Top 6 Best Cheapest Skins in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Cheapest Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends boasts an expansive roster of over 150 champions, and dressing them all in premium skins can significantly dent your wallet. While the allure of legendary and ultimate skins, which can cost upwards of $10, is undeniable, budget-conscious players have a wealth of more affordable options at their disposal.

This guide is dedicated to showcasing the 6 most wallet-friendly skins available in League of Legends, with prices kicking off at a modest 390 RP. Whether you're looking to spruce up your champion's appearance without breaking the bank or just love a good bargain, these low-cost skin options are bound to catch your eye. Dive in to discover the cheapest skins that League has to offer, ensuring your champions look their best in your upcoming battles. And for those aiming to elevate their game alongside their champion's looks, 1v9 provides unparalleled boosting services to help you ascend the ranks swiftly—don't forget to apply the code "1v9er" for an exclusive 20% discount on your boost.


Assassin Master Yi, priced at a modest 390 RP, offers a visually striking transformation for the champion, cloaking him in a sinister all-black ensemble that perfectly encapsulates the essence of a shadowy assassin. While it may not boast new animations or sound effects, the skin presents a significant overhaul to Master Yi's model, outfitting him in ninja-like armor and a mysterious mask that enhances his enigmatic aura.

Furthermore, his signature two-handed sword is redesigned with a menacing, jagged appearance, reinforcing the deadly nature of his attacks. With each auto-attack, Master Yi unleashes dark, ominous particles that underscore his disciplined yet formidable assassin identity.

Launched on December 17, 2009, Assassin Master Yi remains a timeless choice for players keen on embracing the darker, more lethal aspects of Master Yi's character. Despite its simplicity relative to newer skin releases, Assassin Master Yi stands out as an accessible and compelling option for those wishing to channel the fear-inducing presence of a death-dealing shadow on the battlefield.


For only 390 RP, Golden Alistar offers a majestic yet affordable makeover, encasing the formidable Minotaur in radiant golden fur that shines with every move. A gem from the early days of League of Legends, this skin, launched in January 2010, remains a budget-friendly and iconic choice among the game's vast collection.

While Golden Alistar may not feature enhancements in terms of abilities, particles, or sound effects, its standout aesthetic upgrade transforms Alistar into a dazzling figure on the battlefield. The skin's golden sheen not only revitalizes Alistar's look but also nods to legendary tales, such as the mythological Golden Calf, imbuing the champion with a sense of mythic grandeur.

This straightforward skin choice, devoid of frills but rich in visual appeal, allows players to embrace Alistar's might in a new, lustrous light, making Golden Alistar a timeless option for those looking to add a touch of splendor to their champion lineup.


For a modest 520 RP, the Viridian Kayle skin offers players the chance to reimagine Kayle as an enchanting guardian of the forest. Debuted on May 31, 2010, this skin replaces Kayle's celestial gold hues with the deep greens and earthy browns of the woodland realm.

This skin stands out among Kayle's collection for its comprehensive model overhaul, dramatically transforming her appearance to resemble a formidable character straight out of an RPG. The fusion of vibrant green with touches of brown conjures the essence of an elven warrior, making Viridian Kayle an ideal pick for players who revel in the fantasy of mystical forest protectors.


Giant Enemy Crabgot offers a whimsical yet formidable take on Urgot, reimagining the terror of Zaun as a colossal, marauding crab. Available for a modest 520 RP since its release on August 23, 2010, this skin has enjoyed renewed popularity following Urgot's comprehensive rework.

Ideal for Urgot enthusiasts in search of a skin that combines humor with a significant visual transformation, Giant Enemy Crabgot presents an accessible option for adopting a novel and crustacean-inspired aesthetic. Embrace this unique skin to bring a touch of seaside horror to the Rift, making a splash as you clamp down on the opposition with Urgot's newfound crab-like visage.


Whether you're a fan or a critic, the Draven Draven skin injects a dose of humor into the Rift by transforming the Glorious Executioner into an amusingly exaggerated bobblehead caricature of himself.

Debuted on March 31, 2016, for a mere 520 RP, this skin is the epitome of Draven, maintaining his iconic attire and skillset without introducing any new particles or animations.

Embracing Draven's notorious self-centered flair, Draven Draven amplifies his personality with an oversized head that humorously bobbles around, perfectly mirroring the champion's larger-than-life ego. This skin divides opinions—some celebrate its comedic genius, while others balk at its over-the-top appearance.

Regardless of where you stand, Draven Draven undeniably leaves an impression. It's an essential pick for devotees ready to revel in Draven's egotistical glory, ensuring every moment on the battlefield is accompanied by a head-turning spectacle as you aim for that show-stopping Pentakill.


Among the myriad of affordable skin options in League of Legends, Shadow Evelynn emerges as a paragon of elegance and intricacy, priced at a mere 520 RP. Launched in 2009, this skin casts Evelynn in the enigmatic role of a vampire, poised to ensnare her next quarry with her bewitching charm.

Shadow Evelynn bestows upon its namesake a visually arresting new look that seamlessly blends seductive shades of blue with the enigma of dark blacks, accentuating her malevolent allure as a nightstalker of the undead.

Elevating the vampiric aesthetic further, Shadow Evelynn enhances her abilities with bespoke particles and animations that delve deep into the gothic theme, complemented by bespoke sound effects, including Evelynn's unnerving demonic cackle, to set the tone.

Distinct from the majority of budget-friendly skins that forego advanced visual and sound effects, Shadow Evelynn represents a labor of love from the development team, who have meticulously crafted a skin that transcends its price tag by immersing players fully in the vampire fantasy.


In wrapping up our exploration of the most affordable skins in League of Legends, it's clear that budget constraints don't have to limit your ability to customize and enhance your favorite champions' aesthetics. From the shadowy allure of Shadow Evelynn to the comical charm of Draven Draven, each of these skins, priced at just 520 RP or less, offers a unique opportunity to express your style and personality in the game without breaking the bank.

These skins prove that Riot Games is committed to providing options for every type of player, whether you're seeking to embody a sinister vampire, a rampaging crustacean, or simply want to see your champion with a ludicrously large head. The attention to detail, thematic consistency, and sometimes even added VFX and SFX in these skins underscore the creativity and passion that go into League of Legends' visual design.

As you consider your next in-game purchase, remember that these six skins stand as testament to the idea that affordability doesn't mean sacrificing quality or fun. Embrace your inner summoner, select a skin that resonates with your personal flair, and step onto the Summoner's Rift ready to impress allies and foes alike with your champion's new look.

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