League of Legends Season 14: Best builds for Arena
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League of Legends Season 14: Best builds for Arena

League of Legends Arena has made a thrilling return, captivating players with its innovative twist on the classic LoL gameplay. If you're aiming to dominate in this mode, mastering the right builds is crucial, and that's precisely what we're here to explore.

In this guide, we'll dive into the top builds for League of Legends Arena in 2024. Each build is tailored to different playstyles, incorporating specific augments, gear, and strategies that will resonate with various types of players. Whether you're aggressive, defensive, or somewhere in between, you'll find a build here that enhances your gameplay.

Let's get into the details of the best League of Legends Arena builds for 2024. And if you're looking to elevate your game even further, consider teaming up with a professional-level player. Use the code “1v9er” for a 20% discount on duo services to ensure you have the ultimate arena partner.

How to make the best build for Arena mode in League of Legends

Crafting an optimal build for Arena mode in League of Legends is not just about following trends—it's about deep understanding and strategic foresight. Here’s what you need to consider to master the Arena in 2024.

Firstly, selecting the right champion is fundamental. Your choice should reflect your preferred playstyle and complement the abilities of your teammates. Whether you're drawn to dishing out significant damage, bolstering your allies, or absorbing hits on the front lines, the synergy between your champion and others is key.
Once your champion is set, the focus shifts to tailoring your items and runes. Opt for items that provide an early advantage, adapting your selection as the game progresses to counter your opponents’ strengths. Incorporating defensive items is wise, as they can provide sustainability, while items enhancing crowd control can shift the tide of team fights in your favor.

Understanding these elements will not only prepare you for the current meta but also equip you with the flexibility to adjust your strategy dynamically based on in-game developments. This holistic approach will elevate your performance in Arena mode, making you a formidable opponent in the 2024 landscape.

Best Arena builds for 2024

Here are the best arena builds for league of legends season 14, complete with all the items and a complete strategic guide for their use:

Unbreakable Tank Build

Gear: This build focuses on maximizing defense, so it's crucial to choose items that fortify your resilience. Opt for Randuin’s Omen to not only slow down your adversaries but also enhance your ability to remain steadfast in the fray.
Augments: Select augments that elevate your defensive capabilities, making you a formidable presence in combat. A combination of Aftershock, Conditioning, and Unflinching will enhance both your offensive and defensive prowess, improve your resistance, and increase your tenacity.
Prismatics: The choice of Prismatics can vary based on your preference, but aim for options that transform you into a veritable bastion. Consider Prismatics that can reflect damage back to attackers, adding an offensive edge to your defensive setup.
Playstyle: As the cornerstone of your team's defense, your role is to anchor the battle lines. Position yourself strategically to shield your allies, absorb significant amounts of damage, and disrupt enemy tactics. Your presence should be a deterrence, making opponents think twice before advancing.

Mighty Mage Build

Gear: Amplify your magical prowess by equipping items that escalate your spell power. Consider starting with the Morellonomicon to not only inflict grievous wounds, reducing the enemy's healing capabilities, but also to significantly increase your overall damage output.
Augments: To ensure your spells not only hit hard but also offer tactical advantages, integrate augments like Electrocute, Cheap Shot, and Ravenous Hunter into your setup. These will enhance the impact and utility of your abilities, making each cast more effective.
Prismatics: Choose prismatics that either strengthen your spellcasting abilities or extend your mana pool. This will allow you to maintain a high tempo of spells during fights, maximizing both damage and control.
Playstyle: As the driving force of your team's offensive strategy, your role is to master the battlefield dynamics with powerful spells. Aim to disrupt and dominate team fights, keeping the enemy team under constant pressure with your magical assaults. Position strategically to maximize the effectiveness of your spells and maintain control of the fight’s pace and flow.

Sharpshooter Marksman Build

Gear: Focus on enhancing your long-range damage capabilities with gear tailored for distance fighting. Equip items like Essence Reaver to ensure a steady flow of high-damage outputs from afar.
Augments: Enhance your basic attacks with augments that not only increase their potency but also add secondary effects such as chaining to additional enemies or causing explosions for area damage. Augments like Press the Attack, Legend, and Coup de Grace are ideal for elevating your offensive capabilities.
Prismatics: Select prismatics that enhance your sustainability and firepower in extended engagements. Look for options that increase your critical hit chances or provide life on hit, keeping you effective and durable during skirmishes.
Playstyle: As a sharpshooter, your role is to support your team from a safe distance. Maintain a position that allows you to continuously deal damage without exposing yourself to direct threats. Focus on targeting key opponents and use your range to your advantage, ensuring you can influence the battle without putting yourself at risk.

Guardian Support Build

Gear: Opt for essential items that enhance your ability to sustain your team in critical moments. Redemption is an excellent choice, offering timely healing that can turn the tide of team fights and bolster your allies' staying power.
Augments: Select augments that enhance your support capabilities, either by bolstering your allies or disrupting the enemy. A combination of Font of Life, Revitalize, and Guardian augments will significantly enhance your effectiveness in team engagements, providing both healing boosts and protective barriers.
Prismatics: Choose prismatics that strengthen your role as a support. Items like Eleisa’s Miracle for sustained healing or Gambler’s Blade for occasional high-impact plays can be particularly effective in supporting varied gameplay dynamics.
Playstyle: As the protective force behind your team, your focus should be on vigilance and proactive support. Position yourself strategically to respond swiftly to threats and opportunities, using your abilities to shield and heal allies. Your priority is to ensure your team remains combat-effective, navigating through skirmishes with the assurance of your support.


Mastering the right build in League of Legends Arena for 2024 is essential for optimizing your gameplay and enhancing your team's chances of victory. Whether you're looking to dominate as a Sharpshooter Marksman, control the battlefield as a Mighty Mage, withstand the brunt of the enemy's assault as an Unbreakable Tank, or protect and sustain your allies as a Guardian Support, understanding and applying the right combination of gear, augments, and prismatics is crucial. Each build caters to a specific role and playstyle, ensuring that every player can find a strategy that suits their preferences and skills. Embrace these guidelines to tailor your approach, leverage your strengths, and turn the tide of battle in your favor in the dynamic and competitive setting of League of Legends Arena.

Posted On: June 2nd, 2024

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