League of Legends: The Best Tanks in Arena Mode
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League of Legends: The Best Tanks in Arena Mode

In the action-packed Arena Mode of League of Legends, tanks play a pivotal role, leveraging their robustness and crowd control to dominate the field. This mode’s innovative augment system and larger team sizes enable tanks to excel beyond traditional gameplay, bringing both resilience and strategic depth to the forefront.

This guide focuses on top-performing tanks like Alistar, Cho'Gath, and Tahm Kench, renowned for their formidable durability and ability to sway team fights. Each tank is chosen for their exceptional capabilities in withstanding immense damage and controlling the flow of battle, essential traits that make them core components of any successful Arena team.

Now, let’s explore how you can maximize these tanks' potential and turn the tide in the Arena Mode.

#1: Poppy

Poppy kicks off our list as a standout tank in League of Legends Arena Mode, with her unparalleled knack for safeguarding allies and mastering map control. Her robust presence and knack for disrupting enemy movements make her an indispensable asset. In the Arena, her Heroic Charge (E) proves crucial, especially effective when navigating the constricted spaces as the storm tightens.

Optimal Augments for Poppy:

  • Stalwart Shield: Grants Poppy a protective barrier each time she immobilizes an opponent.
  • Quick Bash: Reduces the cooldown on Poppy's Heroic Charge significantly, enabling her to engage or peel with surprising frequency.
  • Unyielding Fortitude: Combines the Aftershock and Glacial Augment runes, enhancing her crowd control capabilities and survivability.

#2: Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo thrives as a relentless force in Arena Mode due to his exceptional health regeneration and durability. His strategic aim is to maximize health, leveraging items like Heartsteel for bulk and Spirit Visage to amplify his ultimate’s healing effectiveness, making him exceptionally tough to bring down.

Optimal Augments for Dr. Mundo:

  • Endless Vitality: Dr. Mundo’s health regeneration increases by 800%, which doubles to 1600% when his health drops below 25%, ensuring he remains in the fray longer.
  • Unchained Behemoth: Initiates each round restrained at the map’s center; breaking free grants significant increases in size, health, attack damage, and ability power, turning him into a colossal adversary.
  • Titanic Might: Once Dr. Mundo accumulates over 325 Heartsteel stacks, his stacks are sextupled, and his health regeneration receives a boost of 10% based on his total stacks, solidifying his status as an unyielding tank.

#3: Cho'Gath

Cho'Gath stands out as a formidable colossus in Arena Mode, thanks to his scaling health and crowd-control capabilities. His ultimate, which inflicts true damage and increases his maximum health with each use, transforms him into an in-game juggernaut, particularly lethal in the late stages of the game as he continues to grow in size and disruptiveness.

Optimal Augments for Cho'Gath:

  • Titanic Growth: Amplifies Cho'Gath’s health and adaptive force, catering to his reliance on abilities over attack speed, perfectly suiting his role as a dominant tank.
  • Perpetual Ember: Inflicts a stacking burn on enemies each second during combat, with no limit to how high these burns can stack, enhancing his persistent threat in prolonged fights.
  • Colossal Fortitude: When Cho'Gath accumulates more than 325 stacks on Heartsteel, his stacks are sextupled, and his health regeneration receives a boost of 10% based on his total stacks, ensuring his longevity and dominance in the arena.

#4: Alistar

Alistar stands as a bulwark in Arena Mode, leveraging his robust durability and unmatched crowd control abilities. His unique capability to disrupt and reposition enemies with skills like Headbutt makes him invaluable, especially when maneuvering adversaries into the storm's dangerous confines.

Optimal Augments for Alistar:

  • Stalwart Guardian: After immobilizing an enemy, Alistar receives a shield proportional to his maximum health, fortifying his resilience during engagements.
  • Regenerator: This augment significantly boosts Alistar's health regeneration, becoming even more potent when his health falls below a quarter, ensuring his continued presence in extended battles.
  • Scorcher: Every time Alistar immobilizes an opponent, he inflicts a burning effect that causes damage over time, enhancing his natural crowd control capabilities with additional offensive pressure.

#5: Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump excel as a dynamic tank duo in Arena Mode, combining their impactful crowd control and unique mobility to dominate the battlefield. Their ability to quickly engage or disengage using their snowball makes them unpredictable and difficult to pin down. With strategic item builds such as Moonstone Renewer and Spirit Visage, they enhance their healing capabilities, making them incredibly tough to eliminate.

Optimal Augments for Nunu & Willump:

  • Rapid Restoration: This augment significantly reduces the cooldown of Nunu’s Q, "Consume," allowing him to heal dramatically every two seconds, ensuring their staying power in prolonged fights.
  • Everlasting Power: Each time Nunu & Willump hit an enemy champion, they gain permanent ability power, steadily increasing their damage output throughout the game.
  • Titanic Might: Enhances Nunu’s size, health, and adaptive force by significant margins, transforming them into a formidable frontline presence that’s harder to bring down and more impactful in skirmishes.


Arena Mode in League of Legends revitalizes the role of tanks, offering dynamic gameplay through transformative augments. Tanks like Alistar and Nunu & Willump thrive in this setting, utilizing their specialized augments to control engagements and sway matches in their favor. Whether it’s soaking damage or disrupting enemy lines, these tanks use their augments to maximize effectiveness on the battlefield.

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Posted On: May 26th, 2024

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