League of Legends Season 14: The Best Jungler Champions
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League of Legends Season 14: The Best Jungler Champions

Embarking on the jungle journey in League of Legends requires a unique approach, one that thrives on adaptability and strategic prowess. The jungle role, a realm of constant skirmishes and map control, demands champions capable of navigating its challenges independently. As we delve into Season 14, selecting the right jungle champions becomes paramount for climbing the ranks. In this exploration, we'll uncover top-tier jungle picks, each possessing distinctive strengths and weaknesses, tailored for players seeking self-sufficiency and impact in every corner of the Summoner's Rift.

1) Nocturne 

Kicking off our exploration of top-tier jungle champions in Season 14 is none other than Nocturne. Renowned for his formidable presence, Nocturne proves to be a stellar pick in the current League of Legends landscape. Season 14 places a premium on frequent skirmishes, and Nocturne excels as an outstanding skirmisher who can decisively win fights without relying on external assistance.
For those aspiring to master the art of Nocturne, a strategic emphasis on his Ultimate is paramount. Capitalizing on the power of Paranoia, Nocturne players are advised to orchestrate picks as soon as the Ultimate becomes available. Fearlessly repeating ganks in the same lane is a tried-and-true strategy, enabling Nocturne to accumulate kills and exert significant map pressure. As the shadows deepen, Nocturne emerges as a force to be reckoned with, embodying the essence of a relentless and impactful jungler in Season 14.

2) Fiddlestick

Next on our list of formidable jungle champions for Season 14 is the underrated yet potent Fiddlesticks. While not always in the limelight, Fiddlesticks has quietly maintained his status as one of the strongest junglers in League of Legends. His versatility shines throughout all game stages, showcasing high skirmishing power and the capacity to positively influence every lane.
Fiddlesticks' playstyle orbits around his game-changing Ultimate. This ability serves as the linchpin of his effectiveness, urging players to strategically play around it. The key to mastering Fiddlesticks is to synchronize impactful plays and ganks with the availability of his Ultimate. A skilled Fiddlesticks player recognizes the importance of seizing opportunities whenever the Ultimate is off cooldown, consistently contributing to team success. In the shadows, Fiddlesticks stands as a jungle powerhouse, ready to unleash chaos and turn the tides in favor of those who master the art of the scarecrow.

3) Ivern

Our jungle journey through Season 14 continues with Ivern, a highly recommended pick for those looking to ascend the ranks in League of Legends. Ivern's unique skill set makes him a standout skirmisher and a reliable protector for his team. Opting for Ivern opens up the possibility for your Support to choose carry champions like Zyra, Brand, or Senna, deviating from the traditional utility support picks.
In the chaotic dance of team fights, Ivern's role is to extend the lifespan of his allies, offering healing and shielding generously. Proactivity is the name of the game when playing Ivern. Utilize your Ultimate and Q to seek out opportunities for picks, injecting a strategic edge into engagements. To truly excel with Ivern, embrace a proactive mindset, consistently engaging in ganks and counter-ganks to tip the scales in your team's favor. In the verdant depths of the jungle, Ivern awaits, ready to cultivate victories for those who master the art of this unique and impactful champion in Season 14.

4) Brand

Moving forward in our exploration of potent jungle champions for Season 14, we shine the spotlight on Brand. A formidable pick that has demonstrated success not only in the pre-season but also toward the closing chapters of Season 13. Brand's prowess stems from various factors, with one key attribute being his classification as an AP champion. In lower ELO environments, where full AD team compositions are prevalent, opting for an AP Jungler like Brand proves to be a strategic advantage.
Brand's effectiveness as a jungler is further enhanced by his adept ganking capabilities and crowd control. The synergy with allied champions possessing crowd control makes his skill shots, especially his Q, more reliable, setting the stage for impactful ganks. Post-scuttle crab acquisition, Brand can transition seamlessly into ganking, asserting pressure on lanes and disrupting the enemy's plans.
One of Brand's standout features lies in his substantial AOE damage, making him a force to be reckoned with in team fights. This AOE prowess not only contributes significantly to team fights but also translates into remarkable objective control. Whether it's the Dragon or Rift Herald, Brand's ability to unleash devastating AOE damage makes him a versatile and potent jungler. As we delve into the jungles of Season 14, Brand stands tall, ready to ignite the fires of victory for those who harness the fiery potential of this exceptional champion.

