League of Legends season 14: New Kennen Quality of Life Changes
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League of Legends season 14: New Kennen Quality of Life Changes

League of Legends Season 14 introduces notable improvements to Kennen, the beloved lightning yordle. These enhancements, although minor, significantly upgrade his playability. Kennen has been overlooked by Riot Games for some time, which is why these quality of life updates have stirred excitement among Kennen enthusiasts.

The modifications focus on his E ability, Lightning Rush, and his ultimate, Slicing Maelstrom. Now, Lightning Rush includes an Area of Effect (AOE) range indicator, and the ultimate has had its wind-down animation removed. These changes allow for a more fluid and dynamic gameplay experience for Kennen players.

Let's delve deeper into these updates to understand how they enhance Kennen's interactions and performance in the game.

E Range Indicator: Enhancing Precision

A significant upgrade has been introduced to Kennen's E ability, Lightning Rush, with the addition of a visible range indicator. This new feature, which appears when players hover over the ability icon, clearly displays the area of effect (AOE) radius. This enhancement, although it might appear minor, substantially improves gameplay for Kennen players. It enables more accurate positioning, allowing players to better plan their moves and execute engagements with greater precision. By clearly understanding the reach of Lightning Rush, Kennen mains can optimize their use of this dynamic ability, making it easier to capitalize on strategic opportunities and enhance their overall impact in battles. This improvement not only enriches the user experience but also elevates Kennen's tactical gameplay on the Rift.

Ultimate Animation Overhaul

The recent update to Kennen's ultimate ability, Slicing Maelstrom, marks a pivotal shift in his gameplay mechanics. In earlier versions, Kennen's ultimate required a brief wind-down animation that momentarily paused his movement, causing a slight delay before the ability activated. However, the latest updates from the Public Beta Environment (PBE) have entirely eliminated this wind-down animation.

With this change, Kennen gains the ability to deploy his ultimate seamlessly during movement or while executing other actions, without any disruptive pauses. This enhancement greatly impacts Kennen's combat effectiveness. The removal of the wind-down animation allows for uninterrupted gameplay, enabling Kennen to fluidly initiate or retreat from battles. This newfound agility makes Kennen a more formidable opponent, as he can now engage enemies with his high-impact ultimate without the awkwardness and vulnerability previously induced by the animation delay.

The update significantly enriches Kennen's tactical versatility, allowing him to better synchronize his ultimate with team strategies and individual maneuvers. This smoother integration of Slicing Maelstrom into Kennen’s arsenal not only improves his performance in skirmishes and team fights but also elevates the overall pace and excitement of his gameplay.

Impact on Gameplay

The elimination of the wind-down animation from Kennen's ultimate has dramatically refined his combat style. This change allows players to fluidly merge the activation of his E ability, Lightning Rush, to rapidly close distances with adversaries, with an instantaneous deployment of his ultimate, Slicing Maelstrom, all while in continuous motion. Such a capability provides Kennen with the agility to quickly engage in team fights, target key opponents, or retreat from dangerous scenarios efficiently.

Moreover, this improvement works exceptionally well in conjunction with Kennen's essential build component, the Hextech Rocket Belt. The seamless integration of the Rocket Belt’s burst mobility with Lightning Rush and an uninterrupted cast of Slicing Maelstrom offers Kennen an extraordinary level of burst potential and adaptability. This synergy not only enhances his tactical flexibility but also significantly boosts his impact in skirmishes and major team engagements.

These updates collectively augment Kennen’s role as a dynamic initiator and escape artist, ensuring he remains a potent and versatile champion in League of
Legends battles. This streamlined approach to his abilities encourages a more proactive and engaging playstyle, enabling Kennen players to exploit split-second opportunities that can decisively influence the outcome of fights. With these enhancements, Kennen’s presence on the battlefield is more formidable than ever, reinforcing his reputation as a critical disruptor and a key asset in any team composition.


The recent quality of life improvements for Kennen, particularly the elimination of the wind-down animation on his ultimate, might initially seem minor but are in fact significant enhancements. This change dramatically increases the fluidity with which Kennen can execute his abilities, granting players the ability to fully leverage his combat potential. The result is a more dynamic and impactful presence during matches, enabling Kennen players to orchestrate more effective and decisive engagements.

Beyond merely boosting Kennen's individual prowess, these adjustments enrich the entire gaming experience for those who master this electrifying champion. The enhanced synergy between his abilities allows for smoother transitions in combat, making Kennen not just a threat but a versatile and adaptive force on the battlefield.

With these improvements, Kennen steps into the fray with a heightened sense of power and purpose. The storm he brings into the arena is indeed more electrifying than ever, promising thrilling gameplay and asserting his status as an indispensable ally or a formidable foe in the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends. As these updates unfold on the Rift, they underscore Kennen's enhanced capability to influence the flow of battle, ensuring that his presence is not only felt but feared.

Posted On: April 24th, 2024

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