League of Legends Season 14: The Best Toplane Champions
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League of Legends Season 14: The Best Toplane Champions

Navigating the top lane in League of Legends demands a self-reliant approach, as it often isolates players from immediate team support. To ascend the ranks in Season 14, it becomes crucial to select champions capable of standing strong independently. Let's delve into five top-tier champions for the current season, shedding light on their unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and the ideal player profiles that might gravitate towards each champion.

#5: Jax

Securing the fifth spot on our list is none other than Jax, establishing himself as an elite Top Laner renowned for his impressive scaling and dueling finesse. As Season 14 unfolds, Jax seamlessly carries forward the strength that marked him as a dominant force in the previous season, making him a steadfast choice for those aiming to carry games from the Top Lane. The exceptional mid and late-game skirmish capabilities set Jax apart, allowing him to confidently engage opponents and emerge triumphantly in one-on-one clashes.
Moreover, Jax's proficiency in split-pushing adds a strategic layer to his gameplay, enabling him to systematically dismantle towers and exert significant map pressure when left unattended. The introduction of new items in Season 14 further enhances his efficacy, furnishing players with the means to fully unleash Jax's potential as an unstoppable presence in the Top Lane.

#4: Malphite

Landing at number four on our list is Malphite, emerging as a potent force in the Season 14 top lane. His prowess can be attributed to an impressive blend of exceptional tankiness, reliable crowd control, and strategic impact in team fights. Operating as a tank, Malphite excels in soaking up damage for his team, establishing a sturdy presence in the top lane.
His passive, Granite Shield, proves invaluable by providing a scaling shield based on his maximum health, fortifying him in trades. Seismic Shard, Malphite's Q, facilitates effective poking and slows, granting him control over the tempo of the lane. Additionally, his W, Thunderclap, amplifies his trading potential, allowing him to weather aggression and counter-attack.
Malphite truly comes into his own post-level 6 with the game-altering Unstoppable Force. This ultimate ability empowers him to initiate team fights, disrupt enemy formations, and catch opponents off guard. When synchronized with his team, Malphite's Ultimate serves as a catalyst for successful engages, turning the tides of battles in their favor.
In a meta where team fights and objective control reign supreme, Malphite's dual role as a frontline tank and a provider of impactful initiations cements his status as a top-tier top laner in the ever-evolving landscape of Season 14.

#3: Fiora

Securing the third position on our list is Fiora, a champion distinguished by her exceptional dueling prowess, split-pushing dominance, and adaptability across all phases of the game. Fiora's strength lies in her proficiency in all-ins, driven by her passive, Duelist's Dance, which reveals enemy vitals and bestows bonus movement speed. The synergy with her Q, Lunge, enables Fiora to gracefully navigate in and out of combat, establishing her as a formidable duelist. Adding to her arsenal, the potent W, Riposte, not only blocks enemy abilities but, when timed impeccably, stuns the attacker, providing Fiora with a substantial advantage in trades.
As the game progresses into the mid and late stages, Fiora's split-pushing prowess takes center stage. Swift wave clearing, tower takedowns, and lane pressure become her forte, compelling the enemy team to divert attention. With the evolution in item dynamics and alterations to the top lane landscape, Fiora seamlessly capitalizes on her strengths, making her an even more potent force.
Moreover, Fiora's versatility shines in team fights as she excels at isolating and eliminating key targets. Whether dominating in solo duels or pushing lanes to victory, Fiora stands out as a top contender for top lane dominance in the dynamic environment of Season 14.

#2: Ornn

Seizing the second spot in Patch 14.1, Ornn stands out as a premier Top Laner, flaunting his tankiness, remarkable skirmishing prowess, and a unique ability to influence team fights. Ornn's prowess lies in his ability to win trades against nearly any lane opponent, establishing him as a dependable and adaptable choice. As the game unfolds, Ornn's significance grows exponentially. His distinctive capability to upgrade the items of his allies bestows a team-wide advantage, elevating their overall effectiveness.
The true pinnacle of Ornn's impact, however, resides in his Ultimate—a formidable tool capable of disrupting and controlling the entire enemy team in team fights. Ornn's multifaceted toolkit positions him as an indispensable asset in the Top Lane, contributing not only to individual triumphs but also to the collective success of the team.

#1: Illaoi

At the forefront of our list, Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, emerges as a potent and often overlooked force in the League of Legends top lane. Her distinctive skill set and attributes make her a robust selection for experienced players seeking to assert dominance over their adversaries. A pivotal aspect of Illaoi's strength lies in her proficiency at punishing opponents for the slightest errors.
The Test of Spirit skill stands out, allowing her to summon a spirit that, when successfully struck by her abilities, redirects damage back to the enemy champion. This dynamic not only dissuades opponents from engaging in unfavorable trades but also showcases Illaoi's punishing potential for those who underestimate her positioning and tentacle placements. The strategic placement of her tentacles throughout the lane creates a zoning effect, complicating enemy engagements without risking substantial damage.
Notably, Illaoi's influence extends to objective control and team fights. When strategically positioned, her ultimate, Leap of Faith, becomes a game-changer in team fights, applying intense pressure and compelling enemies to adjust their positioning. The zoning capabilities of her tentacles add an extra layer of control, making it arduous for foes to contest objectives or enter advantageous team fights.


Why are tank champions like Ornn and Malphite recommended for the Top Lane in Season 14?

The endorsement of tanky champions such as Ornn and Malphite for the Top Lane in Season 14 stems from their exceptional durability and trade-winning capabilities. Their robustness allows them to endure enemy assaults, making them resilient choices for engaging in and emerging victorious from skirmishes. Furthermore, their utility becomes particularly evident in team fights, where they contribute significantly to the team's overall strength. Ornn's unique ability to upgrade items and Malphite's impactful Ultimate further solidify their positions as top-tier selections, providing players with both survivability and game-changing influence in the Top Lane.

How new items changes in Season 14 benefit champions like Jax and Fiora or just bruisers overall?

Season 14's updated item landscape brings notable advantages to champions like Jax and Fiora by expanding their build optimization possibilities. Jax, renowned for his formidable dueling prowess, can leverage these adjustments to enhance his split-pushing prowess even further. Meanwhile, Fiora, recognized for her potent all-in capabilities, finds the altered top lane terrain and item changes conducive to more effectively pursuing overextended foes, thereby allowing her to assert dominance across all phases of the game.


In conclusion, the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends Season 14 brings forth a diverse array of champions, each with unique strengths and strategies to dominate the Top Lane. From the relentless split-pushing power of Fiora to the team-centric impact of Ornn, players have a myriad of options to tailor their playstyle. Whether opting for the tanky resilience of Malphite or the duel-centric finesse of Jax, the choices reflect the dynamic nature of the current meta. The revamped itemization further opens avenues for champions like Jax and Fiora to optimize their builds, enhancing their effectiveness on the Rift. As players navigate the challenges and opportunities presented in Season 14, mastering these champions and adapting to the evolving game dynamics will undoubtedly be the key to climbing the ranks and achieving success in the competitive realm of League of Legends.

Posted On: January 13th, 2024

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