League of Legends Season 14: New Summoner Spell Changes
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League of Legends Season 14: New Summoner Spell Changes

The upcoming Season 14 of League of Legends brings with it a series of updates to several key summoner spells, part of an ongoing effort to enhance game balance and enrich the player experience at all levels.

In the latest patch, players will see a significant enhancement to Barrier, alongside improved functionality for Cleanse and Exhaust. Conversely, Ghost will experience a downturn in effectiveness due to a shorter duration, addressing its recent overuse in gameplay. Additionally, Heal benefits from a slight increase in range. Notably, staples like Ignite, Flash, and Smite will remain unchanged in this round of updates.

This article will explore each of these adjustments in greater detail, discussing the potential effects on gameplay and strategies on the Rift. Let’s dive into the specifics of these summoner spell changes and what they mean for players.


Barrier has received a substantial boost in its effectiveness in the latest update. The shield strength of Barrier has been increased, rising from 105-411 to a more robust 120-480. Additionally, the duration of the shield, which previously lasted for 2 seconds, has been extended to 2.5 seconds. This enhancement not only provides greater protection but also allows users a longer window to capitalize on the shield's benefits during critical moments of gameplay.


The summoner spell Cleanse has been modified to offer more substantial relief from crowd control effects. Post-activation tenacity has been increased, boosting it from 65% to a more potent 75%. This enhancement ensures that players can recover more quickly from disabling effects, providing a crucial advantage in combat.

However, to balance this increased utility, the cooldown of Cleanse has been lengthened to 240 seconds. This change demands more thoughtful and strategic application of the spell, as players will need to consider the optimal moments to use it to maximize its effectiveness throughout the game.


Exhaust has been strengthened in the latest update to provide a more impactful debuff on targeted enemies. The slow effect applied by Exhaust has been increased from 30% to a more significant 40%, making it more effective at reducing enemy mobility and combat efficiency during crucial encounters.
To balance this enhancement, the cooldown for Exhaust has been extended to 240 seconds. This adjustment requires players to use Exhaust more judiciously, planning its deployment strategically during key moments in the game to ensure maximum impact from this more powerful slowing effect.


Ghost has seen a notable decrease in effectiveness in the latest update. The duration of the speed boost provided by Ghost has been reduced significantly, dropping from 15 seconds to only 10 seconds. This change makes it less potent for extended chases or retreats.

Additionally, the cooldown period for Ghost has been increased, moving from 210 seconds to a longer 240 seconds. This adjustment means that players will have to be more calculated and selective about when to activate Ghost, as the opportunities to use it will be less frequent.


Heal has been subtly enhanced in the latest update to provide more tactical flexibility during team fights. The range at which allies can benefit from Heal has been increased from 835 to 900. This improvement allows players to be more strategic in their positioning, enabling them to extend crucial support to teammates from slightly greater distances without adjusting the spell's cooldown. This enhancement can make a significant difference in the dynamics of team engagements, providing broader coverage and support.

Unchanged Spells

Flash, Ignite, Smite, and Teleport, four unchanged summoner spells in League of Legends, will maintain their current form in the latest update. These spells, integral to various strategies and gameplay styles, will continue to operate with their existing mechanics and cooldown periods, ensuring consistency for players who rely on these foundational abilities in their matches.

Impact on Gameplay

The recent changes to Summoner Spells in League of Legends introduce subtle yet significant shifts in gameplay dynamics. With the enhancement of Barrier's shield capacity and duration, players will experience improved survivability in skirmishes. The increased tenacity from Cleanse offers stronger counterplay options against crowd control, while the amplified slow effect of Exhaust provides more control over enemy movements, enhancing strategic positioning during fights.

Although the duration of Ghost has been shortened, it still serves as a valuable tool for quick pursuits or strategic retreats. These modifications add depth to the game, encouraging players to explore different spell combinations and adapt their tactics based on evolving in-game scenarios.

Overall, these updates aim to enrich the strategic complexity of League of Legends, fostering a more balanced and engaging gameplay environment. Players are invited to delve into these new dynamics, tailor their strategies, and share insights on how these changes are reshaping their in-game experiences.


The latest changes to the Summoner Spells in League of Legends are set to reshape the strategic landscape of the game. By enhancing spells like Barrier, Cleanse, and Exhaust, and adjusting others like Ghost, these updates encourage players to rethink their tactical approaches and adapt to new gameplay dynamics. The modifications aim to balance combat interactions, enhance champion survivability, and introduce more nuanced strategies into every match. As players continue to explore and integrate these changes into their gameplay, the overall competitive environment of League of Legends is poised to become even more diverse and engaging. This evolution of Summoner Spells ensures that both new and veteran players will find fresh challenges and opportunities for mastery in the battles ahead.

Posted On: May 9th, 2024

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