League of legends Season 14: Kassadin Guide
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League of legends Season 14: Kassadin Guide

Dive deep into mastering Kassadin, the formidable mid-lane Void Walker, who occasionally dominates the top lane in League of Legends Season 14. Recognized for his unparalleled late-game prowess, Kassadin's scaling damage and potent ultimate ability make him a fearsome opponent. Crafting the optimal build for Kassadin involves prioritizing mana accumulation, essential for unleashing his full potential given his intensive mana demands, arguably the most demanding in the game to date.

This comprehensive guide will equip you with all you need to know about Kassadin, from the ideal build and early game strategies to dominating the late game. Additionally, if you're seeking expert guidance to elevate your Kassadin gameplay, our seasoned 1v9 coaches are ready to share their in-depth knowledge, offering personalized advice to help you ascend the ranks more swiftly. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skills - utilize the code "1v9er" for an exclusive 20% discount on all coaching services. Let's embark on this journey to mastery without further ado.

Kassadin Strengs and Weaknesses


Kassadin truly shines after reaching level six, marking a pivotal turning point in his gameplay. This milestone grants him the ability to evade enemy ganks with ease, thanks to his Ultimate, Riftwalk. It also opens up opportunities for him to venture into other lanes, seeking to secure kills and extend his influence across the map. Successfully initiating this snowball effect can make him an unstoppable force, particularly upon reaching level eleven.

His capacity for delivering explosive burst damage shouldn't be underestimated. Kassadin excels at capitalizing on enemies caught out of position, wielding his power to devastating effect from mid-game onwards. A single well-placed attack can result in near-instantaneous elimination of targets, highlighting his role as a formidable predator on the battlefield.

Central to Kassadin's dominance is his Ultimate, Riftwalk, paired with strategic item acquisitions. Early kills, facilitated by effective coordination with his jungler and support, can significantly accelerate his journey towards becoming a game-changing presence. Once Kassadin hits his stride, his ability to dictate the pace of the game and lead his team to victory becomes markedly apparent.


Kassadin's journey in the early game is fraught with difficulty. His vulnerability during this phase means he can be easily overwhelmed and taken down by enemies if not careful. Without early access to his essential items, Kassadin may struggle to become the formidable force he's known for as the game progresses.

Furthermore, Kassadin is a prime target for continuous enemy jungler attention during the laning phase. This relentless pressure can interfere with his ability to secure minion kills, setting him back significantly in his quest for power. Additionally, Kassadin finds it challenging to stand against champions with the ability to quickly engage, especially if his Flash is on cooldown. Properly managing minion waves and maintaining a strategic position are crucial to avoiding devastating setbacks early on.

How to Play Kassadin in Season 14?

Early Game

In the initial stages of a match, Kassadin's vulnerabilities are at their peak. The key to thriving with Kassadin lies in exercising patience and adopting a defensive stance during this period. Your primary objective is to lay the groundwork for your later ascendance, focusing on gathering strength without overextending. Here's how you can navigate this phase:

  • Prioritize Safety: The early game is a delicate time for Kassadin. Avoid unnecessary confrontations that could hinder your progress. Your goal is to reach your core abilities without giving the enemy an edge.
  • Embrace Farming: Emphasize on accruing gold and experience through efficient farming. The quicker you can amass resources, the sooner you'll reach your pivotal power spikes. Keep engagements to a minimum unless you're confident in securing a beneficial outcome.
  • Level 6 Transformation: Upon unlocking your Ultimate, Riftwalk, Kassadin's playstyle undergoes a significant transformation. This ability not only enhances your offensive capabilities but also provides a versatile escape mechanism. Use Riftwalk judiciously, both as a means to assert pressure and as a safeguard.

When to play more aggressive:

  • Tactical Aggression: With your Ultimate at your disposal, your approach to the laning phase can become more assertive. Assess the battlefield for opportunities to apply pressure, keeping in mind your newfound mobility and burst potential.
  • Calculated Risks: Even with the power of Riftwalk, it's essential to remain vigilant. Gauge each situation carefully, considering both the risks and rewards of engaging with the enemy. Your objective is to gradually tip the scales in your favor without jeopardizing your long-term success.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can steer Kassadin through his vulnerable early game into a position of strength. The journey from a cautious beginning to a dominating presence is challenging but rewarding, setting the stage for Kassadin's eventual supremacy on the battlefield.

Mid Game

As Kassadin transitions into the mid-game phase, the strategy shifts towards accelerating growth and carefully choosing battles. This period is crucial for building upon the early game's foundation and setting the stage for late-game dominance. Here's how to maximize Kassadin's potential during this time:

  • Emphasize Power Farming: The mid-game is your opportunity to significantly boost your levels and resources. Prioritize farming, aiming to secure every possible gold and experience point. Efficient farming now pays dividends in later stages, equipping you with the tools needed for decisive impacts.
  • Selective Engagement: While Kassadin's strength is growing, engagement choices become critical. Opt for battles that have clear advantages or necessary defensive measures. Your focus should remain on growth, with skirmishes chosen based on strategic benefit rather than mere opportunity.
  • Strategic Positioning: As your team's structure evolves, with the ADC and Support often centralizing in the mid lane, it's your cue to adapt. Transition to farming side waves, exploiting the space to continue your ascent. This not only ensures your progression but also maintains pressure across the map, preventing the enemy from easily consolidating power.

Balancing Risk and Reward:

  • Risk Assessment: Mid-game confrontations can drastically alter the game's direction. Evaluate each potential conflict through the lens of risk versus reward, ensuring engagements align with your strategic objectives.
  • Map Awareness: With increased roaming and potential for team fights, staying aware of map dynamics is essential. Use your mobility not just for farming efficiency but also to respond to threats or opportunities that arise.

