League of Legends Season 14: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes
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League of Legends Season 14: New Crit Item Buffs and Changes

In the latest update to League of Legends, the tides have turned in favor of the AD Carries with significant enhancements to critical strike items. This much-anticipated adjustment aims to amplify the impact of ADCs in the game, empowering them with the ability to deliver more powerful critical strikes.

The cornerstone of an ADC's arsenal, Infinity Edge, has received a notable upgrade, promising even greater damage output on critical hits. Moreover, the struggle against tanks diminishes as items designed to penetrate armor have been fortified. Additionally, acquiring the Navori Quickblade, another essential item for ADCs, has been streamlined, making it a more accessible choice for players.

Prepare yourselves, sharpshooters, as we delve into these updates and explore their implications on the battlefield of Summoner's Rift.

Infinity Edge Return

Infinity Edge, previously in the shadows of its potential, has been revitalized with the latest patch. The item’s significance had diminished over time, but Riot's recent intervention has resurrected its power. Specifically, the enhancement to its bonus critical damage, which has been escalated from 40% to an impressive 50%, means critical hits now inflict 225% damage, a leap from 215%.

This adjustment, while appearing minor, is substantial for champions who lean heavily on critical strikes for their damage. Marksmen like Jhin, Draven, and Caitlyn, along with fighters such as Yasuo and Gangplank, are poised to see a notable boost in their damage capability. This enhancement ensures that Infinity Edge takes its rightful place as a cornerstone item for critical-strike-dependent champions, promising a more impactful presence on the battlefield.

Huge Armor Penetration Buffs

The refresh also extends beyond Infinity Edge, encompassing pivotal items like Lord Dominik's Regards and Mortal Reminder. Both are key in ADCs’ arsenals for tackling the robust defenses of tank champions. In their previous iteration, these items granted a solid 30% armor penetration, a figure that has now been enhanced to 35% following the update.
This boost, although modest at first glance, significantly alters the battlefield dynamics. With an increased 35% armor penetration, ADCs find themselves better equipped to penetrate the defenses of the bulkiest tanks, enhancing their capacity to dismantle frontline adversaries. This change bolsters ADCs' influence in teamfights, making them more formidable against tank-heavy compositions.

Navori Quickblade Changes

The update also refines Navori Quickblade, albeit in a less dramatic fashion than Infinity Edge and the armor penetration enhancements. The original build path for Navori Quickblade was somewhat awkward, lacking the inclusion of a BF Sword, a staple for boosting attack damage significantly. This often resulted in a cumbersome transition towards acquiring Navori Quickblade. The recent adjustments have rectified this by integrating a BF Sword into its crafting process.
Though this modification may appear minor, it provides a vital edge: it awards AD Carries an extra 5 attack damage without upping the cost, preserving the item’s cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, this adjustment smooths out the item's progression, facilitating a seamless shift into Navori Quickblade, and allowing players to maintain their early game momentum.

A New way for Crit-Building Champs

The collective enhancements usher in a promising era for champions built around critical strikes. The bolstering of Infinity Edge as a pivotal damage enhancer, alongside the optimization of armor penetration and the refined build path for Navori Quickblade, heralds a resurgence of crit-centric gameplay.

To wrap up, the latest update in League of Legends signifies a significant shift for AD Carries. The revitalization of critical strike-oriented items empowers these champions to reestablish dominance on the Summoner's Rift. The landscape of the game is set for a surge of critical hits, challenging players to adapt and thrive amidst the evolving dynamics.


The recent update heralds a new era for critical strike champions in League of Legends. By fine-tuning items like Infinity Edge, enhancing armor penetration, and smoothing out the Navori Quickblade's build path, Riot Games has significantly empowered AD Carries. This shift not only boosts their damage output but also enhances their ability to impact games. As the meta evolves with these changes, it's an exciting time for players to explore the enhanced potential of their favorite crit-reliant champions, marking a pivotal moment in the game's strategic landscape.

Posted On: March 12th, 2024

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