League of Legends Middle East Servers (MENA) Launch Date
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League of Legends Middle East Servers (MENA) Launch Date

Riot Games is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape in the Middle East by launching official League of Legends servers for the MENA region. This pivotal update is aimed at enhancing the gaming experience by offering lower latency, Arabic language options, and culturally attuned interfaces and champion voiceovers. Such tailored features are expected to deeply resonate with the local player base.

Since establishing a base in Dubai in 2019, Riot has mainly concentrated on publishing. However, the introduction of dedicated MENA servers represents a significant expansion of their efforts, aimed at elevating the gaming experience for Middle Eastern players. This move is part of Riot’s broader strategy to make their games more immersive and accessible globally.

The launch is timely, coinciding with Riot’s participation in the 2024 Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will be featured. This aligns with the regional vision to become a center for esports and entertainment, marking a major step forward in the MENA gaming community.

New Competition

The debut of the League of Legends MENA server promises a dynamic shift in the region’s competitive landscape. Established powerhouses such as Egypt’s RA’AD and Saudi Arabia’s Triple Esports, both seasoned veterans in regional tournaments, are poised to lead the charge in the enhanced competitive scene. These teams are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase their skills in a more connected and responsive gaming environment.

Beyond the existing elite, the new server is a beacon of opportunity for emerging talent across the MENA region. Players from Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates, among others, stand to benefit greatly from the reduced latency and improved server connectivity. This technological advancement is expected to level the playing field, allowing undiscovered talents who previously faced challenges due to high ping and the absence of local servers to compete effectively on the regional stage.

With the introduction of the MENA server, the door is open for a new era of esports heroes to emerge, transforming the competitive fabric of the League of Legends community in the Middle East and North Africa.

When will the League of Legends Middle East servers launch and localitation?

Riot Games has announced the exciting addition of a dedicated League of Legends MENA server, though the specific location of the server has not yet been revealed. Amidst widespread speculation within the gaming community, many believe that Saudi Arabia, with its burgeoning esports ecosystem and cutting-edge infrastructure, is the likely candidate to host this new regional server. The country’s proactive efforts to enhance and promote its gaming and esports landscape make it a fitting choice for Riot’s expansion.

As for the launch, Riot Games has earmarked June 25th as the provisional date for the MENA server to go live. This is a landmark moment for League of Legends fans in the Middle East and North Africa, signaling a significant leap forward in the game’s accessibility and competitive play in the region.


The upcoming launch of the League of Legends MENA server is a game-changer for players in the Middle East and North Africa. Not only does it promise enhanced gameplay with reduced latency and localized features, but it also positions the region as a burgeoning hub for competitive esports. With established teams ready to elevate their game and new talents poised to emerge, the MENA server sets the stage for a vibrant and competitive League of Legends community. As we await the final confirmation of the server’s location and the official launch on June 25th, the anticipation continues to build, marking an exciting chapter for esports in the MENA region.

Posted On: June 4th, 2024

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