The best games to warm up for League of Legends (Faker Edition)
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The best games to warm up for League of Legends (Faker Edition)

The importance of warm up before play a league of legends soloq

League of Legends is undeniably fantastic and exhilarating. Whether you're engaging in a 1v1 with a talkative opponent or securing a victory with your champion, the game is an absolute thrill. Yet, despite the excitement and immersion, there are bound to be moments of boredom, especially during those seemingly endless queues.
Faced with this seemingly insurmountable issue, we've put together, exclusively for you, our fellow gamers, a compilation of games that can whisk you away from the frustrations of dealing with AFKers and those EZ/BG messages. Alternatively, these games can serve as a means to prep yourself before a match, honing your reaction time and coordination. So, get ready and line up as we delve into the Top 6 Games Faker Plays While Waiting in the LoL Queues.

Jump king 

Jump King is a unique and challenging platformer that has gained popularity for its simple yet engaging gameplay. In this game, players control a character with a vertical leap as their only means of movement. The objective is deceptively straightforward: ascend a towering vertical landscape, navigating through various obstacles, and reaching the pinnacle.
Why is Jump King an excellent choice for warming up before a ranked League of Legends match? Well, it demands precision, quick decision-making, and a mastery of timing – skills that seamlessly translate to the fast-paced world of League. The constant need to gauge the strength and duration of your jumps, coupled with the unforgiving consequences of mistimed moves, sharpens your reflexes and focus.
Additionally, the game's minimalist design and single-minded focus on mastering a singular mechanic make it an ideal warm-up exercise. It cultivates the kind of concentration necessary for a successful League match, where split-second decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat. Jump King is not just a game; it's a training ground for the kind of mental and motor skills crucial in the high-stakes environment of ranked League of Legends play.

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I wanna be the boshy

"I Wanna Be The Boshy" is an intense and challenging platformer that has garnered attention for its unforgiving difficulty and homage to classic video games. In this game, players navigate through a series of intricate and perilous levels, facing a variety of obstacles, traps, and formidable bosses.
So, why is "I Wanna Be The Boshy" an excellent choice for warming up before diving into a ranked League of Legends match? The game demands precision, rapid decision-making, and exceptional hand-eye coordination – essential skills that directly translate to the strategic demands of League. Navigating through tight spaces, dodging hazards, and defeating challenging bosses hones your reflexes and sharpens your focus.
Beyond its difficulty, the game's quirky sense of humor and nostalgic nods to gaming history provide a unique and enjoyable warm-up experience. The adrenaline rush and quick thinking required in "I Wanna Be The Boshy" serve as a potent preparation for the intensity of a ranked League match. It's a game that not only challenges your gaming skills but also primes your mindset for the competitive arena. As a bonus fun fact, even the legendary Faker has dared to conquer "I Wanna Be The Boshy," showcasing its appeal to those seeking a true test of skill and reflexes before entering the Summoner's Rift.

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Hollow knight

Hollow Knight, a mesmerizing action-adventure game, offers an immersive experience that can serve as an excellent warm-up before diving into a ranked League of Legends match. In this atmospheric world, players explore the vast and intricately designed Hallownest, encountering challenging enemies, unraveling mysteries, and honing their combat skills.
Why is Hollow Knight an ideal choice for a pre-ranked match warm-up? The game demands a blend of precision, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking—qualities that seamlessly align with the skills needed in the intense, strategic environment of League. Navigating through diverse landscapes, engaging in intense combat, and facing formidable bosses cultivates a sharp focus and adaptability.
Beyond its gameplay mechanics, Hollow Knight's captivating lore, beautifully crafted world, and melancholic soundtrack create an immersive experience. Engaging with this rich narrative and absorbing atmosphere can serve as a mental reset, ensuring players enter their League matches with a refreshed mindset.
Whether it's mastering intricate combat sequences or navigating through challenging environments, Hollow Knight provides a well-rounded warm-up that not only hones gaming skills but also offers a captivating and immersive experience, preparing players for the competitive challenges that await on the Rift.

