The 10 best jungle clearing champions in League of Legends
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The 10 best jungle clearing champions in League of Legends

League of Legends offers a diverse roster of champions, each with unique abilities that suit different playstyles. For players who prioritize efficient jungle clearing to gain a significant advantage in terms of experience and map control, choosing the right champion is crucial. Here, we highlight the top ten champions renowned for their exceptional jungle-clearing capabilities.

These champions not only excel in swiftly moving through the jungle but also ensure that players can secure crucial objectives and maintain pressure across the map, often tipping the scales in favor of their team. Mastering any of these jungle champions could be key to elevating your game and securing more victories.

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#1: Shyvana

Shyvana stands out as a premier jungle-clearing champion in League of Legends, thanks to her potent combination of damage output and sustainability. Her W ability, Burnout, is particularly effective, as it enables her to inflict damage on multiple jungle camps simultaneously, boosting her efficiency during skirmishes. This ability, along with her high attack speed, allows her to quickly dispatch monsters, maintaining her health in the process through swift kills.

Furthermore, Shyvana's low mana costs mean she can frequently use her abilities without depleting her resources, keeping her in the field longer. Equipping items like Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra can significantly accelerate her clearing speed. Her ultimate, Dragon’s Descent, not only enhances her attack range but also boosts her health, solidifying her role as an exceptional champion for mastering the jungle.

#2: Udyr

Udyr is a standout choice for jungle clearing in League of Legends, thanks to his unique stance-based mechanics. His versatility allows him to switch between stances—Tiger, Turtle, Bear, and Phoenix—each tailored to different aspects of jungle combat. The Bear Stance boosts his speed, enabling rapid movement between camps, while the Phoenix Stance, serving as his ultimate ability, offers AoE damage to enhance his clear speed effectively.

With impressive base damage and low mana costs, Udyr can remain active in the jungle for extended periods. His effectiveness is further amplified by items such as Trinity Force and Blade of the Ruined King, which complement his dynamic playstyle. Overall, Udyr's multifaceted kit and ability to adapt to varying jungle encounters make him an exceptional choice for players looking to dominate the jungle terrain.

#3: Olaf

Olaf ranks among the top contenders for the fastest jungle clearing times in League of Legends. His arsenal of abilities makes him especially adept at swiftly navigating and dominating jungle camps. The key to his efficiency is his Q ability, Undertow, which not only slows enemies but can be recast quickly, keeping his pace uninterrupted. His W ability, Vicious Strikes, significantly enhances his attack speed and lifesteal, allowing him to deal more damage and sustain himself in the jungle.

Additionally, Olaf's E ability, Reckless Swing, cuts through tankier jungle monsters with ease, optimizing his clearing speed. His passive, Berserker Rage, increases his attack speed as his health decreases, making him even more formidable as battles draw out. Olaf's ultimate, Ragnarok, grants him immunity to disables, ensuring that he can continue clearing without setbacks.

Equipping Olaf with items like Goredrinker, Sterak’s Gage, or Black Cleaver further maximizes his jungle clearing capabilities. Combined, these tools render Olaf a highly effective and lethal jungle clearer, capable of maintaining pressure and securing objectives efficiently.

#4: Master Yi

Master Yi is a formidable jungler in League of Legends, renowned for his rapid clearing speed and potent late-game impact. His Q ability, Alpha Strike, is crucial for navigating the jungle as it allows him to teleport among enemies, dealing damage to multiple targets simultaneously. His W ability, Meditate, is equally vital, reducing incoming damage and restoring his health, which helps him stay longer in the jungle without retreating.

His E ability, Wuju Style, passively enhances his damage and, when activated, further boosts his damage output. Master Yi's ultimate, Highlander, is a game-changer, increasing his movement and attack speed while making him immune to slows, enabling swift jungle clears and effective duels and tower assaults.

Items such as Kraken Slayer and Blade of the Ruined King synergize well with his abilities, enhancing his clearing efficiency and dueling prowess. This synergy, combined with his ultimate, makes Master Yi a significant threat, especially in the later stages of the game, and an excellent choice for players looking to control the jungle and impact the overall game

#5: Kayn

Kayn stands out in League of Legends for his exceptional jungle clearing abilities and adaptability, courtesy of his unique transformation ability. His Q, Reaping Slash, deals damage in a line, making it perfect for quickly mowing down jungle camps. His W, Blade's Reach, not only slows enemies but also helps in crowd control, enhancing his gank potential. Kayn's E, Shadow Step, boosts his mobility, allowing him to move through terrain and avoid unit collision, which is ideal for traversing the jungle swiftly.

The distinctive aspect of Kayn's kit is his ability to transform into one of two forms—Shadow Assassin or Rhaast—by collecting orbs from enemy champions. This transformation significantly alters his playstyle, allowing players to adapt to the needs of their team, whether it’s the burst damage of an assassin or the sustained damage and tankiness of a bruiser.

Mastering Kayn involves not just efficient jungle clearing but also optimizing his pathing and timing his transformations effectively. With the right approach, Kayn can excel at flanking, diving, and controlling the battlefield, making him a dynamic and formidable jungle clearer.

