League of Legends Season 14: How To Reach Platinum
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League of Legends Season 14: How To Reach Platinum

Navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends Season 14 demands a strategic approach to climb the ranks efficiently, aiming for the Platinum tier. With significant updates altering the terrain of Summoner's Rift, introducing novel Baron Nashors, and overhauling the item system, players must adapt swiftly to thrive in this new environment.
This guide delves into comprehensive strategies and insights to elevate your gameplay with optimal effort. It highlights the importance of strategic game dodges to secure advantageous matchmaking, embracing the fluctuating meta to stay ahead of the competition, focusing on mastering a single champion for consistent performance, and fostering mental fortitude to withstand the pressures of competitive play.

To augment your journey through the ranks, we suggest engaging a coaching service tailored to your personal growth in the game or collaborating with an experienced booster to navigate the competitive ladder more efficiently. As an additional resource, utilizing the exclusive code "1v9er" unlocks a 20% discount on all services provided by 1v9, offering a valuable tool in your quest for Platinum. This approach not only enriches your strategic toolkit but also ensures a more refined and focused path to achieving your ranked aspirations in Season 14.

Without further ado, let's dive into a set of carefully curated strategies designed to boost your win rate and propel you towards a victorious ascent to Platinum. These approaches, grounded in expert insights and strategic gameplay refinement, are your blueprint for success in the competitive arena of League of Legends Season 14. By adopting these tactics, you position yourself for a remarkable journey up the ranks, setting the stage for triumph and excellence.

1. Dodging

Utilizing the tactic of dodging effectively at the start of the season can be a game-changer. Initially, the repercussions for dodging are minimal, sparing you from LP losses and preserving your rank, offering a prime opportunity to refine your placement match outcomes.
Carefully choose to opt-out of matches where the team dynamics or compositions clash with your preferred strategies or champion pool. This deliberate selection process empowers you to steer your initial games towards matchups that enhance your likelihood of securing a winning streak.

It's crucial to recognize the amplified impact of win streaks during the early phase of the season. Securing a robust MMR from the outset positions you advantageously in the matchmaking system, facilitating a smoother and more effective climb to your target rank and potentially even surpassing it.

2. Early Season Game Volume Optimization

Emphasizing a high volume of gameplay right at the season's start is pivotal. Targeting an ambitious goal of approximately eight games daily can significantly leverage the early season's player diversity and skill range variance.
For individuals balancing a traditional 9-to-5 work schedule, integrating sessions both before and after work, along with dedicating substantial time over the weekends, can amplify your game count. This strategy ensures you swiftly differentiate yourself from lower-tier competitors as the season progresses.

For players with tighter schedules or those unable to dedicate long hours initially, adopting a staggered entry into the ranked ladder is advisable. By delaying your ranked play until the initial flurry settles, you allow for a more predictable playing field. Once you begin, aim for intensive gaming bursts during your available time slots to effectively catch up and maximize your climb efficiency.

3. Playing Meta Champions and items is crucial

The onset of a new season often brings with it a reshuffling of the power hierarchy, thanks to new items and champion adjustments. It's crucial to stay ahead of the curve by closely monitoring these changes to identify which champions and item builds are gaining an edge. Whether the meta favors on-hit strategies, tank builds, or any other emerging trend, being one step ahead can significantly bolster your gameplay.

Adapt your champion pool and itemization strategy based on the current meta. For instance, if tank champions become central due to advantageous new itemizations, pivot towards champions that can either exploit these tank builds effectively or opt to master these tank roles yourself. Similarly, if on-hit champions become the trendsetters, either align with this trend by mastering these champions or focus on counter-strategies. The ability to adapt and pivot according to the prevailing game dynamics is a vital skill for climbing the ranks swiftly and efficiently.

4. Maintain a Stable Healthy Mental State

The journey through seasonal placements often resembles an emotional rollercoaster, where the highs of victories and the lows of defeats can significantly affect one's mindset. It is imperative to cultivate a resilient mental state, ensuring that a series of losses doesn't undermine your self-assurance or gameplay focus.