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Vampire survivors 

Vampire Survivors, a fast-paced roguelike shooter, proves to be an unexpectedly effective warm-up for those about to dive into the strategic world of ranked League of Legends. In this pixelated universe, players take on the role of a vampire, battling waves of relentless enemies, upgrading their arsenal, and striving for survival in an ever-intensifying gauntlet.
Why is Vampire Survivors a fantastic choice for a pre-ranked match warm-up? This game demands a combination of quick decision-making, precise aim, and adaptability—essential traits for success in the competitive landscape of League. Facing relentless waves of enemies and adapting on the fly to a myriad of power-ups creates a dynamic and unpredictable environment, helping to sharpen reflexes and enhance mental agility.
The fast-paced nature of Vampire Survivors provides an adrenaline rush, effectively priming players for the rapid decision-making required in high-stakes League matches. The bite-sized sessions allow for quick and engaging warm-up sessions, making it an ideal choice to shake off any pre-game jitters.
Moreover, the roguelike elements, such as random power-ups and enemy patterns, ensure that each run is a unique challenge. This unpredictability cultivates a mindset of adaptability, a valuable asset when transitioning into the ever-changing dynamics of League of Legends.
In essence, Vampire Survivors offers an exhilarating and challenging warm-up experience, blending action, strategy, and adaptability—a perfect cocktail for preparing players to face the challenges of the Summoner's Rift with renewed focus and skill.

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Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends, a physics-based climbing game, emerges as an unexpectedly exhilarating warm-up choice for those gearing up for ranked League of Legends matches. In this challenging virtual adventure, players control a character equipped with a pogo stick, navigating treacherous landscapes, overcoming obstacles, and attempting to ascend to new heights.
So, why is Pogostuck an ideal warm-up game before diving into the intensity of ranked League of Legends? The game's physics-driven mechanics demand a delicate balance of precision, timing, and adaptability—skills directly transferable to the nuanced gameplay of League. Mastering the art of bouncing and navigating through unpredictable terrain cultivates a heightened sense of control and focus.
Pogostuck's unique blend of frustration and determination mirrors the mental fortitude required in competitive gaming. The game's challenging nature encourages players to remain composed under pressure, an invaluable trait for those entering the strategic battles of the Summoner's Rift.
Furthermore, the game's quirky humor and social aspects, as implied by "Rage With Your Friends" in the title, provide a lighthearted and enjoyable warm-up experience. Sharing laughs and friendly banter with fellow players can help alleviate pre-game tension and create a positive mindset before heading into the ranked League of Legends grind.
In essence, Pogostuck offers an unconventional yet effective warm-up, combining skill-building with a dash of humor, ensuring players enter their League matches with sharpened reflexes, a composed mindset, and perhaps a few shared laughs with friends.

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But why is an excellent warm-up game before delving into the strategic battles of League? The game's simplicity is its strength, requiring quick decision-making, spatial awareness, and nimble maneuvering—skills that seamlessly align with the demands of League of Legends. As players strive to become the biggest snake on the field, they hone their ability to navigate crowded spaces and anticipate opponents' movements, fostering a heightened sense of awareness.'s quick-paced sessions offer a low-stakes environment ideal for warming up reflexes and fine-tuning hand-eye coordination. The game's accessibility makes it easy to jump into for a brief yet effective warm-up session, helping players shake off any pre-game jitters and get into the gaming groove.
Additionally,'s competitive multiplayer nature introduces a subtle element of rivalry, encouraging players to push their limits and strive for improvement—a mindset that seamlessly translates to the competitive spirit of League of Legends.
In essence, provides a straightforward and engaging warm-up experience, offering a blend of simplicity and competitiveness that readies players for the intricate challenges awaiting them on the Summoner's Rift.

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In the diverse realm of gaming, the choice of warm-up games before plunging into the intensity of ranked League of Legends is as personal as one's favorite champion pick. Whether scaling heights in Pogostuck, battling waves in Vampire Survivors, or navigating the intricate landscapes of Hollow Knight, each game brings its unique blend of challenges and thrills. From the physics-driven chaos of bouncing snakes in to the frustration and determination of climbing in Pogostuck, these diverse warm-up options share a common thread: they hone essential gaming skills.
Beyond the skill-building, these warm-up games serve as a mental reset, offering moments of laughter, camaraderie, and a break from the competitive pressures of the Summoner's Rift. Whether you find solace in the atmospheric world of Hollow Knight or engage in some friendly rage with friends in Pogostuck, each game contributes to preparing your mind and reflexes for the strategic battles ahead.
So, as you gear up for the next ranked match in League of Legends, consider these warm-up games not just as a means to sharpen your skills but as an enjoyable and diverse prelude to the adrenaline-fueled excitement that awaits on the digital battlefield. Whether climbing, bouncing, or battling, let the warm-up be as exhilarating as the main event itself. Good luck 1v9er!. Finished reading and intrigued by these rare gems? Explore our services! Immerse yourself in a selection of high-quality League of Legends accounts. Elevate your gaming experience with our premium LoL Smurf accounts or our most advanced LoL Skins accounts also if you want extra security you can go for our Handleveled LoL Accounts designed to offer you a head start, bypassing the grind and unlocking new opportunities in the League of Legends universe.

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