#6: Karthus

Karthus may not boast the brute clearing speed of champions like Udyr or Shyvana, but his strengths make him a formidable jungler in League of Legends. His Q ability, Lay Waste, excels in dealing AoE damage to a precise location. Skillful placement allows Karthus to strike multiple jungle monsters simultaneously, optimizing his clear speed.

His W ability, Wall of Pain, not only slows enemies but also affects jungle monsters, aiding in safer and more efficient clears. Moreover, Karthus's global presence is secured with his ultimate, Requiem, which lets him impact fights across the map directly from the jungle.

Additionally, his passive, Death Defied, provides a unique advantage as it allows Karthus to continue casting spells briefly after dying, ensuring he can finish clearing a camp or contribute to a team fight post-mortem. Mastering these capabilities makes Karthus an exceptional choice for those looking to leverage a jungler who can influence the game from anywhere on the map.

#7: Hecarim

Hecarim is highly regarded as an efficient jungle-clearing champion in League of Legends, largely due to his powerful AoE abilities and self-sustaining skills. His Q ability, Rampage, is especially effective for rapid camp clearing as it deals AoE damage that can hit multiple jungle monsters at once. His W ability, Spirit of the Dread, not only enhances his survivability by healing him based on damage dealt but also allows him to sustain through multiple camp clears without the need to recall.

Items such as Turbo Chemtank are an excellent match for Hecarim, boosting his already formidable mobility and complementing his aggressive, fast-paced jungling style. This synergy between his abilities and recommended items makes Hecarim not just a fast clearer but also a versatile threat capable of impacting the game across the entire map, securing him a deserving place among the top jungle champions.

#8: Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks excels in jungle clearing in League of Legends due to his potent combination of crowd control and self-sustain. His Q ability, Terrify, forces enemies to flee, creating opportunities for uninterrupted jungle farming. More crucially, his W ability, Bountiful Harvest, allows Fiddlesticks to heal by draining life from multiple enemies, enhancing his longevity in the jungle.

His ultimate, Crowstorm, is a game-changer, enabling him to jump into camps or team fights and deal massive AoE damage, significantly impacting both jungle clears and combat engagements. 
Optimal items for Fiddlesticks, such as Liandry’s Anguish for increased damage over time and Zhonya’s Hourglass for crucial invulnerability, further bolster his ability to survive and thrive in the jungle.

To maximize Fiddlesticks’ effectiveness, players must master proper positioning and timing, especially when deploying his ultimate. With these skills, Fiddlesticks not only becomes a formidable force in jungle clearing but also a pivotal player in team fights and controlling objectives across the map.

#9: Graves

Graves is renowned for his robust jungle clearing capabilities in League of Legends, driven by his uniquely impactful abilities. His Q, End of the Line, fires a projectile that detonates after hitting terrain, dealing AoE damage ideal for clearing jungle camps swiftly. His basic attacks are also distinctive, spreading in a cone and dealing damage to multiple enemies, which synergizes well with his W, Smoke Screen. This ability not only slows enemies but also reduces their vision, making it easier for Graves to control engagements and secure kills.

Suitable items like Eclipse and Galeforce enhance Graves's performance by improving his survivability and mobility. These items amplify his dueling prowess and facilitate aggressive plays, including invasions and skirmishes, allowing him to exert considerable pressure on the map.

Overall, Graves’s combination of fast clearing speed, strong dueling capability, and the ability to disrupt enemy lines makes him an invaluable asset to his team, capable of dominating the jungle and influencing the broader game landscape.

#10: Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump present a formidable duo in League of Legends, known for their synergy and efficiency in jungle clearing. Operating as a single unit, they combine Nunu's Q ability, Consume, with Willump's powerful AoE attacks for quick and effective camp clears. Consume not only deals significant damage to large monsters but also heals them, bolstering their sustain in the jungle.

Their ultimate ability, Absolute Zero, unleashes substantial AoE damage, making it not just a tool for engaging in team fights but also for swiftly clearing multiple jungle camps. This ability further enhances their versatility and clearing speed.

Together, Nunu and Willump are an excellent choice for players who value swift jungle navigation and impactful playmaking. Their combined abilities allow them to secure objectives quickly and provide substantial support during skirmishes and team fights.


Does the jungle champion you play matters?

Absolutely, the choice of champion is crucial. Each season in League of Legends features a different meta, highlighting certain champions as more powerful due to updates and balance changes. Playing champions that are currently strong in the meta can significantly increase your chances of success. On the other hand, opting for champions that have been recently nerfed might make winning games more challenging. It's essential to stay updated with the meta to make strategic choices that enhance your gameplay effectiveness.


Mastering the jungle in League of Legends requires not only skill and strategic understanding but also choosing the right champion. The top ten jungle-clearing champions we've discussed each bring unique strengths that can significantly influence the pace and outcome of a game. From Shyvana's blazing speed to Nunu and Willump's dual-force teamwork, these champions are equipped to dominate the jungle, secure objectives, and provide critical support during team fights. Whether you prefer the raw power of Olaf or the strategic might of Fiddlesticks, selecting a champion that aligns with the current meta and complements your playing style is key to mastering the jungle and leading your team to victory.

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