League of Legends: All Level Borders Explained
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League of Legends: All Level Borders Explained

League of Legends incorporates level borders as a unique feature by Riot Games to enhance the enjoyment and gratification of leveling up. But what variety of borders does the game present?
Within League of Legends, players are rewarded with distinctive borders that correspond to their account's level. This guide delves into all you need to understand about the various level borders available in League of Legends.

What Are the League of Legends Level Borders?

League of Legends Level Borders serve as customizable frames for your profile, symbolizing your progress and level within the game. These borders vary in theme, extending from level 1, which marks the entry point, to level 500, the pinnacle of level-based achievement. On April 13, 2022, Riot Games undertook a significant update to refresh these level borders, giving them a contemporary aesthetic to better reflect the achievements of players.

How Many Level Borders Are in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, players can distinguish themselves with one of 21 unique level borders, spanning from the initial level 1 border to the prestigious level 500 border. Each border is designed around specific themes, such as Piltover, Hextech, Shadow Isles, and more, offering a visual representation of a player's journey and achievements within the game. Following the update on April 13, 2022, the appearance of each border has been enhanced to reflect these themes more vividly. For players who surpass level 500, the game currently does not offer additional level borders beyond this point.

Each level border in League of Legends is meticulously crafted to embody a specific theme, celebrating the player's progress with designs inspired by the rich lore and aesthetic of the game's universe. Below is an overview of the thematic inspiration behind each level border, marking milestones from the beginning of a player's journey to the apex of level 500:

  • Level 1: Piltover
  • Level 30: Zaun
  • Level 50: Hextech
  • Level 75: Fire
  • Level 100: Archlight
  • Level 125: Infused
  • Level 150: Shadow Isles
  • Level 175: Shurima
  • Level 200: Lunari
  • Level 225: Warring Kingdoms
  • Level 250: Freljord
  • Level 275: Battlecast
  • Level 300: Ionia
  • Level 325: Bilgewater
  • Level 350: Runic
  • Level 375: Noxus
  • Level 400: Celestial
  • Level 425: Elderwood
  • Level 450: The Void
  • Level 475: Blood Moon
  • Level 500: Eternus

This list reflects the diverse and vibrant themes that players can unlock as they advance, offering a visual testament to their achievements and the journey they've embarked upon in the League of Legends universe.

Can I Keep my Current LoL Level Border?

If you're on the verge of leveling up and facing the prospect of a new level border but find yourself more attached to your current one, there's no cause for concern. League of Legends allows you the flexibility to select from any of the level borders you've unlocked throughout your gaming journey.

For instance, if the level 200 border captivates you more than the upcoming level 225 border, you have the liberty to retain the level 200 border as you continue to ascend in levels.

To personalize your level border, simply navigate to your profile by clicking on your icon located in the top right corner of the client. Within your profile, click on the "BORDERS" option, and from there, you can choose the border that best reflects your style and achievements.

How to Gain Level Borders in League of Legends
Earning new level borders in League of Legends is straightforward: accumulate sufficient XP to level up. Leveling up can be achieved through various activities within the game, with the most direct route being active participation in matches.

The duration of a match directly influences the amount of XP earned—the longer the match, the greater the XP reward. Victories further augment your XP gain, with additional bonuses provided for your first win each day, a milestone attainable through one of the game's daily missions.

It's important to note that playing custom games does not contribute to your level progression, nor do matches that conclude in under 7 minutes. However, a wide array of game modes including Co-op vs. AI, ARAM, Normal Games, Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex, as well as League of Legends' rotating featured game modes, all offer viable paths to gain XP and, by extension, unlock new level borders as you advance in your League journey.

How Did the Old League of Legends Level Borders used to Look?

On April 13, 2022, Riot Games embarked on a refreshing update for the historical level frames within League of Legends. Prior to this overhaul, the level borders featured intricate designs, rich in detail. However, Riot shifted towards a sleek, contemporary aesthetic for the borders, believing this new style to align better with the evolving visual direction of the game. Below is an illustration showcasing the collection of old borders:

We Will Have More Level Borders in the Future?

As of now, once players ascend beyond level 500, the progression of level borders halts, with Riot Games yet to announce plans for introducing additional borders. However, as the player base continues to scale new heights, the anticipation grows for potential expansions to the level border collection in the future.

We're curious to hear about your favorite level border! Connect with us on Discord to share your preferences and join the conversation!


League of Legends' level borders offer a visual testament to a player's journey and dedication within the game. While the current system caps at level 500, the community eagerly awaits any future updates that may extend this range, bringing new milestones and rewards to strive for. As Riot Games evolves the game, it remains to be seen how they will continue to recognize and celebrate player achievements. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, each level border represents a step in your ongoing League of Legends saga. Share your experiences, your favorite borders, and your aspirations on platforms like Discord, and become part of the vibrant community that makes League of Legends more than just a game.

Posted On: February 29th, 2024

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