5) Rammus

Concluding our exploration of powerful jungle champions for Season 14, we turn our attention to Rammus. Simplicity meets strength in the case of Rammus, making him an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward yet impactful experience in the Jungle role.
Rammus's straightforward playstyle centers around maxing his taunt first, amplifying its duration and transforming him into a lockdown powerhouse. With a simple press of the taunt button, he can immobilize a target for an extended period, making him a persistent threat on the battlefield. The sheer nuisance of his taunt underscores the importance of adopting an aggressive ganking approach. Frequent ganks capitalize on Rammus's taunt, creating opportunities to disrupt enemy plans and secure advantages for your team.
For those looking to either learn the ropes of jungling or climb the ranks, Rammus stands as a reliable and effective choice. In the dynamic landscape of Season 14, Rammus rolls into the spotlight, offering a straightforward yet impactful journey for those who embrace the simplicity and strength that he brings to the jungle.


why champs like brand are so good in jungle this season?

  • AP Diversity: Brand, being an Ability Power (AP) champion, introduces diversity to team compositions. In a meta where full Attack Damage (AD) teams are common, having an AP jungler like Brand helps balance damage types and catch opponents off guard.
  • Strong Skirmishing: Brand possesses powerful area-of-effect (AOE) abilities that excel in jungle skirmishes. His AOE damage allows for efficient clearing of camps and impactful engagements in 2v2 or 3v3 situations, which are common in the early game.
  • Crowd Control (CC): Brand's crowd control, particularly with his Q ability (Sear), provides valuable utility for ganks and team fights. The ability to initiate and disrupt enemy movements contributes significantly to the team's success.
  • Objective Control: Brand's AOE damage is beneficial for taking down objectives like Dragons and Rift Herald. His ability to deal substantial damage in a short amount of time makes him an asset when contesting these critical map objectives.
  • Versatility in Team Fights: Brand's AOE abilities make him a formidable presence in team fights. Whether zoning enemies or dealing significant damage, his versatility allows him to adapt to various situations, enhancing the team's overall performance.
  • Snowball Potential: If Brand secures early kills or assists, he can snowball effectively. The gold and experience advantage gained from successful ganks contribute to faster itemization, allowing him to become a potent threat in mid to late-game team fights.

In summary, Brand's success in the jungle during Season 14 s tems from his ability to provide AP diversity, strong skirmishing capabilities, crowd control, effective objective control, versatility in team fights, and snowball potential. These factors collectively make him a solid pick for junglers looking to make an impact in the current meta.


the junglers of League of Legends Season 14 find themselves amidst a dynamic and ever-shifting battlefield. The diverse pool of champions, each equipped with unique strengths and playstyles, offers junglers a spectrum of options to exert their influence across the Summoner's Rift. From the fiery impact of Brand to the strategic versatility of Ivern, each champion presents a distinct toolkit for navigating the challenges of the jungle.
The changes in the jungle landscape and the strategic advantages brought by champions like Nocturne, Fiddlesticks, and Rammus underscore the importance of adapting to the evolving meta. As Season 14 unfolds, the ability to master these champions and adeptly adjust to the nuances of the game will serve as the linchpin for climbing the ranks and achieving success in the competitive realm of League of Legends. May your jungle endeavors be marked by strategic triumphs, impactful plays, and a climb to victory in the ever-evolving tapestry of Season 14.

Posted On: January 17th, 2024

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