The Best Sova Lineups on Bind


The Best Sova Lineups on Bind

Sova is a standout agent in Valorant, known for his exceptional ability to control the battlefield with his recon skills across various maps. While we’ve previously delved into his strategies for Ascent, the complexity of Fracture poses a unique challenge due to its intricate layout and recent introduction to the game. Understanding and mastering Sova’s lineups on Fracture is crucial for leveraging his full potential.

As a precision initiator, Sova excels at gathering critical intel and strategically shaping the match’s flow. The key to harnessing his abilities effectively lies in mastering specific locations and shot trajectories that maximize his arrow’s impact, whether you’re initiating a site take, holding down a position, or executing a tactical retake.

For players looking to deepen their mastery of Sova on Fracture, our guide provides comprehensive strategies for each scenario. Enhance your gameplay further by considering professional coaching from 1v9, where you can use the promo code “1v9sova” to receive a 25% discount, ensuring you get the most out of your training sessions.

A Site Lineups

1. A Showers Recon Bolt

The A Showers Recon Bolt is a pivotal Sova lineup that secures strategic control over the A Showers area, essential for breaching A Site effectively. This technique clears out enemies, disrupts defensive setups, and gathers crucial intel for your squad.

Steps to execute:

  1. Stand beside the box at the start of A Lobby.
  2. Target the corner of the solar panel visible above.
  3. Set your Recon Bolt with one bounce and adjust the power to slightly over one bar.
  4. Fire the bolt so it bounces off the wall and travels through the opening in the roof to scan A Showers.

This specific lineup is invaluable for revealing hidden defenders within A Showers, thereby dismantling enemy holdouts and providing your team with actionable intelligence. Implementing this bolt strategically enhances your team's approach to A Site, making it a key tactic in Sova’s toolkit on Fracture.

2. Backside A Recon Bolt

The Backside A Recon Bolt is an essential Sova lineup that reveals hidden enemies at the back of the A Site, offering a strategic edge by illuminating positions behind obstacles and corners.

Execution Steps:

  1. Positioning: Stand snugly in the corner just outside A Short.
  2. Aiming: Locate the palm tree in the vicinity and line it up with the left diamond marker in Sova’s Recon Bolt interface.
  3. Charging: Pull the Recon Bolt to just between one and two charges.
  4. Firing: Launch the Recon Bolt to comprehensively scan the entire back area of A Site.

This precise lineup is indispensable for teams planning an assault on A Site, stripping defenders of their cover advantage and allowing your team to orchestrate more effective attacks. By revealing concealed enemies, the Backside A Recon Bolt drastically enhances your team’s ability to clear the site and secure it for planting, making it a critical component of Sova’s tactical arsenal on Fracture.

B Site Lineups

1. B Hookah Recon Bolt

The B Hookah Recon Bolt is essential for attackers looking to gain an upper hand by revealing hidden enemies within Hookah. This strategic lineup is crucial for countering defenders who might be waiting to ambush.

Execution Steps:

  1. Positioning: Once the spawn barriers drop at B Site, position yourself next to the wooden door frame.
  2. Aiming: Align the left circle of Sova's Owl Drone interface with the corner of the Hookah window.
  3. Charging: Charge the Recon Bolt slightly less than one full bar.
  4. Firing: Launch the bolt to ensure it sails directly into Hookah.

This precise bolt placement exposes enemies hiding in tight corners, particularly those favoring shotguns or short-range engagements. Gaining early insights into Hookah allows your team to dominate this critical area and push onto B Site with increased confidence and tactical superiority.

2. Entire B Site Recon Bolt

The Comprehensive B Site Recon Bolt is a strategic tool that scans almost every potential hiding spot on the B site, providing valuable insights for a coordinated attack. This setup is executed from B Short and is key in identifying defender positions across the site.

Execution Steps:

  1. Positioning: Move to B Short and find the corner aligned with the edge of the building.
  2. Aiming: Point your crosshair upwards, targeting the top edge of the building while keeping it in line with the corner.
  3. Charging: Charge the Recon Bolt with two full bars of power.
  4. Firing: Launch the Recon Bolt to achieve an expansive sweep of the B site.

This lineup is invaluable for revealing defenders in concealed positions and commonly occupied spots on B Site. By providing a broad and detailed view of the area, this Recon Bolt enables your team to approach with a strategic advantage, planning attacks or defenses with a comprehensive understanding of enemy locations.


Why are Recon lineups crucial on Fracture's B site?

Recon Bolt lineups on Fracture’s B site are essential because the site features complex structures and numerous concealed positions where defenders can hide. Employing Sova’s Recon Bolt effectively can illuminate these hidden areas, allowing attackers to preemptively spot defender setups, strategize their entries, and secure a strategic upper hand. These lineups aim to provide extensive coverage of the site, enhancing your team’s capability to engage effectively and make informed tactical decisions.

How can I learn these lineups properly?

To effectively learn Sova's Recon lineups, consistent practice and understanding of the specific positioning and visual references are key. Enhancing your skills can be significantly accelerated by engaging with professional coaching. Consider enlisting the help of expert coaches from 1v9, who can provide tailored guidance and practical training sessions. Utilizing the promo code "1v9sova" during enrollment secures a 25% discount on these specialized coaching services, helping you master Sova's lineups more efficiently and affordably.


Mastering Sova's Recon Bolt lineups on maps like Fracture can dramatically enhance your gameplay in Valorant. By strategically deploying Recon Bolts, players gain crucial insights into enemy positions, facilitating smarter plays and more effective team coordination. Whether you're clearing corners in Hookah or gaining comprehensive site control, these lineups are indispensable tools in your tactical arsenal. For those looking to refine their skills further, professional coaching can provide personalized guidance to perfect these techniques and elevate your overall game strategy.

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