How to Reach Level 20 Fast in Valorant
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How to Reach Level 20 Fast in Valorant

To dive into ranked matches in Valorant, achieving Level 20 is a crucial milestone. If you're finding the journey up the ranks a bit of a slog, you're not alone—and there's good news. Our tailored guide is here to streamline your ascent to Level 20, offering you a blend of strategies designed to enhance your progression speed in Valorant, ensuring a swift gateway to ranked gameplay.

Our insights are focused on maximizing your in-game efficiency, from optimizing match performance to leveraging daily missions. By applying these actionable tips, you'll not only climb levels faster but also improve your overall gaming prowess.

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How to Reach Level 20 Fast in Valorant?

The quickest route to Valorant's Level 20, and thus to the competitive ranks, involves dedicating time to play an extensive number of matches. However, this journey doesn't have to be a solo marathon. Teaming up with friends not only makes this grind more pleasurable but can also significantly accelerate your progress through shared strategies and teamwork.

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Choose the approach that best suits your style and schedule, and embark on a journey to Valorant's ranked matches with confidence and ease.

Earn AP to Level Up Faster

In Valorant, climbing the ranks of your account isn’t about how much Experience Points (XP) you gather; it’s all about Account Points (AP). This distinction is crucial as many players often confuse XP, which is primarily for unlocking agent-specific items and battle pass tiers, with the actual engine of account leveling—AP.

To elevate your account level efficiently, engaging in Valorant matches is key. Participation alone guarantees AP earnings, making every game played a step forward in your progression, win or lose. While XP plays its role in enhancing your gameplay with new unlocks, it’s the AP that propels your account level upward.
Understanding the AP System:

  • First Win of the Day Bonus: Kickstart your daily AP boost with a generous 1000 AP for your first victory of each day.
  • Base AP Earnings: Simply by joining a match, you're already 1 AP richer. For every 6 seconds of game time, another 1 AP is added to your tally.
  • Victory Bonus: Securing a win grants an additional 50 AP, enhancing your total gains from that match.

The essence of rapid progression in Valorant hinges on regular gameplay, striving for victories to leverage the Win Bonus, and utilizing the daily First Win bonus. Given the requirement of 5000 AP to level up, consistent play is not just recommended; it's paramount for those aiming to unlock ranked mode swiftly by reaching Level 20. Immerse yourself in the game, make the most of these tips, and watch as your account climbs the ranks with strategic efficiency.

Level Up through Unrated Games

Engaging in Unrated matches stands out as a premier strategy for those looking to swiftly accumulate XP and advance their rank in Valorant. This mode is not just a playground for sharpening your skills; it's a fertile ground for racking up significant XP gains, which are amplified when you team up with friends and aim for the victory in each game.

Participating in an Unrated game could see your XP tally increase by 2,100 to 4,700 per match, a range that underscores the potential for growth in this mode. Your final XP reward from each game hinges on various elements, including the match outcome, your performance levels, and more, making every match a new opportunity for progression.

For players eager to climb to Level 20 swiftly and with minimal hassle, or those in search of capable teammates for their Unrated endeavors, our specialized Unrated Games boosting service offers a streamlined solution. Let us connect you with skilled players who match your ambition, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey to Valorant's coveted ranks.

Complete Daily and Weekly Missions for Swift Valorant Leveling

Tapping into the potential of Valorant's daily and weekly missions is a highly efficient strategy for players aiming to fast-track their journey to Level 20. These missions, which reset regularly, are designed to offer players a steady influx of XP through the completion of varied in-game challenges and objectives.

The XP rewards for daily missions can be particularly lucrative, with the amounts awarded reflecting the complexity and nature of the mission. These rewards often span from hundreds to thousands of XP points per mission. By dedicating attention to these daily tasks, alongside the more substantial weekly missions, players can amass a considerable XP boost in a concise timeframe.

Engaging with these missions not only propels your account level forward but also adds an extra layer of objectives to your gameplay, enriching your Valorant experience with goals that extend beyond the match outcomes.

Optimizing Valorant Leveling with Spike Rush Mode

For those aiming to swiftly escalate to Level 20 in Valorant, turning your attention to the Spike Rush mode could be the game changer you need. Characterized by its brisk pace, Spike Rush matches conclude in a mere 10-12 minutes—comparable to the time it takes to warm up your average TV dinner. Despite the speed, participating in these matches yields a generous XP reward, aligning with what you’d expect from longer gameplay modes.

This mode's rapid-fire nature allows players to engage in multiple matches in quick succession, making it possible to rack up 5 to 6 games within an hour. This efficient play method ensures a steady, fast-paced influx of XP, significantly accelerating your progression journey. Spike Rush stands out not just for its pace but as a strategic choice for players focused on leveling up quickly, offering a fun and dynamic way to enhance your Valorant account's standing.


How long does it take to reach level 20 in Valorant?

The journey to Level 20 in Valorant can span approximately 2-3 days of dedicated gameplay for the average player. This estimate, however, is subject to fluctuate based on various factors, including the player's proficiency, familiarity with the game mechanics, and the daily hours they invest in playing. With a disciplined approach and regular play, achieving this level within the given timeframe is a common accomplishment among players.

It's important to note the role of performance in this progression; a player frequently meeting their demise early in rounds will naturally progress at a different pace than someone consistently securing Aces or high kill counts every few rounds. The disparity in XP gain between these two scenarios underscores the importance of both strategy and skill in accelerating your ascent to Level 20.


Reaching Level 20 in Valorant is a milestone that opens the door to competitive ranked matches, marking a significant step in any player’s journey. While the path to this level can vary greatly among players, our guide has outlined several key strategies to streamline the process. By focusing on playing a high volume of matches, particularly through modes like Unrated and Spike Rush, leveraging daily and weekly missions for XP gains, and optimizing team play for consistent victories, players can significantly reduce the time it takes to reach Level 20. Remember, while individual skill and playtime are pivotal, employing a strategic approach to your Valorant gameplay can make the leveling experience both efficient and enjoyable. As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that perseverance, coupled with our tailored advice, will have you joining the ranks of competitive Valorant players in no time.

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