How to Snowball in League of Legends
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How to Snowball in League of Legends

Snowballing in League of Legends is the art of transforming an early lead into an overwhelming advantage that propels you towards a decisive victory. It's the skill that separates good players from the great, turning small victories into game-changing moments.

To successfully snowball a game, a combination of strategies and keen gameplay is essential. Starting with securing early game advantages through strategic lane pressure, intelligent vision control to safeguard against ganks, and efficient gold management to build item superiority. Coordination with teammates is paramount to convert individual leads into collective pressure across the map, minimizing unnecessary risks that could give the enemy a foothold back into the game. Additionally, strategic roaming plays a crucial role in extending your influence, forcing the enemy team into a defensive stance.

In the following guide, we'll delve into a series of proven tactics and actionable advice designed to empower you with the ability to consistently snowball your games, steering them towards victory with confidence and precision.

#1 Securing an Early Game Advantage

The foundation of snowballing in League of Legends lies in securing a solid lead during the game's initial phases. Your goal should be to establish dominance over your lane opponent through strategic plays and decision-making. Achieving this could mean out-farming them for a gold and experience lead, securing an early kill, or capitalizing on successful ganks from your jungler.

To do this, perfect your last-hitting technique to ensure you're maximizing gold and experience gain from minion waves. Additionally, make a concerted effort to secure early game objectives like Dragons and the Rift Herald with your team, as these can offer significant advantages. Employing a proactive and slightly aggressive playstyle, along with coordinating with your jungler for early ganks, can put your opponents on the defensive, setting the stage for you to start snowballing towards victory.

#2 Vision Control

Mastering vision control is a critical strategy for snowballing in League of Legends. Implement strategic warding to illuminate key areas of the map, giving you insight into enemy movements. Essential ward spots include river entrances, jungle intersections, and crucial objective areas, enabling you to predict enemy jungler paths and circumvent unforeseen ganks.

Incorporate Control Wards into your strategy to obscure the enemy's vision, setting the stage for advantageous ambushes and surprise engagements. Effective vision control not only safeguards your lanes but also empowers your team to make strategic plays and exploit enemy vulnerabilities, further solidifying your path to snowballing success.

#3 Push Your Lead by Roaming

To snowball in League of Legends, when you're ahead, start roaming to help other lanes. Work with your team to plan ganks and take down objectives. Make sure to tell your teammates when you're coming.

Roaming helps your team by easing pressure in their lanes and puts more pressure on the map. Taking down towers and grabbing objectives like the first few turrets and dragon strengthens your team's position on the map and gives everyone more gold and control.

#4 Build a Gold Advantage

Maximizing your gold lead means strategically investing in items that amplify your champion's capabilities. It's not just about stacking up on any items; it's about tailoring your purchases to the game's flow and your role in it. Opt for offensive gear to boost your damage when ahead, making you a formidable force that can quickly dispatch foes. Conversely, consider defensive options to protect against enemy threats, ensuring you remain a persistent presence on the battlefield.

The key is to recognize when your champion hits their stride - those critical moments where the right item can turn you from a threat to an outright terror. Aligning your purchases with these power spikes not only solidifies your lead but can often mean the difference between a win and a loss. Investing wisely isn't just a path to maintaining dominance; it's a strategy to extend it, ensuring you're always one step ahead in gear and impact.

#5 Communicate and Coordinate

In the competitive arena of League of Legends, no champion stands alone. To truly dominate and transform your early lead into an unstoppable force, enlisting your teammates' support is non-negotiable.

Fostering seamless communication and teamwork is the linchpin of effective snowballing. Strategize together, ensuring everyone's efforts are aligned towards common goals. Be proactive in sharing critical insights like enemy ward spots, spell cooldowns, and imminent gank possibilities. Collaborate with your jungler to orchestrate strategic ganks, increasing pressure across the map and seizing valuable kills.

A synergized team can significantly streamline the snowballing process. By consciously funneling resources like last hits on champions and farm towards the player poised to snowball, the entire team can rally around this advantage, making the climb to victory smoother and more unified. Remember, in the quest for supremacy, unity is strength.

#6 Don't Be Overconfident

A surge in power while snowballing can sometimes cloud judgment, leading to reckless decisions. This overconfidence is a common trap for many players who find themselves ahead. Remember, a single misstep or an overzealous move can squander your lead and potentially swing the game in the enemy's favor. Likewise, arrogance not only strains team dynamics but can also lead to underestimating opponents.

To safeguard your lead and inch closer to a win, it's crucial to exercise caution and keep a strategic approach. Continuously assess risks and rewards before diving into confrontations or pursuing aggressive tactics. Focus on achieving objectives and retaining control over the game's flow rather than yielding to the temptation of unnecessary skirmishes.

Even if your newfound strength tempts you to take on the enemy single-handedly, always weigh the situation carefully. League of Legends is a game of teamwork and strategy, not just individual prowess. Staying grounded, respecting your opponents, and strategizing with your team will steer you towards a triumphant finish, making the most of your snowballing momentum.


Mastering the art of snowballing in League of Legends transforms you from a mere participant into a driving force of victory. By focusing on winning early game skirmishes, maintaining vigilant vision control, leveraging your gold advantage, and roaming effectively, you set the stage for an overwhelming presence that the enemy finds hard to counter. Coordinating with your team amplifies your efforts, turning individual strengths into a cohesive onslaught.

However, it's crucial to remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Keeping a level head, communicating clearly, and staying mindful of the broader game strategy are pivotal to turning your snowballing advantage into a decisive win. League of Legends is a dynamic battlefield where fortunes can shift in the blink of an eye; your ability to snowball not only tests your skill but also your capacity for teamwork and strategic foresight.

Embrace these principles, and you'll find yourself not just winning more games, but doing so in a manner that leaves a lasting impression on both allies and adversaries alike. Remember, the journey to becoming an unstoppable force starts with a single snowflake—a well-executed plan, a team united in purpose, and a player ready to lead the charge.

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