Most Expensive League of Legends Skins and Their Value in 2024
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Most Expensive League of Legends Skins and Their Value in 2024

If you've been a longtime player of League of Legends since its early days, you might be familiar with some of these skins. However, do you know their current values in 2024? While some of the skins on the list may not boast the most visually appealing designs, their rarity has elevated their worth significantly. Let's explore the top 10 most expensive League of Legends skins and their respective values in 2024.

10. Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks – 50$

If you've ever dreamt of embodying the Fiddlesticks character with a Sleepy Hollow-inspired aesthetic, look no further than this specialty skin. Released only once in 2010 during the original special League of Legends holiday events, the pumpkin-headed version adds a distinctive touch to your gameplay.
While you won't exactly resemble the headless horseman (the pumpkin head is firmly attached to the top of Fiddlesticks in this skin), your appearance will undeniably carry an eerie aura. Initially met with lukewarm reception from fans, many considered the design somewhat lackluster. However, it has now transformed into one of the genuinely rare League of Legends skins, instantly marking you as an OG account holder.

9. Rusty Blitzcrank – 70$

Rusty Blitzcrank stands out for its rarity and intriguing history. Released on November 20, 2009, this skin transforms Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem from Zaun, into a weathered and aged version, a departure from his usual sleek appearance. Unlike some skins, Rusty Blitzcrank doesn't bring new animations, particles, or sounds; instead, it offers a unique texture, giving Blitzcrank a corroded metal exterior.
What adds to the allure of Rusty Blitzcrank is its swift removal from the in-game store shortly after launch. The decision was prompted by the perception that the skin closely resembled Blitzcrank's original design, albeit with the addition of rust. This exclusivity has turned the skin into a coveted item among players, especially those who appreciate the game's early history and exclusive releases.
Currently categorized as a limited skin, Rusty Blitzcrank is part of the Legacy collection. Initially priced at 520 Riot Points, it is no longer available for purchase in the store. The skin's removal, coupled with minimal alterations from the original model, contributes to its status as one of the rarest skins in League of Legends.

8. Championship Riven (2012) – 130$

Every account holder who attended the World Championship event in Season Two (which seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?) was instantly bestowed with the vibrant Riven skin. The following months were filled with countless games and lobbies featuring players proudly donning this skin variant. The secondary market witnessed a frenzy in the immediate aftermath of the World Championship, with this skin often fetching prices nearing $400 (and sometimes even higher).
Things have settled down a bit for what was once considered one of the rarest LoL skins ever created. This is because the folks at Riot Games decided to reintroduce the skin during the 2015 World Championships. However, there was a twist – only one lucky person could claim this prize by accurately predicting the winner of every tournament

7. Silver Kayle – 140$

It’s almost impossible to think of right now, but 14 years ago (give or take a couple of months), you could actually walk into your favorite gaming store or electronics store and purchase a physical copy of League of Legends – something new players won’t even be able to imagine.
But OG players on League are going to remember this well, especially since they were able to land a completely custom skin – this one – decked out in full silver-plated armor that’s impossible to get any longer. You’ll have to pony up a decent chunk of change to land this skin, that’s for sure.

6. Victorious Jarvan IV – 160$

For those who engaged in the hypercompetitive landscape of League in 2011, dedicating themselves to dominating the original rated season was a common pursuit. Successfully conquering this inaugural challenge came with a unique reward – the Victorious Jarvan IV skin, marking the beginning of a tradition that would continue for subsequent League seasons.
Being the pioneer of the Victorious Skin series, there's a unique appeal to having this skin in your collection. It becomes especially satisfying when flexing on newer players striving for the latest Victorious skin.
Many still regard Victorious Jarvan IV as the most aesthetically pleasing among all the Victorious options. Even though it lacks new animations, the silver and gold palette exudes a breathtaking charm. It remains a favored choice for top-tier players whenever the opportunity arises.

5. Young Ryze (Human Ryze) – 180$

Counted among the priciest League of Legends skins ever created, those fortunate enough to possess this skin are the ones who preordered the original LoL – a considerably smaller group compared to those who purchased a physical copy back in 2009.
This skin came bundled with another, even more exclusive skin in the League of Legends universe, but we'll delve into that shortly. Understand that the likelihood of either of these skins making their way to the LOL store is extremely slim.

4. PAX Jax – 185$

Every year, hordes of gaming enthusiasts flock to PAX to explore the latest offerings in the gaming world. If you were fortunate enough to attend back in 2010, there's a good chance you snagged an exclusive code (printed on a physical card, believe it or not) that allowed you to redeem this particular skin.
Nowadays, acquiring this skin can be quite challenging, but occasionally, legitimate codes surface on platforms like eBay, commanding prices around $200 (and sometimes even reaching as high as $400).
It's crucial to note that these codes come with a strict expiration date set by the folks at Riot Games. If you don't redeem it in time, you might miss your chance forever.

3. PAX Sivir – 185$

The second installment in the PAX LoL skins series was distributed to attendees who visited the conference in 2011. While not as rare as the original PAX skin (which we'll spotlight in just a moment), its availability was expected as attendees knew they would receive a free League skin upon attending the conference – a departure from the surprise factor of the original PAX skin.
For those who missed PAX in 2011, obtaining this skin becomes a bit more challenging. However, it is still accessible on the secondary market, albeit at a decent price, for those interested in adding it to their collection.

2. Black Alistar – 220$

Similar to the Young Ryze skin mentioned earlier, the exclusive Black Alistar skin could only be acquired by preordering League of Legends in its early days.
Even rarer than its counterpart, this skin stands as one of the most elusive in the League. Finding either of these preorder rewards on active player accounts is a monumental task, let alone stumbling upon them in the secondary market.
Encountering a player with this skin signifies that they have been part of the League community since its inception – a truly remarkable feat. It's quite a marvel to think about, showcasing their status as legitimate OG account holders.

1. PAX Twisted Fate – 300$

This version of the Twisted Fate skin holds the distinction of being the very first one distributed at PAX in 2009, a time when League of Legends was still relatively unknown and long before it became one of the most popular video games globally.
Similar to other PAX skins, obtaining this skin required a physical code for in-game redemption. However, only the first 20,000 attendees at the League booth could secure one. Consequently, the Twisted Fate skin stands as the absolute rarest in League at present, making it one of the most valuable.
If you don't already have it on your account, your only chance is the secondary market, where the price tag hovers around $300 (and often surpasses that amount). Acquiring this skin allows you to don a piece of League history while engaging in digital warfare. What are your thoughts on these highly coveted League of Legends skins? Would you consider buying one for yourself?

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