How to Spot a League of Legends Smurf
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How to Spot a League of Legends Smurf

If you're relatively new to League of Legends, chances are you might have encountered a smurf without even realizing it. And no, we're not referring to those lovable blue creatures. A smurf account is essentially a secondary account owned by a skilled player who already has a high-level primary account.
For a bit of background, the term "smurfing" has its roots in 1996 when two exceptionally talented players, Geoff 'Shlonglor' Frazier and Greg 'Warp!' Boyko, dominated Warcraft II to the point where other players recognized their usernames and actively avoided facing them. To maintain anonymity, Frazier and Boyko created new accounts with names like PapaSmurf and Smurfette, intentionally playing poorly at first before unleashing their true skills on unsuspecting opponents.
While playing with or against a smurf can be both thrilling and challenging, newer players shouldn't be discouraged, thinking they lack skill. Instead, they should recognize the possibility of facing experienced opponents. Now that you know what smurfs are, here are some useful tips and tricks to help you identify them in your matches!

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Unconventional username choices

A distinctive pattern in smurfing and trolling lies in the selection of usernames. It's not uncommon to notice that smurf accounts often boast quirky or peculiar usernames, as players can freely experiment without the concern of being stuck with that name on their primary account. These unconventional names might lead opponents to underestimate a player they perceive as less formidable.
Frazier, the original smurf mentioned earlier, once shared an anecdote about encountering a smurf named "Spiderman," who turned out to be another adept player incognito. Frazier underestimated him and faced an unexpected early defeat. Moreover, there are online platforms where players can buy high-level yet unranked accounts specifically for smurfing, bypassing the time-consuming process of leveling up a new account from scratch.
These accounts are easily distinguishable due to their randomly generated name formulas, often comprising a word or two followed by a random number, such as GrookAlpon69. As they are frequently linked with boosted accounts or those purchased by lower-ranked players, they can present a challenge in the gaming landscape.

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Perfect CS (Creep Score)

Keep a keen eye on the Creep Score (CS) of both your allies and adversaries. CS, which stands for "creep score," reflects the number of minions a player has successfully taken down. Inexperienced players often focus on battling their direct adversaries rather than efficiently farming minions, hoping for a quick victory, which can lead to a lower CS. Conversely, smurf players grasp the significance of adeptly farming minions, particularly when facing challenges in a lane or striving to amass enough gold for crucial items.

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Know the real value of wards

In the early stages of their gaming journey, many newcomers are often mystified by the purpose of wards and may overlook them in favor of purchasing other items with their surplus gold. Smurf account players, on the other hand, understand the strategic importance of wards in safeguarding the map. Wards can be a game-changer, serving as a crucial defense against enemy junglers or roaming laners looking to catch you or your teammates off guard.
Observing the placement of wards near dragon or Baron areas is a common tactic employed by experienced players to detect enemy movements and prevent opponents from gaining advantages. Keep a vigilant eye on those consistently investing in wards and strategically deploying them across the map. If you find yourself teamed up with a smurf player, take advantage of the opportunity to learn from their ward placement and its impact on the game.
While playing alongside a smurf can offer certain advantages, it's essential to acknowledge that some individuals create smurf accounts with the intention of "trolling" or purposefully feeding (getting killed repeatedly). In such instances, maintaining a positive attitude, focusing on enhancing your own skills, and avoiding taking it personally are key. Refuse to let the negative behavior of such smurfs ruin your gaming experience, and instead, strive to turn the tide in your favor.

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They will always be at the right place at the right time

Seasoned players possess an in-depth understanding of the game's mechanics and are intimately familiar with the map, particularly the widely played Summoner's Rift. If you find a teammate or opponent consistently making astute decisions about which towers to target or which lanes to push, there's a high probability they're operating on a smurf account.
These particular smurfs are among the more beneficial companions on the battlefield. They often take charge of coordinating team efforts, providing strategic guidance on when to seize dragons or Baron Nashor for a collective advantage. Additionally, they excel in utilizing the jungle role effectively, offering assistance to teammates across the map, and adeptly using pings to communicate critical information. It's akin to having a personal coach on your team, as long as you're not unfortunate enough to encounter one on the opposing side.

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Unconventional Strategies with Off-Meta Builds

Encountering a player wielding an off-meta build might initially trigger thoughts of cluelessness, reminiscent of those who aimlessly navigate various lanes while rapidly constructing a Trinity Force. However, skilled players often utilize their smurf accounts as experimental grounds for testing diverse team compositions or strategies. This allows them to explore new approaches without risking their established rank or facing the frustration of teammates bewildered by unconventional tactics.
Opting for an off-meta champion or build can also serve as a means for experienced players to inject a dose of excitement into their games, especially after numerous victories with standard setups. The positive aspect lies in the opportunity for other players to glean ideas from these unconventional choices and attempt to incorporate them into their own gameplay once they have a more comprehensive understanding of the game dynamics.

Remember a lot of these players using a smurf account usually buy their account online instead of wasting time levelling to 30 themselves.

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