IRON 4 LoL Smurf Account NA

IRON 4 LoL Smurf Account NA


€ 41.99

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Product Description

The account has been deranked to Iron 4 and includes 20k+ with loot that can contain upwards of 50k+

This League of Legends account on the North America server has attained level 30 or higher. It's has been deranked to iron 4 by our team of professional players, and are ready to be played on. In addition, it comes with recovery info and lifetime warranty.

Why buy an Iron 4 derank account?

Iron 4 accounts gives you the opportunity to start your ranked journey totally from the bottom of the ladder, giving you the potential to totally skyrocket your MMR by yourself as you start winning games against low elo players.

What makes an Iron 4 account so special?

It is already a lot of time you have to spend leveling an account by yourself to lvl 30 but derank an acc to iron 4 takes even more time, we value our customers time and safety on their accounts, so we offer a way that they can purchase a account already deranked to iron 4. This accounts also comes with recovery info (on request) and lifetime warranty.

If you decide to acquire this account, our automated delivery system will promptly provide you with the account specifics via email, within a minute following the completion of your payment.

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