League of Legends Season 14: New Void Grub Changes
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League of Legends Season 14: New Void Grub Changes

Riot Games is introducing transformative changes to League of Legends in Season 14, focusing on the game mechanics surrounding Void Grubs. These small but crucial creatures, vital for enhancing turret destruction capabilities, are receiving significant updates. Additionally, there are important adjustments being made to the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience.

This article will delve into the details of how Void Grubs will now appear one minute later than usual, altering the early-game strategies. We'll also explore enhancements to the Touch of the Void buff, which is set to benefit champions specializing in split pushing, alongside changes to how Void creeps are summoned. Furthermore, the Rift Herald’s orientation adjustments and Baron Nashor’s increased damage output are part of Riot's ongoing efforts to maintain game balance.

Join us as we analyze the effects of these updates on the strategic landscape of Summoner’s Rift and what players can expect from the new dynamics.

Void Grub Spawn Time Delayed

Get ready for a strategic shake-up on Summoner’s Rift as the spawn time for Void Grubs, whimsically known as "Kevin" by players, has been pushed back by a minute. Previously appearing at the five-minute mark, these crucial creatures will now begin their spawn at the six-minute mark.

If you manage to clear the first wave of Void Grubs promptly, expect the second wave to emerge at the tenth minute. This timing change is set to heighten the intensity of early-game skirmishes, especially around the initial dragon spawn, leading to more dynamic and engaging early encounters.

Touch of the Void Getting Buffed

The Touch of the Void buff is receiving a notable enhancement, significantly increasing its effectiveness for champions that harness its power. The buff now offers an increased true damage bonus per stack, rising from six for melee champions and three for ranged champions, to eight and four, respectively.

This enhancement not only boosts a champion’s ability to siege towers but also strengthens their role in team fights. Moreover, the conditions for summoning small Void Mites, which assist in attacking towers, have been adjusted for greater efficacy. Where previously five stacks were required per champion with a 15-second cooldown, now only four stacks are needed. This adjustment is poised to invigorate tower siege strategies, adding an exciting new dimension to gameplay.

Herald's Orientation Adjustment and Baron's Changes Might

The Rift Herald, a pivotal entity in the strategic conquests of Summoner’s Rift, has received a minor yet crucial adjustment in its orientation. Previously, there was an odd tendency for the Herald to face southeast, deviating from its intended southwest direction. This update corrects that behavior, ensuring that the Herald consistently faces the correct direction to align with gameplay expectations.

On another front, Baron Nashor, the epitome of late-game power struggles, has been fortified with increased offensive prowess. Responding to community feedback that Baron seemed less daunting in the late stages of the game, Riot Games has enhanced the damage of specific attacks. This change ensures that engagements with Baron Nashor remain challenging and consequential.

These updates are set to reshape the dynamics across the League of Legends landscape, influencing a broad spectrum of game strategies. As the community adjusts to these changes, we can anticipate a shift in the meta and the emergence of innovative tactics focused on leveraging these new jungle mechanics. The next patch is poised to introduce a wave of creativity and strategic evolution, making it an exciting time for both players and spectators in the competitive scene.


The latest updates to League of Legends introduce significant changes that are set to transform the strategic landscape of the game. From the delayed spawn times of Void Grubs that will alter early game dynamics, to the enhancements in the Touch of the Void buff and the adjustments in the behavior and strength of Rift Herald and Baron Nashor, these changes are comprehensive. Each adjustment has been designed to refine gameplay, ensure a balanced competitive environment, and enhance the overall player experience. As the community adapts to these new dynamics, it will be intriguing to see how strategies evolve and how the meta shifts in response. These developments promise to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, reaffirming League of Legends' position as a continually evolving and engaging competitive game.

Posted On: April 15th, 2024

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