League of Legends Season 14: New Maw of Malmortius Buff and Changes
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League of Legends Season 14: New Maw of Malmortius Buff and Changes

Attention, League of Legends fans! Get ready for impactful changes in the upcoming patch, particularly to the well-known item, Maw of Malmortius. Riot Games is about to introduce substantial updates that not only pay homage to the item's original essence but also bring innovative enhancements that could significantly alter how the game is played.

The forthcoming modifications to Maw of Malmortius will affect its cost, build path, and key statistics. Expect to see an increase in Attack Damage (AD) and a reduction in Magic Resist. Moreover, the Lifeline passive has been upgraded to provide a longer shield duration and now includes omnivamp, broadening recovery options for players. These changes are set to influence players' itemization strategies and overall gameplay dynamics profoundly.

Let’s dive deeper into these updates and explore how the revamped Maw of Malmortius will impact the battlefield in the upcoming patch.

Base Item Changes

The Maw of Malmortius is set for a significant overhaul aimed at restoring some of its original characteristics. While these changes may give a nod to its earlier iterations, they are far from just a return to the old. The revamp will introduce major modifications to the item's mechanics and utility, enhancing its role and effectiveness in the game.

Price Adjustment

A significant update to the Maw of Malmortius includes a price adjustment. The cost for acquiring this item will rise from the previous 2,800 gold to 3,100 gold. This price increase corresponds with the enhancements made to the item's features and its growing strategic importance in gameplay.

Build Path Alteration

Riot Games has made strategic adjustments to the build path for Maw of Malmortius, moving away from the conventional combination of Pickaxe and Long Sword. The item will now be built directly from Hexdrinker and Caulfield's Warhammer, simplifying and refining the itemization process for players, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Enhanced Stats

The latest update to Maw of Malmortius introduces significant statistical enhancements. The item's Attack Damage (AD) is increased, rising from 65 to 70, offering more offensive power. Meanwhile, its Magic Resist has been slightly reduced, moving from 50 down to 40, to balance the overall efficacy of the item. As a compensatory benefit, Maw of Malmortius will now also provide an extra 15 Ability Haste, which will allow players greater frequency in their ability usage, enhancing tactical flexibility during gameplay.

Updated Lifeline Effect in Maw of Malmortius

A key highlight of the update to Maw of Malmortius is the transformation of its Lifeline effect, a central component of the item's identity. Now, when a champion's health falls below 30% from Magic damage, they are granted a protective shield. Enhancing its previous utility, the shield's duration has been increased from the former 2.5 seconds to a more robust 3 seconds, providing additional defense during critical moments in battle.

Introduction of Omnivamp to Lifeline Effect

The most transformative update to the Maw of Malmortius is the modification to the secondary benefit of the Lifeline effect. Instead of the previous 12% lifesteal that activated after the shield, the item now provides 10% omnivamp. This change significantly broadens the healing capabilities of champions, enabling them to recover health from all sources of damage, including abilities, rather than just basic attacks. This enhancement opens up new strategic possibilities for sustaining in combat.

Gameplay Implications of Updated Maw of Malmortius

The recent changes to Maw of Malmortius are not just about numerical adjustments; they have substantial strategic implications, especially with the revamped omnivamp mechanics. This update could significantly enhance the combat effectiveness of champions with Area of Effect (AoE) abilities. For example, a champion like Katarina, who is notorious for her powerful AoE ultimate attacks, could see Maw of Malmortius become an invaluable component of her build, greatly boosting her survivability and impact in team fights.


The comprehensive updates to Maw of Malmortius mark a significant shift in how this item will influence gameplay in League of Legends. With enhancements to its build path, stats, and the pivotal Lifeline effect—including the introduction of omnivamp—this item is poised to offer more robust defensive capabilities and versatile healing options. Players will need to rethink their strategies, particularly those who favor champions with strong AoE abilities, as the revamped Maw of Malmortius offers new tactical opportunities to enhance durability and effectiveness in battle. As players and pros alike adapt to these changes, it will be fascinating to see how the new dynamics of Maw of Malmortius reshape the competitive landscape of the Rift.

Posted On: April 30th, 2024

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