Should your initial placements not align with your expectations, it's vital to remember that this is merely the starting phase of a longer journey. The matchmaking system is designed to find equilibrium over time, and by consistently contributing positively to your matches, you can expect your win rate to stabilize.

While dedicating yourself to climbing the ranks at the season's outset is important, managing emotions and expectations is equally critical. Allow yourself to look beyond temporary setbacks, understanding that early-season hiccups do not dictate the course of your entire season.

5. Onetrick a Single Champion for Consistency

For players who find it challenging to continuously adapt to new champions and shifting playstyles, focusing on a single champion—commonly referred to as "one-tricking"—at the season's onset can be a highly effective strategy. Specializing in one champion allows you to navigate the myriad of changes, such as updates to the map and item system, with a stable foundation, minimizing the variables you need to adjust to.

Adopting this approach offers a reliable basis for growth and learning within the game. It caters to players across the spectrum, from veterans to newcomers, by eliminating the need to juggle between different champions and instead providing a singular focus. This strategy not only aids in mastering specific game mechanics and nuances but also streamlines the process of adapting to broader game updates, making your climb through the ranks as smooth as possible.

6. Elevating Play with Vision Control and Map Intellect

Achieving mastery over your champion's mechanics is fundamental, yet integrating profound vision control and map awareness into your skill set can dramatically enhance your strategic play, especially with Season 14's alterations to the Summoner's Rift. These skills not only afford you a tactical edge but also amplify your team's overall effectiveness.

Strategic Ward Placement

Employ wards judiciously to dominate vision around pivotal objectives like the Dragon and Baron Nashor. Grasping the revamped terrain and potential jungle routes enables you to foresee enemy maneuvers, facilitating preemptive actions and strategic decision-making.

Neutralizing Enemy Vision

Prioritize acquiring Control Wards and the Oracle Lens to obliterate the enemy's vision. Purging crucial areas of enemy wards before initiating team fights or preparing for objectives guarantees your team an informational advantage, significantly diminishing the chances of being caught off-guard.

Proactive Map Awareness

Given the modifications to the map's layout, maintaining vigilance over your team's positioning and predicting enemy rotations becomes indispensable. Constantly monitor the minimap, predict enemy strategies, and adjust your actions accordingly, whether to counteract or to seize the initiative.

Team Synergy Through Communication

Effective team communication forms the bedrock of victory in League of Legends. Utilize ping signals and vocalize your observations concerning enemy whereabouts, ward placements, and target objectives. A team that excels in communication and map awareness can outplay and outpace the opposition, capturing vital leads.

By adopting these refined strategies—enhancing your gameplay through vision and awareness, alongside the foundational tactics of maximizing early season play, meta adaptation, mental fortitude, and potential specialization in a single champion—you set the stage for a successful ascent to Platinum rank and beyond in Season 14.


ascending to the Platinum tier in League of Legends Season 14 is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a blend of strategic gameplay, adaptability, and a positive mindset. By employing the techniques outlined—such as leveraging strategic dodges, maximizing early season game volume, adapting swiftly to the evolving meta, maintaining a healthy mental state, mastering a single champion for consistency, and prioritizing vision and map awareness—you equip yourself with a comprehensive toolkit for success.

Each strategy contributes uniquely to navigating the complexities of the new season, from the reimagined Summoner's Rift to the overhauled item system. Embracing these approaches not only enhances your individual performance but also amplifies your contribution to your team's efforts, paving the way for a triumphant climb up the ranked ladder.

Remember, the journey to Platinum is not solely about individual prowess but also about how you adapt, communicate, and strategize within the team dynamic. With dedication, a willingness to learn, and a strategic approach to each match, reaching Platinum is an attainable goal. Here's to your success in Season 14—may your efforts be rewarded with victory, growth, and the satisfaction of achieving your ranked aspirations.

Posted On: February 5th, 2024

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