The Top 10 Best CT Agents in Counter-Strike 2
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The Top 10 Best CT Agents in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2’s journey since its release in August 2012 has been nothing short of phenomenal. This game has not only become the most played title on the Steam platform but has also been a significant revenue generator for its developers, consistently drawing in over a million players globally. While CS2 has faced numerous competitors that have momentarily stirred the gaming landscape, it remains a dominant force, with prospects of continuing this trend.

A pivotal moment in CS2’s history was the introduction of the Arms Deal update, a year post-launch, which revolutionized the game by introducing weapon skins. This move initially met with skepticism, but the establishment of the Community Workshop allowed players to create and profit from their own designs, thereby enriching the game’s community and economy. Over the years, the variety of cosmetic items has expanded significantly, now encompassing stickers, knife skins, graffiti, gloves, and capsules.

The most recent addition to this array of customizations came with the launch of Operation Shattered Web in 2019, which introduced purchasable agent skins. This feature was expanded in subsequent operations, bringing the total available agent skins to 63 across both CT and T factions.

For those interested in the Counter-Terrorist side, this blog highlights the top 10 CT agents, selected for their exceptional value and appeal. Each agent offers unique aesthetics and benefits, making them worthy considerations for enhancing your gameplay experience. Let’s delve into the specifics of these top picks.

#1: Special Agent Ava

Special Agent Ava holds the distinction of being one of the inaugural agents introduced in CS2 and is notably the first female agent to join the ranks. A seasoned veteran with a commanding presence, Ava’s strong personality shines through her distinct voice-over lines, making her a favorite among players seeking a formidable character.

Dressed in a navy-colored tactical jacket adorned with the word ‘AGENT’ on each sleeve and ‘FBI’ prominently displayed in bright yellow on the front, Ava embodies authority and readiness. To enhance her appearance, pairing her with Specialist Gloves Field Agent can accentuate her professional aesthetic. For the ideal knife pairing, options like a Doppler Phase 4 knife offer a sleek, high-end finish, while the Night finish provides a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising style.

#2: Seal Team 6 Soldier

The Seal Team 6 Soldier is a standout option for your CT roster, combining affordability with a robust design. This agent first captured attention with its debut in Operation Shattered Web, quickly becoming a favorite for its tactical and authentic military appearance.

To fully kit out the Seal Team 6 Soldier for optimal visual impact, consider equipping him with Specialist Gloves in Forest DDPAT, which match his combat-ready aesthetic. Complementing this with an M9 Bayonet in Forest DDPAT will perfect his battlefield ensemble, making him not only a cost-effective choice but also a visually cohesive one.

#3: Lt. Commander Ricksaw

Lt. Commander Ricksaw stands out as one of the most impressively designed CT agents, notable for his unique short-sleeved uniform that allows players to fully appreciate their equipped gloves during gameplay. Ricksaw’s dynamic personality is vividly brought to life through his engaging voice-over lines and performance, giving players the feeling of controlling a character straight from an action film.

This agent is also distinguished by having his own signature glove design, the Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander, which feature a camouflage pattern that matches the camo on his cap. To complete Lt. Commander Ricksaw’s military-themed ensemble, an M9 Bayonet with a vanilla finish is the ideal accessory, enhancing his combat-ready aesthetic with a classic touch.

#4: 1st Lieutenant Farlow

1st Lieutenant Farlow, a member of the SWAT team, is a formidable female agent on the CT side known for her proficiency in hostage rescue operations. Yet, she demonstrates remarkable versatility across various tactical roles. Her characteristic wry smile not only adds a touch of personality but also reflects the immense confidence she has in her abilities.

To visually complement her skill set and the various shades of green in her uniform, outfitting her with Hand Wraps in Spruce DDPAT is an excellent choice. These gloves enhance her combat-ready look while blending seamlessly with her gear. Pairing her with any knife featuring a vanilla finish will round out her ensemble perfectly, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

#5: 3rd Commando Company

The 3rd Commando Company agent is a stalwart member of the Counter-Terrorist lineup, hailing from the early days of agent development in CS2. At that time, Valve was less focused on crafting distinctive names for agents. This agent bears a striking resemblance to the Seal Team 6 Soldier but stands as the German Special Forces, KSK, counterpart in both prowess and design. A distinguishing feature of the 3rd Commando Company is the unique pair of gloves that are specifically tailored to match his player model, enhancing his thematic consistency.

