All Three Honors Skins in League of Legends - Honor Reward System Explained
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All Three Honors Skins in League of Legends - Honor Reward System Explained

Honor skins in League of Legends celebrate players who reach Honor level 5 by the end of each ranked season, starting from 2022. These exclusive skins are part of the "Three Honors" series, set in an alternate future universe where champions strive to embody honor.

To date, the series includes "Three Honors Malzahar" and "Three Honors Akshan," both of which are rewards for players who demonstrate exemplary behavior and achieve the highest honor level.

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Three Honor Malzahar

The "Three Honors Malzahar" skin, rewarded to players who achieved Honor level 5 in Season 12, stands out as one of the most beautifully crafted honor rewards in the history of League of Legends.

Three Honor Akshan

The "Three Honor Akshan" skin, awarded to players who reached Honor level 5 in Season 13, is part of League of Legends' annual tradition of releasing new Three Honor Skins. As each season concludes, be sure to stay updated on the latest rewards and upcoming Three Honor Skins!

How to Claim Three Honor Skins League of Legends?

To claim the Three Honor Skins in League of Legends, consistently display sportsmanship and maintain positive interactions with both teammates and opponents throughout the season to achieve Honor Level 5. Upon reaching this level, and once the season concludes, Riot Games will automatically deposit the Honor Skin into your account. Make sure to keep an eye out for the official announcement from Riot regarding the specific distribution date for these prestigious rewards.

All Honor Levels

In League of Legends, the Honor system is structured into six levels, starting from Level 0 and culminating at Level 5. This system rewards players for their sportsmanship and positive gameplay interactions. Here’s how it works:

  • Levels and Progression: Players begin each season at Honor Level 2, provided they were above Level 1 in the previous season. Advancing to higher levels requires earning honors through matchmade games, though progression isn’t tied to a specific count of honors received.
  • Checkpoints and Rewards: Each Honor level from 2 to 5 features three checkpoints. Advancing through these levels and checkpoints earns players various rewards, enhancing the incentive to maintain good behavior.
  • Restricted Levels: Levels 1 and 0 serve as penalties for poor conduct, restricting players to these lower tiers where rewards are minimal and progression is more challenging.
  • Season Reset: At the start of each new season, players’ Honor levels are reset to Level 2, allowing everyone a fresh start to earn new rewards and climb the Honor ranks by showcasing commendable behavior in their matches.

How to increase Honor Fast in League of Legends

Looking to quickly elevate your Honor level in League of Legends? Here are some strategies that can help you garner more honors and climb the ranks more swiftly:

Consistent Participation

Regular gameplay increases your chances of receiving honors, as frequent participation gives your teammates multiple opportunities to recognize your contributions. Aim to play consistently, setting a goal for a certain number of games each day.

Promote Positive Interactions

Always strive to boost team spirit by supporting your teammates, celebrating their successes, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the game. A supportive and encouraging approach can significantly enhance your likelihood of being honored.

Practice Sportsmanship

Refrain from negative interactions like trash-talking opponents or criticizing teammates. Keeping your interactions respectful and constructive not only fosters a better gaming environment but also enhances your chances of receiving honor.

Use the Mute Option Wisely

If the game environment turns sour, using the mute feature to block out toxic players can help you stay focused and positive. This keeps you out of harmful discussions and helps you maintain composure, making you a more likely candidate for receiving honors.

Emphasize Teamwork

Demonstrate your commitment to the team by engaging in team-oriented strategies—whether it’s supporting during team fights, protecting your carries, or setting up plays that benefit the group. Effective teamwork often leads to teammates recognizing your role in their successes and rewarding you with honors.

By incorporating these strategies into your daily play, you'll not only improve your chances of advancing your Honor level but also enhance your overall gaming experience and contribution to the League community.

Toxicity Issue in League of Legends

Toxicity remains a significant issue in League of Legends, affecting the community and gameplay experience. Many players struggle with maintaining a positive attitude, especially in tense moments.

If you find yourself struggling with negativity, here's a guide to help you foster a more positive and constructive environment in your games.

How to Stop Teammates from Tilting and Avoid Toxic Players

Stay Encouraging and Constructive

When faced with a tilting teammate in League of Legends, maintain a supportive demeanor. Offer words of encouragement or acknowledge their efforts, even if the match isn't going well. Remind them that setbacks can be overcome and the match is not lost yet. A consistent positive outlook can help stabilize team morale and redirect focus towards collective victory.

Assist and Strategize Together

Notice a teammate struggling? Extend a helping hand. If you’re playing as a jungler, you might consider prioritizing their lane for ganks to ease off the pressure. For other roles, consider roaming or sending resources their way to assist. Collaborative efforts can alleviate frustration and reinforce team unity, steering the game back to a constructive path.

Utilize the Mute Function

If a teammate persists in their toxic behavior despite your best efforts to pacify the situation, it might be wise to mute them. This prevents their negativity from affecting your gameplay and mental state. Often, removing their audience helps reduce their inclination to continue disruptive behavior.
By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage difficult teammates, maintain a positive playing environment, and enhance your chances of turning a challenging game around.

How to Stop Being Toxic League of Legends

Learn Handling frustrating Losses

Experiencing a loss in League of Legends can be challenging, but it’s crucial to stay composed. Understand that toxicity often stems from accumulated frustrations, not just a single defeat.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and reset. This pause helps you cool down and stops negative feelings from spiraling out of control, ensuring they don’t carry over into your next game. Remember, maintaining a level head not only improves your own gameplay experience but also keeps the game enjoyable for others.

Limit Interactions to Reduce Toxicity

A practical approach to steer clear of toxic interactions in League of Legends is to use the mute feature for all players at the start of the game.
By turning off chat with teammates and opponents, you remove the possibility of reacting negatively to provocations or critical remarks.

This strategy helps you concentrate on your gameplay, enhancing your performance without the distraction of negative or disruptive communications.

Limit Your Ranked Sessions

Excessive play sessions in League of Legends can contribute to burnout and heightened irritability.

It’s beneficial to set a limit on your ranked gaming sessions and ensure you incorporate sufficient breaks. Managing your time wisely helps keep your approach to the game balanced and reduces the likelihood of accumulating stress and frustration.

Opt for Simpler Champions and Adjust Expectations

Lowering your chances of frustration in League of Legends can be achieved by selecting champions that are less complex and easier to master. This approach can lead to more consistent and satisfying gameplay, reducing feelings of disappointment when matches don't go your way.

Additionally, keeping your expectations realistic and manageable helps to mitigate pressure. By understanding that not every game can be won and that setbacks are part of the learning process, you can maintain a more positive mindset and steer clear of toxic behaviors.


By adopting these methods and staying aware of your emotions, you can greatly decrease instances of toxic behavior in League of Legends. Keeping a positive outlook and concentrating on your own growth are essential for enjoying the game and contributing to a supportive gaming atmosphere for everyone.
To ensure you're eligible for all Three Honor Skins in upcoming seasons, such as 2024, adhere to these recommendations for maintaining a high honor level in League of Legends. By doing so, you pave the way for a more rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience.

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