League of Legends Season 14: New Champion Aurora's Abilities Explained
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League of Legends Season 14: New Champion Aurora's Abilities Explained

Riot Games has recently unveiled an enchanting new addition to the League of Legends roster: Aurora, a Vastayan bunny mage whose design took seven years to perfect. Aurora is not just a champion; she is a symbol of diversity and inclusion, representing the autistic community. Originating from the mystical lands of Freljord, Aurora is a witch who adeptly bridges the spiritual and material realms.

Aurora has been crafted to excel in the mid and top lanes, though her versatile abilities may allow her to adapt to other roles as well. This article will delve deep into each of Aurora’s abilities, examining her passive, active skills, mechanics, damage output, cooldowns, and the strategic depth she brings to the battlefield.

Join us as we explore the unique capabilities of Aurora, providing you with the insights needed to harness her powers effectively. Let’s discover what makes Aurora a compelling and powerful champion in League of Legends Season 14.

Spirit Abjuration (Passive)

Aurora's passive ability, Spirit Abjuration, captures errant spirits whenever she inflicts damage on an enemy. This ability can accumulate up to three stacks through her spells or attacks. When fully stacked, it unleashes an exorcism, inflicting magic damage based on a percentage of the enemy's maximum health and liberating a spirit that enhances Aurora's abilities.

Details of Spirit Abjuration:

  • Damage Output: Deals magic damage equivalent to 6% of the enemy's maximum health, which increases by 1% for every additional 100 AP.
  • Movement Speed Boost: Aurora gains a 3% increase in movement speed for every 100 AP.
  • Duration of Spirit Mode: Lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Additional Spirit Movement Speed Bonus: Each freed spirit grants an extra 5% movement speed.
  • Target Restriction: Effective only against champions and epic monsters.

This passive not only provides substantial damage output but also augments Aurora's mobility, making her a formidable presence in both skirmishes and team fights.

Twofold Hex (Q)

Aurora's Q ability, Twofold Hex, unleashes a powerful surge of cursed energy in a targeted direction, imbuing enemies with Spirit energy. This ability can be recast to retract the spirit energy, which then inflicts additional damage proportional to the enemy's missing health, potentially dealing double the damage of the initial blast.

Ability Details:

  • Initial Magic Damage: Scales with 30% of Aurora's AP.
  • Recast Magic Damage: Can scale up to 80% of Aurora's AP, increasing with the target's missing health.
  • Cooldown: Ranges from 8 to 6 seconds as the ability is leveled up.
  • Passive Interaction: Each use applies two stacks of Aurora's passive, Spirit Abjuration.

Twofold Hex is a versatile tool in Aurora’s arsenal, allowing her to mark and then severely punish weakened foes, making it a critical component of her damage output and strategic play.

Across the Veil (W)

Across the Veil, Aurora's W ability, showcases her mystical agility as she performs a directional bunny hop, transitioning into invisibility upon landing, similar to Shaco’s Q. This maneuver not only cloaks her from enemies’ sight but also activates Spirit mode, boosting her movement speed and refreshing the ability's cooldown following successful takedowns within 3 seconds of dealing damage.

Ability Specifications:

  • Invisibility Duration: Starts at 1.4 seconds at its initial rank and extends up to 2 seconds at rank five.
  • Cooldown: Begins at 18 seconds and decreases to 14 seconds when fully leveled.
  • Special Features:
    • Capable of leaping over walls.
    • Cooldown refresh upon takedowns.
    • Enhanced movement speed while in Spirit mode.

Across the Veil not only provides Aurora tactical advantages in mobility and stealth but also empowers her with sustained agility in skirmishes, making it a pivotal ability for evasive maneuvers and strategic positioning.

The Weirding (E)

The Weirding, Aurora’s E ability, channels her mystical prowess to unleash a powerful blast of spirit magic. This ability not only inflicts area damage but also applies a substantial slowing effect on enemies, reducing their movement speed by 80%, which then gradually decays over 1 second. Simultaneously, The Weirding propels Aurora backward, akin to the recoil experienced by Graves when using his ultimate.

Ability Details:

  • Cooldown: Starts at 15 seconds at the initial rank and reduces to 11 seconds at maximum level.
  • Slow Effect: Slows affected enemies by 80%, with the effect decaying over 1 second.
  • Additional Features:
    • Applies a stack of Aurora’s passive, Spirit Abjuration.
    • Capable of leaping over short walls.

The Weirding offers Aurora a combination of offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing her to control the battlefield with area damage and crowd control while strategically repositioning herself for tactical advantages.

Between Worlds (Ultimate)

Between Worlds, Aurora’s ultimate ability, dramatically showcases her deep connection to the spirit realm by opening a rift. This rift emits a powerful pulse of energy that deals magic damage to enemies and applies a slowing effect. Inside this rift, Aurora enters an enhanced Spirit mode, gaining the ability to pass through the rift's walls. During this state, she can glide from one boundary to the other, becoming untargetable and unstoppable, embodying the true essence of a spectral being.

Ultimate Details:

  • Magic Damage: Scales with an 80% AP ratio.
  • Slow Effect: Slows enemies by 30% for 2 seconds; increases to 75% for 1.5 seconds if enemies are pushed back by the rift.
  • Duration: Lasts for 3 seconds at level 6, extends to 3.5 seconds at level 11, and reaches 4 seconds at level 16.
  • Cooldown: Starts at 140 seconds at rank one, decreases to 120 seconds at rank two, and further reduces to 100 seconds at rank three.
  • Additional Effect: Enemies are pushed toward the center of the rift. Aurora can exit the rift only by canceling the ability, offering strategic positioning and disengagement options.

Between Worlds not only disrupts enemy formations with its damaging and slowing pulses but also provides Aurora with a unique mobility tool, allowing her to maneuver through the battlefield with ghostly precision and invulnerability.


Aurora is a multifaceted champion, distinguished by her captivating lore and a dynamic playstyle that marries mobility, stealth, and potent magical abilities. Her unique capacity to navigate between realms and harness the energies of spirits establishes her as a formidable force in any match. Capable of adapting to both mid and top lane roles, Aurora introduces a refreshing layer of strategic depth to League of Legends, promising to reshape the tactical landscape of the game. Whether you’re seeking to dominate the lane or control the flow of battle, Aurora offers a compelling new way to engage with the rich world of League of Legends.

Posted On: June 22nd, 2024

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