To elevate this agent’s aesthetic further, consider equipping him with the Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company, which are designed to complement his uniform perfectly. Pair these with an M9 Bayonet in Forest DDPAT for a seamless and tactical look that is as functional as it is visually compelling.

#6: Operator

The Operator, a seasoned veteran from the FBI’s SWAT team, brings a wealth of experience to the Counter-Terrorist side. His extensive background spans hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and counterterrorism operations. What sets the Operator apart is not just his proficiency across these critical areas but also his strategic advantage in specific environments. His uniform’s color scheme is particularly effective on maps like Ancient, where it harmonizes with the surroundings, allowing him to blend seamlessly for tactical stealth and positional superiority.

#7: Cmdr. Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud

Cmdr. Frank ‘Wet Sox’ Baroud, a member of the SEAL team, is a dynamic figure in the CT roster, introduced during Operation Riptide. His specialty lies in underwater warfare, aptly reflected in the scuba diving suit he dons. Baroud gained notable recognition in the Operation Riptide promotional video, where he skillfully intercepts a pebble underwater thrown by terrorists, then surfaces to engage with his M4.

To complement his dark diving suit, equipping Baroud with any knife featuring a Night finish creates a sleek, unified look. When it comes to gloves, the model’s versatility allows for multiple fitting options. The Moto Gloves Eclipse are a budget-friendly choice that matches the scuba suit’s color, while the Specialist Gloves Field Agent tie in seamlessly with the broader tactical theme of his gear. For those looking to splurge, the Sports Gloves Amphibious are an excellent, albeit pricier, option that enhances Baroud’s aquatic warfare aesthetic.

#8: Primeiro Tenente

Primeiro Tenente, a figure of tactical prowess, was introduced as part of Operation Riptide in 2021. As a Brazilian Special Operations Soldier, he is expertly trained in jungle and swamp warfare, with the Amazonian rainforest serving as his primary field of operation.

The design of Primeiro Tenente is both functional and visually striking, tailored to blend into the lush, dense environments he navigates. To enhance his appearance further, equipping him with Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT and an M9 Bayonet Forest DDPAT would seamlessly integrate with his uniform, emphasizing his specialization in jungle warfare and completing his battle-ready look with style and coherence.

#9: Michael Syfers

Michael Syfers, an original agent model in CS2, has a rich backstory as a former athlete whose sports career was curtailed by an injury, leading to his recruitment by the FBI. His characteristic backwards cap lends him a casual, coach-like demeanor, as if he’s strategizing from the sidelines. However, instead of shouting instructions at a sports team, Syfers is equipped with a precision rifle, bringing a sharpshooter’s focus to his tactical engagements. This blend of laid-back style and intense operational readiness makes Syfers a unique and memorable character in the Counter-Terrorist squad.

#10: ‘Blueberries’ Buckshot

‘Blueberries’ Buckshot, a seasoned weapons specialist from the SEAL team, is distinctively clad in a US Navy uniform adorned with a camouflage pattern in various shades of blue. His gear is complemented by a light brown tactical kit, which includes essential field equipment like a backpack and magazine pouches.

Recognized for his visually appealing camo pattern, which offers excellent visibility from the player’s perspective, ‘Blueberries’ Buckshot ranks as one of the most popular CT agents. His uniform not only provides a strategic advantage in gameplay but also makes him a prime candidate for thematic customization. For those looking to fully kit out Buckshot, the Specialist Gloves Mogul, any knife with a Bright Water finish, and the M4A4 Bright Water are perfect choices. These items harmonize with his naval camo, creating a cohesive and visually striking loadout that enhances both form and function.


This concludes our roundup of the top Counter-Terrorist agents available in CS2. It’s important to note that the availability of these agents is finite, as they are not dropped like cases but rather released exclusively through Operations. Players can acquire these agents by earning stars from completing objectives or purchasing stars to exchange for agent skins. Given this limited supply, the quantity of these agents is expected to dwindle over time, likely leading to an increase in their value.

Whether you’re considering purchasing an agent to enhance your gameplay experience with a skin that complements your preferred loadout, or you’re looking at these skins as a potential investment opportunity, selecting any of these agents is a sound decision. Each offers unique advantages and retains potential for appreciation in value, ensuring that your choice is both strategically and aesthetically rewarding.

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