League of Legends: Rank Reset System Explained
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League of Legends: Rank Reset System Explained

Ever found yourself climbing the competitive ladder, winning game after game, only to have the season end and see your rank drop? This phenomenon, known as a rank reset, is common in online games, including Riot Games' League of Legends. However, League's approach to rank reset is slightly unique.

In League of Legends, the rank reset happens at the beginning of every new season, introducing what's known as a soft reset. This means that players start the new season at a slightly lower rank than where they finished the previous season.

Still confused? Don't worry; we're about to explain everything you need to know about rank resets in League of Legends.

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How Does Rank Reset Work in League of Legends?

The ranking reset in League of Legends is a pivotal event, marking the dawn of a new competitive season. Traditionally, Riot Games employs a "soft reset" approach. This method adjusts players' rankings downward ahead of their placement matches, setting the stage for summoners to demonstrate their prowess anew and assert their rightful standing in the game's hierarchy.

Riot's commitment to this model suggests its continuation in subsequent seasons, given the positive reception from the community. Moreover, recent seasons have introduced rank resets between splits, positioning players at a more advantageous starting point compared to previous resets. Furthermore, Riot has rolled out enhancements aimed at refining the ranking journey, promising a more seamless and rewarding progression for players across the board.

Revamped Features for a Streamlined Experience:

  • Streamlined Placement Matches: The initial grind of placement matches has been condensed from ten to five, recognizing the efforts of players who have already navigated the placement phase once within the season. This modification not only spares time but is set to be a standard practice moving forward, ensuring a quicker entry into the ranking climb.
  • Elimination of Promotion Series: In a significant shift, the Promotion Series has been completely phased out. This decision stems from a consensus among Riot's team that the anxiety and repetition associated with Promotion Series, especially for previously attained ranks, do not justify their existence.

These alterations are directed towards refining the ranked experience, ensuring it mirrors player expectations more closely. The outcome is anticipated to be a ranking system that not only feels more rewarding but also places players at a potentially higher rank than in past seasons. This overhaul aims to smooth out the ranked journey, particularly benefiting those who have proven their competence.

What is a Soft Reset?

A soft reset in League of Legends means that when a new season begins, players are adjusted to a slightly lower rank than where they ended the previous season, usually about one tier and division below their last recorded rank. This is done prior to entering placement matches for the new season.

The rationale behind the soft reset is to offer players a chance to reaffirm their capabilities and ascertain whether they can maintain or exceed their past performance in the game. Riot Games has shown a preference for this method of resetting ranks, indicating a strong possibility of its continuation in subsequent ranked seasons. This process ensures that every new season presents a fresh challenge, encouraging players to strive for excellence.

Does Rank Reset Affect MMR?

It's important to understand that your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) does not change with the seasonal rank reset. This means that the MMR you ended with in the previous season is carried over, influencing your progression in the new season.

For example, if you finished the last season at Diamond I but find yourself at Platinum II after your placement matches, your journey back to Diamond might be quicker compared to others. Your preserved high MMR means you'll earn more LP per victory, propelling you faster up the ranks. However, be prepared to compete against slightly higher-ranked players, as the matchmaking system prioritizes MMR over your current rank in pairing you with opponents.

Does Preseason Rank Matter in League of Legends

Preseason in League of Legends presents a unique opportunity. Though the rank you achieve during this time doesn't straightaway dictate your placement for the upcoming season, it indirectly influences it through your Matchmaking Rating (MMR). Winning games during the preseason can elevate your MMR, setting a more favorable starting point for your next season's journey.

On the flip side, a losing streak could lower your MMR, potentially affecting your initial standing in the new season. With the competitive tension often less intense during preseason, MMR can swing more dramatically than usual, making this period crucial for those looking to gain a head start.

What's the Best Way to Recover Your Rank after a LoL Rank Reset?

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Could the rank reset system be modified in upcoming seasons?

Absolutely! Yes. Given Riot's history of adjusting the rank reset system periodically, it's plausible that we may witness alterations or refinements in the future. Rest assured, we'll keep you promptly informed should any such developments arise.

Do you have to play your placement matches again after the rank reset?
Yes, each new season necessitates playing through your placement matches anew following a rank reset. Don't worry, though; if you're seeking support in navigating these placement games, our services are designed to guide you through them efficiently.


Understanding the rank reset in League of Legends is crucial for setting realistic expectations and strategies for climbing the ranked ladder each season. Whether you're facing a soft reset or adjusting to changes in the ranked system, remember that each reset offers a fresh start and an opportunity to prove your skills anew. For those looking to navigate their way back to their desired rank or even surpass it, 1v9's ELO boosting and coaching services provide a tailored solution to help you achieve your ranked goals efficiently and securely. Remember, with the right approach and support, each rank reset is an opportunity for growth and advancement in the world of League of Legends.

Posted On: April 2nd, 2024

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