Top 6 Best Duos For Arena Mode in Season 14 League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Duos For Arena Mode in Season 14 League of Legends

Arena Mode in League of Legends Season 14 has made a thrilling return, featuring enhanced maps, more teams, and an exciting array of new Augments that bring out the best in your champions. In this 2v2 format, choosing the right champion pairing is crucial, as synergy between you and your partner's champions can make or break your path to victory. It's essential to select champions that complement each other to maximize your chances of dominating the arena.

In this article, we delve into the top six duo combinations that are dominating Arena Mode this season. These pairings not only exhibit exceptional synergy but also boast a high win rate when played together, making them formidable contenders on the battlefield.

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#1: Trundle and Veigar

Leading our list of formidable duos in Arena Mode are Trundle and Veigar, a pairing that not only works exceptionally well together but also boasts the highest win rate for first-place finishes at 29.7%. If you're looking to consistently secure victories, this duo is worth considering.

The synergy between Trundle and Veigar lies in their ability to perfectly set up and execute plays against opponents. Trundle can use his Pillar of Ice to manipulate enemy positioning, effectively herding them into Veigar's Event Horizon, where escaping becomes nearly impossible. Once caught, the duo can unleash their combined damage while the enemy is immobilized.

Additionally, both champions benefit greatly from Augments and their inherent abilities as the game progresses. Veigar accumulates vast amounts of AP through his Baleful Strike and the right Augments, enhancing his burst damage potential. Meanwhile, Trundle's sustainability and frequent auto-attacks become increasingly formidable. This makes the duo not only lethal in early skirmishes but also unstoppable as the match draws on.

#2: Galio and Lillia

Galio and Lillia form another exceptionally strong duo in Arena Mode, featuring prominently among the top picks for 2024 with a combined win rate of 28.5%. Opting for this duo increases your odds of clinching first place significantly when teamed up with a skilled partner.

The synergy between Galio and Lillia is built on their complementary abilities. Galio acts as the guardian, utilizing his crowd control capabilities and his ultimate to protect and set up plays, allowing Lillia to safely deal damage. Lillia, on the other hand, leverages her high damage output from her basic attacks and abilities like her Q (Blooming Blows) and W (Watch Out! Eep!) to devastate opponents.

Both champions also benefit from powerful Augments that enhance their effectiveness as the game progresses. Lillia's ability to accumulate AP increases her damage potential in prolonged fights, while Galio gains enhanced shielding and defensive stats every time he engages with crowd control tools. Together, they not only become a formidable force in skirmishes but also tougher to defeat as they unlock their full potential with their Ultimates.

#3: Trundle and Brand

Trundle and Brand make a formidable duo in Arena Mode, boasting an impressive win rate of 28%. Their effectiveness is bolstered by excellent augment options that enhance their abilities as matches progress, making them increasingly dangerous in prolonged games.

As the rounds continue, both champions scale significantly. Brand's high damage output, augmented by his ability to penetrate enemy defenses, makes him a lethal threat. Trundle complements this by being not only tanky but also capable of dealing considerable damage himself. Their synergy truly shines during engagements, where their combined ultimates can decisively turn the tide of battle.

In the current meta, where tanky champions are prevalent, Trundle and Brand excel as "tank busters." Trundle's ultimate, Subjugate, drastically reduces an enemy tank's defenses, while Brand's penchant for building items that include magic penetration allows him to effectively cut through high-resistance foes. Together, they can counter enemy teams that rely heavily on sustain, preventing these teams from outlasting them in prolonged fights. This duo's ability to dismantle such defenses makes them a top choice for players looking to dominate in Arena Mode.

#4: Master Yi and Taric

The duo of Master Yi and Taric, while not new to veteran Arena Mode players, continues to be a potent combination that can dominate matches. Their strategy, although familiar, remains highly effective and can be a nightmare for opponents to handle.

The core tactic involves Master Yi adopting a glass-cannon build, where he focuses entirely on maximizing damage output to quickly eliminate both enemies before the invulnerability from Taric's ultimate, Cosmic Radiance, expires. This approach leverages Master Yi's high DPS and Taric's ability to protect him at critical moments, making them a formidable pair in direct confrontations.

Furthermore, if opponents think they can counter this strategy by opting for tankier builds to withstand Yi's initial onslaught, they'll likely find themselves outmatched due to new gear like the Hellfire Hatchet, which adds a devastating edge to Yi’s attacks. This item ensures that even the sturdiest foes can be taken down swiftly, reinforcing the duo’s capability to control the pace and outcome of the fight.

#5: Galio and Kayn

Encountering the duo of Galio and Kayn in Arena Mode can be an exasperating experience, as I've personally found. Together, they achieve a win rate of 27.5%, largely due to their incredible synergy and the overwhelming amount of crowd control they can apply consecutively, making it challenging for opponents to effectively respond or deal damage.

The augmentations available to both champions further enhance their capabilities. Kayn's damage output becomes formidable with the right augments, allowing him to pierce through even the toughest defenses with added lethality and armor penetration. Galio, on the other hand, becomes exceptionally durable. His ability to gain additional shields when applying CC makes him nearly impossible to take down in the midst of battle.

Kayn's mobility and tactical prowess are accentuated by his E (Shadow Step) and R (Umbral Trespass), which not only allow for aggressive, sustain-driven plays thanks to the abundant walls in Arena Mode but also enable him to dodge incoming damage and become untargetable at critical moments. This duo's combination of durability, damage, and disruptive abilities makes them a frequent choice for players aiming for dominance in the arena.

#6: Brand and Vi

Rounding out our list of dynamic duos in Arena Mode is the slightly unconventional but highly effective pairing of Brand and Vi. While Brand is a powerhouse and a familiar choice, as detailed in our list of the top picks for Arena Mode, Vi is less commonly seen but no less impactful.

This duo excels at dismantling tank-heavy lineups, which are prevalent in current gameplay. Brand’s capabilities in dealing massive AOE and burst damage are well-documented. Vi complements this by acting as the quintessential tank buster. With the right synergy augments, Vi can target and shatter the defenses of the sturdiest opponents, setting the stage for Brand to unleash his devastating attacks.

Together, Brand and Vi have achieved a win rate of 26.9%. Their strength lies in their ability to focus and quickly eliminate a key target. Vi's capacity to engage and lock down an opponent allows Brand to effectively apply his high-damage spells, making this duo particularly formidable at singling out and overpowering individual enemies in the arena.


Mastering the right champion combinations in League of Legends Arena Mode can significantly elevate your gameplay and increase your chances of securing victories. Each duo mentioned in this article, from Trundle and Veigar to Brand and Vi, brings a unique set of synergies that can exploit different aspects of the game, whether it's crowd control, burst damage, or tank-busting capabilities. Understanding and utilizing these pairings effectively will not only enhance your strategic approach but also make your Arena Mode experience more enjoyable and successful. Whether you're looking to climb the ranks or just enjoy a competitive edge, these top duo combinations are worth integrating into your game plan.

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