When Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends?
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When Is Vanguard Coming to League of Legends?

League of Legends, one of the most popular competitive online games, is poised to bolster its security measures with the introduction of Vanguard, Riot Games' advanced anti-cheat system. Initially developed for Valorant, Vanguard has proven effective at curbing cheating and is now being adapted for League of Legends to enhance fair play and maintain the integrity of its competitive environment. As players eagerly anticipate its integration, this article will delve into what Vanguard means for the League community, its expected impact, and the specific enhancements it promises to bring to the gaming experience. Stay tuned as we explore how Vanguard is set to redefine security in League of Legends.

What Is Vanguard?

Riot Vanguard is an advanced security system developed by Riot Games, designed specifically to combat cheating and hacking in their games. Comprising two components, Vanguard operates with a client that runs during gameplay and a kernel-level driver that operates continuously in the background of your system.

Engineered with both safety and efficiency in mind, Vanguard has undergone extensive testing and evaluation by cybersecurity professionals to ensure it does not compromise either game performance or system security. Additionally, Riot Games has rigorously ensured that Vanguard adheres to stringent data privacy regulations, consulting their legal team to guarantee compliance with international privacy laws.

For user convenience, Vanguard features a system tray icon that provides real-time status updates. Users can easily disable Vanguard by right-clicking this icon, though it must be active for League of Legends to operate. For those encountering system conflicts, Vanguard can be entirely uninstalled; however, doing so will prevent access to the game. This setup ensures that while playing, your experience remains secure and fair, free from disruptions by malicious software or players.

When Vanguard is Coming To League of Legends?

Riot Vanguard is currently in its testing phase on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE), where players are actively providing feedback to refine the system. The official rollout will commence in the Philippines on April 17th, 2024, allowing Riot Games to monitor Vanguard’s performance in a more controlled environment before it goes global.

The worldwide release of Vanguard is scheduled for May 1st, 2024. From this date, all players will need to have Vanguard operational to access League of Legends. This staggered deployment strategy enables Riot to ensure that the anti-cheat system is effective and stable, minimizing disruptions while safeguarding the game against cheaters and hackers globally.


Can I Use Custom Skins with Vanguard?

Players who have accessed Vanguard on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) have successfully used custom skins alongside the new anti-cheat system. While this points to potential compatibility with custom skins once Vanguard is officially launched, Riot Games has not yet confirmed this. Therefore, while it's likely that custom skins will continue to function, there may be exceptions or issues with specific skins once Vanguard is fully integrated.

Will LoL Vanguard Run on Windows 11?

Vanguard is fully compatible with Windows 11. Riot Games has ensured that the anti-cheat system works smoothly on this operating system and has provided comprehensive guidance for users on troubleshooting any potential issues that may arise. Players using Windows 11 can expect Vanguard to operate without complications, ensuring a secure gaming environment.

Is Vanguard Bad for LoL?

Concerns about Vanguard's system access are noted, yet the feedback from those who have used it in VALORANT suggests that its advantages surpass its minor drawbacks. Vanguard might slightly impact system performance, but it plays a crucial role in minimizing cheating. The majority of players consider the minor performance trade-off acceptable for ensuring a secure and equitable gaming experience in League of Legends.

How Do I Install Vanguard?

Vanguard will automatically be installed along with the League of Legends update scheduled for May 1st, 2024. Upon updating the game, Vanguard will initiate its setup and prompt a system restart to finalize its installation. After rebooting your device, Vanguard will be operational, safeguarding your gaming sessions against cheats and hacks.


As Vanguard prepares to roll out, the League of Legends community can anticipate a more secure playing field, ensuring fair play and reducing cheats. The introduction of Vanguard represents a significant step by Riot Games to safeguard the game’s integrity. Although it may require some initial adjustments, the advantages of diminished cheating are a strong argument for its integration. Looking to further enhance your gameplay experience? Explore our high-quality League of Legends accounts and expert services designed to help you excel in the competitive arena.

Posted On: April 18th, 2024

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