By adopting these strategies, Kassadin can navigate the mid-game's complexities, avoiding pitfalls while methodically building towards a peak condition. This stage is about balancing growth with caution, positioning yourself for the pivotal moments yet to come.

Late Game

When Kassadin reaches the late-game phase, his potential to influence the match hits its zenith. This is the moment when strategic positioning and decision-making can either cement a victory or turn the tides in a challenging match. Here's how to make the most of Kassadin's late-game prowess:

  • Unified Front: Align closely with your team's movements. Kassadin thrives in coordinated efforts, especially in team fights. If your team excels in these skirmishes, ensure you're a pivotal part of the action.
  • Strategic Adaptability: Should your team find itself at a disadvantage or lacking in team fight strength, consider an alternative tactic like split pushing. Kassadin's mobility allows him to draw enemy attention away, creating openings for your team to secure vital objectives or even claim the Baron.
  • Mastering the Art of Picks: Utilize Kassadin's unparalleled mobility and burst damage to isolate and eliminate key targets. Successful picks can drastically shift the match's momentum, allowing your team to press the advantage with objective captures or tower sieges.

Tactical Insights for Late-Game Success:

  • Objective Prioritization: Every pick or successful engagement should translate into tangible gains. Whether it's securing an inhibitor, claiming dragon control, or besieging enemy fortifications, focus on converting advantages into objectives.
  • Adaptive Positioning: Kassadin's role in the late game can vary significantly based on the match's flow. Be ready to adapt, whether that means diving into the heart of team fights, flanking to catch adversaries off-guard, or applying pressure in side lanes to split the enemy's focus.
  • Exploit Weaknesses: Your ultimate not only offers incredible mobility but serves as a tool for identifying and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Whether it's capitalizing on positional mistakes or leveraging your burst to deter enemy advances, use Riftwalk to maintain pressure and control.

In the late game, Kassadin becomes a force capable of dictating the match's outcome. By staying vigilant, adapting to the evolving battlefield, and leveraging your strengths, you can lead your team to victory, proving why Kassadin is a late-game titan.

Kassadin Season 14 Runes

Primary Path: Domination

  • Taste of Blood: This rune acts as a vital sustain tool, healing you for a portion of your missing health with each aggressive maneuver. It's perfect for keeping Kassadin in the lane longer, allowing him to farm and scale into the powerhouse he's meant to be.
  • Eyeball Collection: This rune complements Kassadin's need for scaling. As you accumulate takedowns, you're rewarded with additional Ability Power, enhancing your overall damage output and making you an even greater threat as the game progresses.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Essential for a champion whose playstyle revolves around his ultimate, this rune reduces the cooldown of your Ultimate Riftwalk with each unique champion takedown, granting you increased mobility and the ability to relentlessly pursue or escape your adversaries.

Secondary Path: Precision

  • Presence of Mind: After engaging in combat, this rune regenerates a significant portion of your spent mana, ensuring that Kassadin remains a constant threat on the battlefield without frequently running out of mana.
  • Legend: Tenacity: In a game where crowd control can dictate the outcome of engagements, this rune provides Kassadin with much-needed resilience. With each takedown, you gain tenacity, reducing the duration of stuns, slows, and other forms of crowd control, allowing you to maintain your offensive momentum.

Kassadin Build

Kassadin thrives on building towards explosive magic damage, utilizing his "Force Pulse" and "Nether Blade" to deliver devastating blows.

Early Game Foundations

  • Starting with the Right Gear: Initiate your journey with items that set the stage for Kassadin's power spike. In the laning phase, focus on farming safely while gradually increasing your strength. The "Dark Seal" is a strategic pick if you're confident in your ability to secure early kills, as it amplifies your Ability Power (AP) with each takedown.

Mid-Game Power Transition

  • Essential Mid-Game Arsenal: As you transition, prioritize items that reduce Kassadin's reliance on "Nether Blade" for mana sustainability. By this phase, "Force Pulse" should begin to unleash significant damage. Coupled with your Summoner Spells, these items enhance Kassadin's kill potential, allowing for aggressive plays and leveraging his Ultimate for increased mobility and precision.

Late-Game Dominance

  • Final Form Equipment: Reaching late-game, "Nether Blade" and "Void Stone" emerge as key components of Kassadin's arsenal. This combination bolsters both his offensive capabilities and survivability. With these items, engaging with "Rift Walk" not only becomes strategically advantageous but also ensures mana efficiency, allowing Kassadin to sustain his presence in extended skirmishes and team fights.

Mastering Kassadin's Build Path:

Adapting your build according to game progression is crucial for Kassadin. Early investment in AP and mana regeneration paves the way for mid-game dominance, where you can start dictating the pace of engagements. By late game, your focus shifts to maximizing damage output and durability, ensuring Kassadin can lead charges into enemy lines while mitigating the risk of depletion. This thoughtful item progression empowers Kassadin to evolve from a cautious laner to a fearsome force in the battleground.


Concluding our deep dive into the enigmatic world of Kassadin, the Void Walker, we've traversed the landscape of his strengths, weaknesses, and pivotal game phases from the early grind to late-game supremacy. This comprehensive guide has laid out the best runes, item builds, and strategies tailored for Kassadin enthusiasts eager to dominate the mid-lane and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned player refining your expertise or a newcomer drawn to Kassadin's mystique, this guide serves as your roadmap to mastering one of League of Legends' most potent champions. Remember, mastery of Kassadin is a journey—a blend of strategic foresight, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Embrace the void, and let the knowledge acquired today catapult your Kassadin gameplay to new heights in Season 14 and beyond.

Posted On: March 28th, 2024

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