Top 10 Rarest Gliders in Fortnite


Top 10 Rarest Gliders in Fortnite

Fortnite has been around for nearly 7 years and keeps adding new items regularly. With every event or collaboration, players get exciting new skins and other cosmetics. Some of these gliders are very rare, having been available only during specific events or not seen in the shop for years.

In this article, we’ll look at the 10 rarest Fortnite gliders. These are the gliders that serious collectors dream of having. Whether they’re from old events or just rarely seen these days, you’ll learn all about the most exclusive gliders in Fortnite.

#1: Astroworld Cyclone

The Astroworld Cyclone glider holds a unique place in Fortnite history, originally awarded to players who attended the Travis Scott Astronomical concert event. Following the event, amidst surrounding controversies, both the Travis Scott skin and the accompanying Astroworld Cyclone glider were removed from the game’s shop. Since then, this glider has not been available for purchase, adding to its rarity and desirability among collectors.

#2: High Octane

The High Octane glider is inspired by John Wick’s iconic car, featuring a sleek and stylish design that mirrors the film’s high-speed chases. This glider was exclusively available to those who completed the Tier 100 Battle Pass challenges during Season 3. Given the significant effort required to unlock it, many players missed out on adding this glider to their collection. Since its initial offering, the High Octane has not reappeared in Fortnite, solidifying its status as a rare and sought-after item among the game’s enthusiasts.

#3: Founders

The Founders Glider is an exclusive item awarded to those who purchased Fortnite’s Save the World mode before it transitioned to free-to-play. Emblematic of its veteran status, this glider features a classic design that honors the early supporters of the game. As it was only available through the initial purchase of Save the World, acquiring the Founders Glider now would require finding a sealed copy of the game to access the unique code. This makes it a prized possession for long-time players and collectors, symbolizing their early investment and loyalty to Fortnite.

#4: Discovery

The Discovery glider is a unique item from the Galaxy set, which was part of an exclusive collaboration between Epic Games and Samsung. This glider, along with other cosmetics in the set, was available only to those who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4. Given the high price point of these devices, typically around $1000, the Discovery glider is extremely rare. This limited accessibility makes it a coveted item among Fortnite collectors, reflecting both a significant investment and exclusivity.

#5: Slipstream

The Slipstream glider was a reward for Twitch Prime subscribers who linked their Epic Games account with their Twitch account before May 9, 2018. Despite being relatively easy to obtain during this limited-time event, Fortnite’s popularity hadn’t reached its peak, and many players were not yet accustomed to linking accounts across platforms to gain in-game items. Additionally, the Slipstream’s design didn’t stand out as particularly extraordinary, which led to fewer players pursuing this reward. As a result, the Slipstream glider has become rarer over time due to its limited claim period and the game’s evolving user engagement.

#6: Aerial Assault One

The Aerial Assault One is a hallmark of Fortnite’s early days, originally offered as a Battle Pass reward during the game’s inaugural season, Chapter 1, Season 1. This glider is distinguished by its status as one of the first rewards of its kind, and it has not been reissued since its initial release. Its absence from the game’s ever-expanding roster of items since then has cemented its position as one of the oldest and most coveted gliders in Fortnite’s history.

#7: Rotor

The Rotor glider emerged from an exclusive collaboration with Nintendo, becoming available only through the purchase of a Nintendo Switch console. Given the significant investment required, few players chose to acquire a new console solely for this cosmetic item. The Rotor is part of the Double Helix cosmetics set, and all items from this set have become rarities in the Fortnite community. The unique circumstances surrounding its availability have made the Rotor a prized and seldom-seen glider among players.

#8: Mako

The Mako glider holds a special place in Fortnite lore as one of the game’s rarest gliders. Initially released as a Battle Pass reward during Fortnite’s Chapter 1, Season 1, the Mako’s exclusivity is due to the challenging progression requirements of the early Battle Pass system, which prevented many players from unlocking it. While there was an accidental re-release of the Mako glider in the item shop in January 2018, its appearances have been few and fleeting, adding to its mystique and highly coveted status among Fortnite enthusiasts.

#9: Stealth Pivot

The Stealth Pivot glider became available through an exclusive promotion with Nvidia in 2017, where it was bundled with a $500 GeForce graphics card. This promotion not only included the glider as part of the Counterattack cosmetics set but also offered 2000 V-bucks. Given the high cost and niche nature of the offer, very few players took advantage of this opportunity, making the Stealth Pivot a rare find in Fortnite. The limited availability and specific purchase requirements have solidified its status as one of the more elusive gliders in the game.

#10: Beast Brella

The Beast Brella glider is among the most exclusive in Fortnite, limited to just 100,000 players who triumphed in the Mr Beast Extreme Survival Challenge. This challenge, which took place in Creative Mode in December 2022, was known for its high difficulty level. The glider was awarded only to the first 100,000 participants who successfully completed the challenge, making it a rare and prestigious item. With no options to purchase or acquire the Beast Brella since the challenge ended, it remains a unique trophy for those who managed to conquer one of Fortnite’s toughest events.


As we’ve explored in this rundown of the top 10 rarest Fortnite gliders, each item tells a story of unique events, challenging achievements, and exclusive partnerships that have enriched the Fortnite universe over the years. From early Battle Pass rewards to limited-time promotions with major brands, these gliders not only enhance the visual appeal of your gameplay but also signify moments of commitment and success within the game.

These rare gliders are more than just tools for descending into battle; they are badges of honor that mark players as veterans and enthusiasts of Fortnite’s ever-evolving saga. Owning any of these gliders distinguishes a player in the vast community, highlighting their participation in defining events or their dedication to pushing through challenging competitions. As Fortnite continues to release new content and revive old favorites, the legacy of these rare gliders will remain a coveted aspect of the game’s rich history, treasured by collectors and admired by newcomers alike.

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