League of Legends Season 14: The Spirit of Hearth-Home Solution Guide
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League of Legends Season 14: The Spirit of Hearth-Home Solution Guide

The Spirit of Hearth-Home is a special mini-game introduced in League of Legends Season 14. This event offers players a unique opportunity to meet Aurora, the captivating new champion set to join the League roster. Through engaging gameplay, you'll uncover the charming tale of Aurora's friendship with Ornn and encounter the delightful creatures that accompany her.

Not only does this event provide a delightful preamble to Aurora's arrival, but it also rewards participants with exclusive game items, including three unique icons and a special emote. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through each puzzle of the event, ensuring you fully enjoy and succeed in "The Spirit of Hearth-Home."

Bookshelf Puzzle

In the 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game, the Bookshelf Puzzle presents a captivating challenge, featuring three distinct tasks associated with legendary League of Legends champions: Ornn, Volibear, and Lissandra.

Your objective is to meticulously organize the books on each character's bookshelf according to a specific sequence. To do this, you'll need to embark on a quest within the mini-game to locate the scattered books. Each book is hidden in different corners of the game's expansive world, ready for you to discover and place in the correct order.

Ornn Bookshelf

In the enchanting 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game, you'll undertake the task of arranging Ornn's bookshelf. Here's how to locate each book required for the puzzle:

1. First Book: Begin your quest in the Main Hall, where you’ll find the first book lying adjacent to a pile of other books.

2. Second Book: Proceed to the Library where this book rests unassumingly on the floor, waiting to be picked up.

3. Third and Fourth Books: Venture further as these books are cleverly placed on the bookshelves dedicated to Volibear and Lissandra.

With all books collected, you can now sequence them correctly on Ornn's shelf, bringing order and completing part of the puzzle.

Volibear Bookshelf

In your journey through the 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game, sorting Volibear’s bookshelf involves a strategic search for key books scattered across different locations:

1. Library Discovery: Start in the Library, where you'll spot a book positioned in front of a chair—this is your first find.

2. Courtyard Quest: Next, venture to the Courtyard. Here, in the right corner, two essential books await your collection.

3. Cross-Reference Collection: Your final quest leads you to the bookshelves of Lissandra and Ornn, where the last two books required for Volibear’s collection reside.

With all books in hand, proceed to arrange them meticulously on Volibear’s bookshelf in the prescribed order to solve this part of the puzzle.

Lissandra Bookshelf

Tackling Lissandra's bookshelf in the 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game requires gathering books from various unique locations:

1. Library Hunt: Begin in the Library. Look for the first book concealed under a blanket on a chair, and find another tucked in the bottom left corner.

2. Shelf Swapping: Proceed by retrieving two additional books, one each from the bookshelves of Ornn and Volibear, which were misplaced.

3. Workshop Exploration: Your final stop is the Workshop. Check above the fireplace, where the fifth and last needed book is strategically placed.

Once you've collected all the books, you can accurately arrange them on Lissandra's bookshelf according to the designated order, completing this segment of the puzzle.

Music Notes

Embark on a musical quest within the 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game, where your task is to perform three distinctive songs to unlock special rewards:

1. Lissandra's Haunting Melody: Begin with Lissandra's song by pressing the keys 2-6-5-4-3-2-5-2 on your keyboard, immersing yourself in its eerie tune.

2. Ornn's Powerful Anthem: Next, bring Ornn's anthem to life by playing the sequence 2-6-2-5-2-3-4, capturing the strength and spirit of his character.

3. Volibear's Roaring Chords: Finally, convey the essence of Volibear with the sequence 6-5-4-2-3-2-1, echoing his formidable presence.

Successfully performing each song as specified will not only enhance your game experience but also reward you with an Icon, celebrating your musical prowess in this enchanting event.

Toolbelt Puzzle

Dive into the intricate Toolbelt Puzzle of the 'Spirit of Hearth-Home' mini-game, where you'll navigate various locations to gather essential tools:

1. Workshop Wonders: Start in the Workshop, where you'll find the first tool tucked away in the left corner and another resting on a small table.

2. Courtyard Discovery: Make your way to the Courtyard and use heat to melt the snow, unveiling another hidden tool beneath.

3. Smelter Search: Proceed to the Smelter, where you'll locate one tool in the bottom right corner and another cleverly hidden beneath a piece of paper.

4. Main Hall Hunt: Don't overlook the Main Hall, where the sixth tool awaits your discovery.

5. Library's Last Find: Complete your search in the Library by checking inside a box situated under Ornn's shelf for the seventh and final tool.

With all tools collected, arrange them in the specified order on your toolbelt to solve this engaging puzzle and progress further in the game.


By navigating the Bookshelf Puzzles, acing the Music Notes challenge, and recovering all of Ornn's tools, you've not only secured the exclusive rewards but also delved deeper into the lore of Aurora and her enchanting world within League of Legends. Equipped with your new icons and emote, you’re all set to celebrate Aurora's story and her budding friendship with Ornn.
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Posted On: June 3rd, 2024

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