machine guns in Valorant, the Ares and Odin frequently come to the forefront. Each weapon has its proponents and critics, but the question remains: which one truly holds the upper hand?

The Ares, a lighter machine gun, is known for its high rate of fire and manageable recoil, making it an excellent choice for players who need to hold angles effectively. However, it's hampered by a slower reload time, which can be a critical drawback in fast-paced exchanges.

Conversely, the Odin stands out as a heavy machine gun with formidable firepower. It boasts a high rate of fire, significant damage output, and an extensive magazine capacity, ideal for dominating site holds. Like the Ares, it suffers from a slow reload speed, a potential vulnerability in continuous combat scenarios.
This article will dissect both the Ares and Odin, exploring their strengths and weaknesses in a manner akin to our previous comparisons between the Bucky and Judge. By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of which gun might best complement your playstyle in Valorant.

What You Should Know About the Ares

Let's delve into the specifics of the Ares, a light machine gun in Valorant that often defies expectations with its characteristics. The Ares, notably, has a particularly slow reload speed, a significant factor in close-quarter battles where timing is crucial, and reloading can leave you vulnerable to sudden enemy attacks.

The Ares boasts a high rate of fire, which is both its strength and its potential weakness. This attribute allows it to shred through opponents quickly, but it also makes the gun challenging to handle during prolonged firing, especially at long range. Despite this, the Ares maintains relatively low recoil, which is somewhat mitigating.

Before you decide to purchase the Ares for your next match, here are a few additional points to consider: it's priced at 1600 credits, making it a more affordable option compared to some heavier artillery in the game. Additionally, it comes equipped with a magazine capable of holding 50 rounds, allowing for continuous firing for about 5 seconds at a rate of 10 rounds per second. This combination makes the Ares a formidable weapon in sustained firefights, provided you can manage its rapid fire rate effectively.

What You Should Know About the Odin

Next, let's explore the Odin, a heavy machine gun that contrasts sharply with the lighter Ares. As expected from a weapon of its caliber, the Odin has a notably slow reload speed, which necessitates vigilance during reloads to avoid being caught off-guard by opponents.

Maneuverability with the Odin is limited due to its reduced movement speed, so it's not suited for players who prefer mobility. Additionally, its high recoil can be challenging to manage during extended firing sequences, which might deter its use in continuous combat.

Despite these challenges, the Odin excels in several areas. It delivers substantial damage, allowing for swift elimination of enemies. Its large magazine holds 100 rounds, which, combined with a high rate of fire, means you can sustain fire longer without frequent reloads.

A distinctive feature of the Odin is its ability to penetrate walls and objects, a capability not commonly found in other weapons. This makes it exceptionally effective for defensive play, site control, and maintaining pressure on choke points and common entry areas.

Which One is Better

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both the Ares and the Odin is crucial to deciding which is better suited for your playstyle in Valorant. The decision largely hinges on your preferred tactics and the role you play within your team.

For players who favor agility and versatility, the Ares is the ideal choice. This light machine gun is excellent for support roles, allowing for effective suppressing fire while on the move. It performs well at medium ranges, but may falter at longer distances due to its high rate of fire and control challenges.

On the other hand, if your strategy involves holding strong positions and controlling key points on the map, the Odin is your go-to weapon. It's particularly effective for players who hold angles, offering the ability to lay down a high volume of fire with significant damage and exceptional wall penetration capabilities. This makes the Odin invaluable for defensive play and locking down areas against multiple attackers.

Ultimately, the choice between the Ares and the Odin should be guided by your tactical preferences and gameplay objectives. Whether you're roaming the map or anchoring a site, each weapon has unique attributes that can be leveraged to enhance your effectiveness in combat scenarios in Valorant.


Choosing between the Ares and the Odin in Valorant comes down to understanding your personal playstyle and the role you aim to fulfill within your team. Each weapon has distinct advantages that cater to different tactical approaches: the Ares with its agility and support capabilities is ideal for players who are on the move and need to engage at medium ranges, while the Odin’s power and penetration abilities make it perfect for those who hold positions and control chokepoints. By weighing their respective strengths and limitations against your gameplay strategy, you can make an informed decision on which machine gun enhances your performance on the battlefield. Regardless of your choice, mastering either weapon will undoubtedly contribute to your team’s success and elevate your Valorant experience.

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