League of Legends Ranks Explained 2024
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League of Legends Ranks Explained 2024

Similar to any other game or sport, you face off against individuals with a comparable rank in League of Legends. The objective is to compete and determine the best within this skill group. Proving that you've outgrown your current skill group earns you a promotion to a higher tier. Drawing a comparison, English football comprises seven levels, and similarly, League of Legends offers an array of ranks, where heightened rankings align with superior skills.
League of Legends encompasses 10 Rank Tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. To participate in Ranked matches, reaching level 30 is a prerequisite. Following this milestone, players engage in 10 Placement matches, allowing the system to ascertain and assign their rank. Divisions, categorized as IV, III, II, and I, with the latter being the most prestigious, further define the competitive landscape.
Today, our exploration delves into the various ranks achievable in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.


In the Iron tier, players find themselves in the early phases of their League of Legends journey. If you discover yourself in Iron, your primary emphasis should be on honing the fundamental aspects of the game. Although Iron players need to grasp various elements, acquiring these basics may not be as straightforward as some seasoned players assume.
Individuals who have been immersed in the League of Legends realm for an extended period might overlook the hurdles encountered by newcomers. To advance at this stage, it's crucial to focus on areas such as farming, keeping a vigilant eye on cooldowns, adjusting playstyle based on cooldowns, as well as trading, farming, and effectively navigating the jungle if you assume the role of a jungler.
In due course, delving into wave management becomes necessary. However, mastery of all these skills is not a prerequisite for progressing beyond Iron. The key lies in consistent practice and gradual improvement, which will eventually empower you to ascend from the Iron tier.


Congratulations on ascending from Iron to reach the Bronze rank! This accomplishment signals a solid grasp of the game's fundamentals, serving as an excellent foundation for your journey. However, to continue your ascent, we have two valuable tips that can enhance your skills further.
Firstly, maximize the utility of your minimap. The minimap stands as a potent tool, offering vital information about the positions of both allies and adversaries. As a Bronze player, cultivating robust map awareness can significantly influence your gameplay. Stay vigilant with the minimap, utilizing it to monitor enemy movements, anticipate potential ganks, and coordinate effectively with your team. Keep in mind that vision is pivotal for an effective minimap. Encourage your team to strategically place wards, as vision is a collaborative effort that shapes the entire ebb and flow of the game.
Secondly, adopt a more assertive playstyle. To make this approach fruitful, focus on learning from your actions. Post-game, take the opportunity to review your plays and dissect the decisions you made. If aggressive maneuvers land you in unfavorable situations, delve into why they didn't pan out. Was it a lack of vision? Suboptimal positioning? Grasping the rationale behind your actions is crucial for personal growth. Analyzing replays and reflecting on your gameplay will pinpoint areas for improvement, enabling you to refine your playstyle.


Silver stands as the most densely populated rank within the League of Legends community, and extricating oneself from its grasp can indeed pose a formidable challenge. If you find yourself ensnared in Silver and aspire to ascend higher, it's paramount to embrace a strategic mindset that involves delving into your opponents' perspectives. This principle resonates across various facets of the game.
Competitive titles like League of Legends underscore the significance of crafting a robust plan for your gameplay. However, it's equally crucial to anticipate and comprehend what your adversaries are striving to accomplish. Gaining insights into their intentions and foreseeing their maneuvers can furnish you with a substantial advantage. This necessitates attentive observation of their playstyle, positioning, and overall demeanor on the battlefield.
Keep in mind that transcending Silver demands more than individual skill and familiarity with your champion; it necessitates the ability to adapt to your opponents' tactics. Embrace the skill of prediction and wield it as a potent instrument in your arsenal. By foreseeing their actions and countering adeptly, you can tip the scales in your favor and secure more victories on your ascent up the ranked ladder.

Gold and Platinum

Navigating the Gold and Platinum tiers in League of Legends necessitates a heightened focus on improving your macro-play to propel further. Escaping these ranks demands a consistent ability to make well-informed decisions, prioritize optimal objectives, and recognize the opportune moments to capitalize post-team fights.
Furthermore, understanding your ideal positioning throughout different phases of the game emerges as a vital factor for success. Mastery of these principles significantly contributes to securing victories. Yet, amid your journey, you may encounter disruptive players introducing toxicity, jeopardizing team cohesion and morale. In such instances, opting to mute them all allows you to channel your focus exclusively on gameplay, fostering a positive environment conducive to personal growth and progression. Keep in mind that a resilient mindset and strategic finesse serve as pivotal elements for success in your ranked endeavors.


If you can't recall the existence of an Emerald rank in League of Legends, don't fret—your memory is intact. Emerald is a fresh addition that Riot has chosen to introduce to the game, aiming to shake things up.
To be more precise, they've expressed a desire to balance out the bottom-heavy rank distribution in League of Legends. According to a spokesperson from Riot Games:
"-the rank distribution should revolve around Gold, with Bronze and Silver representing below-average/average players, while Gold and Platinum should house above-average players.
However, as of now, these four ranks aren't proportionally sized, with Silver experiencing an overpopulation. To rectify this, the upcoming LoL split will introduce the Emerald rank. If successful, this addition should align League players with their intended ranks based on skill level."


Reaching the Diamond rank in League of Legends distinguishes you as part of the top 1.5% of players, a testament to your remarkable skill and unwavering dedication. Yet, if your aim is to ascend to the esteemed Master rank or beyond, adopting a strategy of unwavering and dedicated gameplay is imperative.
Wholeheartedly embracing the notion of "immersing" yourself in the game, in a positive context, by playing extensively, emerges as a pivotal element in navigating the higher echelons. The more you engage, the broader your experience, leading to enhanced skills. Investing time in the game allows you to hone your mechanics, grasp diverse champion matchups, and cultivate a more profound game sense.
This persistent practice and dedication serve as the driving forces propelling you up the ladder, challenging you to surpass expectations continually. As you advance through the ranks, the competition intensifies, demanding ongoing effort and adaptability to overcome adept opponents. Bear in mind, steadfastness and tenacity in your gameplay unveil the potential to soar to greater heights in the fiercely competitive realm of League of Legends.

Master and Grandmaster

As players ascend to higher echelons in League of Legends, the game evolves from a casual hobby into a more earnest pursuit. Attaining these elevated ranks not only signifies gaming prowess but also opens avenues to potentially turn one's love for the game into a viable income source.
By excelling at the pinnacle tiers, players heighten their prospects of exploring diverse avenues to monetize their gaming skills. They may choose to broadcast their gameplay on platforms such as Twitch, captivating and educating their audience while generating income through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. Alternatively, players might delve into the realm of boosting services, aiding others in climbing the ranked ladder for a fee. Demonstrating expertise and exceptional gameplay can attract clients, transforming skills into lucrative business opportunities.
In the expanding landscape of the gaming industry, opportunities for professional players, content creators, and coaches are increasingly accessible. This trend makes it more and more viable for adept individuals to leverage their proficiency in League of Legends, translating their passion for the game into a reliable income stream.


Survived the Challenger climb? Congratulations, you've now earned the title of a bona fide professional League of Legends player. It's time to seek out a team and step onto grand stages with the elite players. Establish a presence on Twitter, make yourself prominent, and broadcast your achievement to the entire world. Achieving this rank is no small feat, and you're undoubtedly a standout in the League of Legends community.

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Posted On: December 31st, 2023

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