The Rarest Gun Wraps In Fortnite


The Rarest Gun Wraps In Fortnite

For dedicated Fortnite players, the allure of the game extends beyond the intense combat—it’s also about personalizing your appearance with unique skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items. Among these, wraps hold a special place as they adorn your weapons and vehicles with distinctive designs, adding an extra flair to your gameplay. With an extensive array of wraps to choose from, some have become particularly rare and highly coveted by the community. In this article, we delve into the rarest wraps in Fortnite, exploring what makes them so sought after and the stories behind their exclusivity.

Understanding Wraps in Fortnite

Before diving into the rarest wraps in Fortnite, it’s important to understand what these cosmetics are. Wraps are items that modify the visual appearance of your weapons and vehicles within the game. Players have the flexibility to apply different wraps to each weapon or use a single wrap across all their gear. These wraps can be acquired through purchases in the Item Shop or by progressing through the Battle Pass. However, the availability and rarity of these wraps can vary, making some more exceptional than others.

The 5 Rarest Wraps In Fortnite

Let’s explore some of the most exclusive and hard-to-find wraps in Fortnite:

#5: Fingerprint Wrap

First introduced on September 5, 2019, during Chapter 1, Season 10, the Fingerprint Wrap is now one of Fortnite’s rarer cosmetics. Initially priced at 300 V-Bucks in the Item Shop, its rarity is attributed to a couple of key factors. Not only has it been a long time since its debut without a re-release, but it also received a relatively tepid response from the community, leading to fewer purchases. This combination of limited availability and low initial uptake has made the Fingerprint Wrap a sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts.

#4: Impasto Wrap

The Impasto Wrap, a visually striking cosmetic, made its entry into Fortnite as a limited edition item during Chapter 2, Season 5. This particular wrap was uniquely offered to Nintendo Switch players through the Fortnite Switch Cup 3, which took place on March 9, 2021. To claim this exclusive wrap, participants needed to score at least 8 points in the tournament. Open to Switch players from various eligible regions, the competition provided a rare opportunity for dedicated gamers to add the exclusive Impasto wrap to their collection, enhancing its rarity and desirability.

#3: Carbon & Gold Wrap

Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 7, the Carbon & Gold wrap stands out as one of the inaugural wraps released back in 2018. This wrap, no longer available for purchase in the Item Shop, features a distinct metallic finish that catches the eye with its sleek carbon texture accented by elegant gold detailing. Its early release and subsequent discontinuation have made it a rare and prized item among Fortnite collectors.

#2: Cakey Wrap

The Cakey Wrap, a festive, cake-themed reactive design, was introduced as part of Fortnite’s Third Birthday Celebration. Available only from September 26 to October 1, 2020, players could unlock this wrap by completing a specific challenge that required dancing in front of 10 different birthday cakes scattered around the map.

This event not only offered the unique Cakey Wrap but also included additional rewards like the Big Three Spray, a Cupcake Emote, and valuable XP boosts, making it a memorable occasion for participants. The limited availability and event-specific nature of the Cakey Wrap have since made it a coveted item among Fortnite players.

#1: Afterparty Wrap

The Afterparty Wrap is celebrated as the most exclusive and rarest wrap in Fortnite’s history, notable for its vibrant, animated reactive patterns and limited-time availability. Released during Chapter 2, Season 3, this wrap features a lively, abstract design that bursts with a palette of black, yellow, pink, sky blue, and purple, perfectly embodying the energy of a festive celebration.

This highly exclusive wrap was available only during a special promotional event, and players could acquire it for free by logging into Fortnite between July 30 and August 1, 2020. The wrap’s brief 24-hour availability window makes it an extraordinary collector’s item, cherished by Fortnite enthusiasts for its rarity and striking aesthetic.


As we’ve explored the rarest wraps in Fortnite, it’s clear that these cosmetic items do more than just enhance the visual appeal of weapons and vehicles—they are treasured pieces of Fortnite’s vibrant history. From the celebratory Afterparty Wrap to the nostalgic Carbon & Gold, each wrap carries its own story and exclusivity. These wraps not only allow players to express their style but also serve as badges of participation in unique events or challenges. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, acquiring such rare wraps is a way to distinguish themselves in the Fortnite community and celebrate their engagement with the game over the years. As Fortnite continues to evolve, the legacy of these rare wraps will endure, making them a cherished part of the gaming experience.

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