The Most Expensive CS2 Stickers of All Time
Counter Strike 2

Counter Strike 2

The Most Expensive CS2 Stickers of All Time

If you've recently dived into Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 and found yourself enamored by the game’s deep customization options, you’re not alone. Alongside an array of weapon skins available on the marketplace, players can further personalize their gear with various stickers. These stickers not only add flair to your weapons but can also be seen as valuable collectibles, with some fetching high prices on the Steam marketplace.

Given the vast selection of stickers, choosing the right ones to adorn your weapons can be daunting, especially for newcomers. To help streamline your decision-making, we've curated a list of the top five most expensive CS2 stickers currently available. These stickers are not only visually appealing but have also shown a consistent increase in value, making them a worthwhile investment.

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Top 5 Most Expensive CS2 Stickers

Let's dive into the world of CS2 and explore the five most coveted stickers on the market. These are not only the most visually striking but also the most valuable, commanding top dollar on the Steam marketplace. Here's a closer look at the elite stickers that every player dreams of owning.

#1: Titan (Holo) - $65,000.00

For seasoned CS2 players, it's no surprise that the Titan Holo tops the list as the most expensive sticker in the game. Its reputation is well-earned, thanks to its rarity and the stunning visual appeal it adds to any weapon. The Titan Holo isn't just a sticker; it's a statement piece, celebrated for its design and highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

#2: iBUYPOWER (Holo) -$71,771.34

Despite being entangled in the notorious 2014 match-fixing scandal, the iBUYPOWER Holo sticker has emerged as one of the most valuable in CS2's history. Its significance goes beyond the controversy, driven by its extreme rarity and compelling design. The striking visual appeal of the iBP Holo makes it a prized possession and explains the hefty price tag it commands in the marketplace.

#3: Team (Holo) - $70,364.06

The Team Holo, or LDLC Holo, earns its spot among the top five most expensive CS2 stickers due to its vivid and luminous design. Its bright, eye-catching colors set it apart even among rarer stickers in the game. Additionally, the LDLC Holo's price, while still significant, is more accessible compared to the previously mentioned stickers, making it a coveted yet somewhat more attainable gem for collectors and players alike.

#4: Reason Gaming (Holo) - 25,487.41

Originating from the Katowice 2014 series, the Reason Gaming Holo sticker is a standout addition to any weapon skin, thanks to its bold and sleek aesthetic. This sticker is not just a visual treat; its exceptional rarity elevates its status, making it a top pick among collectors and investors. The Reason Gaming Holo is celebrated for enhancing weapon skins with a distinct flair that captures the attention of CS2 enthusiasts worldwide.

#5: Vox Eminor (Holo) - $43,258.91

The Vox Eminor Holo sticker might initially appear modest, but its holo version offers a stunning visual treat. This sticker stands out with its vibrant mix of orange and yellow hues, and its dazzling holographic effect is sure to capture the admiration of any dedicated CS2 skin collector. The unique color palette and shimmer make the Vox Eminor Holo a prized addition to any collection, appealing to those looking to add a splash of color and shine to their weaponry.


There you have it—the top five most expensive CS2 stickers that you can find on the market today. If these particular choices don’t quite catch your eye, there’s a wealth of other high-priced stickers available that might serve as either a solid investment or a dazzling addition to your weapon skins, sure to make your teammates envious.

For those watching their budget but still wanting to enhance their gear, our guide to the best value-for-money CS2 stickers might be just what you need. The beauty of CS2 customization lies in its variety; experiment with different combinations to discover the stickers that resonate most with you—the possibilities are virtually endless.

Keep in mind that Valve regularly introduces new stickers to CS2, adding to the game's dynamic nature. While this list might evolve over time, the stickers mentioned here are likely to maintain or increase their value, given their rarity and the continuous demand within the community.

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