How to Slow Roll in Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

How to Slow Roll in Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) isn't just a game of luck; it requires a strategic mastery akin to its parent game, League of Legends. One of the pivotal strategies in TFT is "slow rolling," a technique that can drastically influence the outcome of your games. Here's a detailed guide on how to implement slow rolling effectively in your TFT gameplay, enhancing your ability to dominate the board.

What is slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics?

Slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics is a tactical maneuver where players strategically reroll their shops to upgrade key champions while still preserving a strong gold reserve. This method combines the foresight of careful financial management with the tactical acumen of champion selection. In essence, you're investing in your future squad while maintaining enough economic leverage to adjust as the game progresses.

The beauty of slow rolling lies in its ability to keep you competitive without depleting your resources too early. By selectively rerolling once your gold surpasses a certain threshold—typically 50 gold to maximize interest earnings—you enhance your chances of upgrading your champions to 3-stars. This selective spending allows you to steadily build a powerful lineup of champions, putting you in a position to outlast and outplay opponents who may have prematurely exhausted their funds on leveling up.

Implementing the slow roll strategy effectively means playing a patient, calculated game. You hold the reins on your economy, ensuring that you can react and adapt to the game's evolving landscape. When timed correctly, this strategy culminates in a formidable array of fully upgraded units, setting the stage for a dominant late-game presence. Slow rolling isn't just a strategy; it's a masterful approach to dominating the battlefield in Teamfight Tactics, positioning you several moves ahead of your adversaries.

How to slow roll in Teamfight Tactics

Now that you understand the concept of slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics, let's delve deeper into the essential mechanics and strategic guidelines that govern this powerful tactic. This section will equip you with the critical insights needed to master slow rolling, helping you to optimize your approach and effectively implement this strategy in your games.

When to slow roll

The essence of slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics revolves around maintaining a robust gold reserve, ideally keeping your gold at or above the 50-gold mark. To leverage this strategy effectively, start conserving your resources from the early rounds, aiming to hit the 50-gold milestone as you transition into the mid-game.

Slow rolling is particularly effective when you're focusing on 1-cost and 2-cost champions, as these units are more feasible to upgrade to 3-stars during the earlier stages of the game. This tactic is especially potent in team compositions that hinge on the performance of 3-star units, providing a sturdy backbone for your lineup.

Keep in mind, slow rolling allows you the flexibility to tailor your strategy based on which champions you successfully upgrade. This strategic adjustment is crucial as it can significantly influence your game plan and positioning in the later rounds.

Economy management

To cultivate a robust economy in Teamfight Tactics, the losing streak strategy can be a savvy approach. This method involves minimal early investment in your champion pool, opting instead to conserve both gold and health while benefiting from the gold bonuses accrued from consecutive losses. Focus on acquiring only those units that align with your envisioned final composition, while diligently preserving your economic threshold.

Transition into the mid-game with at least 50 gold, then begin to strategically roll down to this amount each turn. This targeted rolling should be aimed specifically at securing your desired 1&2 cost units. It's crucial to roll judiciously—only when necessary—to ensure your bench remains stocked with potential 3-star upgrades.

As the game progresses into the late stages, the stakes increase with your proximity to elimination. This is the time to adopt a more aggressive rolling strategy to finalize your 3-star upgrades, which are essential for stabilizing and strengthening your position. Additionally, remain adaptable; you might need to pivot your strategy, perhaps by leveling up to accommodate more units or pursuing high-cost units for a critical power boost. This flexibility is key to navigating the complex dynamics of the late game effectively.

Key strategies for slow rolling

Here are some refined tactics to enhance your slow rolling strategy in Teamfight Tactics:

1. Manage Bench Space Wisely: Keep duplicates of key champions on your bench to facilitate quicker upgrades and maintain tactical flexibility. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of your bench space to avoid missing out on essential units. Think of your bench as a resource—every spot should contribute to potential upgrades without overcrowding.

2. Monitor Competitor Strategies: Pay attention to the units your opponents are collecting. If many players are competing for the same champions, consider whether it's viable to continue pursuing those units or if adjusting your strategy might yield better results. This awareness allows you to pivot when necessary and find less contested paths to strengthening your team.

3. Optimize Item Usage: Focus on acquiring and crafting items that significantly enhance the capabilities of your 3-star units. Items can be game-changers, especially when combined with the right champions, so prioritize those that synergize well with your key units.

4. Adapt and Evolve: Be flexible with your game plan based on the champions you're able to upgrade. Sometimes, the units you initially target for 3-stars may not be feasible due to high competition or poor luck in rolls. Be ready to shift your focus to other viable units that may emerge during your rolls.

5. Practice Patience: Slow rolling is akin to a strategic waiting game where patience is key. Resist the temptation to deplete your gold reserves on impulsive rerolls. Conserving your gold for the right moments to roll ensures you maintain a strong economy and increases your chances of securing the upgrades you need.

By incorporating these strategies into your gameplay, you can maximize the effectiveness of slow rolling, which can lead to a powerful late-game presence and dramatically increase your chances of securing a top finish in Teamfight Chadftactics.


Is slow rolling worth it?

The value of slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics hinges on the specific conditions of your game. Before employing this strategy, it’s crucial to identify which unit or units you intend to focus on upgrading. Carefully assess whether these key units have the potential to significantly impact your chances of winning as the game progresses. This strategic decision requires not only a good understanding of your current board but also foresight into how your chosen units will perform in the later stages of the match.


Mastering the art of slow rolling in Teamfight Tactics is a nuanced skill that can significantly enhance your strategic repertoire. This tactic, focusing on meticulous gold management and strategic champion upgrades, requires a balance of patience, foresight, and adaptability. By carefully managing your economy, keeping an eye on the competition, and making judicious use of your resources, you can fortify your team's strength and position yourself for success in the late game. Remember, slow rolling isn't just about collecting champions; it's about crafting a winning strategy tailored to the evolving dynamics of each game. With practice and persistence, this approach can elevate your gameplay and lead to more consistent, high-ranking finishes.

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