How to kite in League of Legends: Advanced Kitting Guide
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How to kite in League of Legends: Advanced Kitting Guide

Mastering the Art of Kiting in League of Legends

In the high-stakes world of "League of Legends" (LoL), where strategic knowledge blends with mechanical skill, mastering certain gameplay mechanics can significantly elevate your play. Among these, kiting stands out as a critical technique that distinguishes top-tier players.
What is Kiting?
Kiting, commonly known as attack moving, is a tactical maneuver where a player attacks an enemy while simultaneously maintaining distance. This technique is crucial for both offense and defense, allowing you to deal damage while evading enemy attacks. It's especially vital for ADCs (Attack Damage Carries), who rely heavily on their auto-attacks, but it's also beneficial across other roles, particularly in ranged matchups.

Why Kiting Matters

Kiting isn't just about attacking; it's an art of timing and positioning. It involves precisely canceling the back-end of an attack animation post-damage delivery. This subtle yet effective move saves time, allowing for additional attacks, especially when chasing or retreating from opponents. Efficient kiting can mean the difference between securing a kill and falling victim to an enemy's counterattack.
Improving Your Kiting Skills

  • Practice Animation Canceling: Learn the specific timing for each champion to cancel the latter part of the attack animation without losing the attack.
  • Use Attack Move: Familiarize yourself with the attack move command (default bind 'A' key), which allows you to attack the nearest target to your cursor. This reduces the risk of misclicks and enhances your precision.
  • Maintain Positioning: Always be aware of your positioning relative to enemies and allies. Good positioning is key to effective kiting.
  • Stay Focused: Keep an eye on enemy cooldowns and abilities. Anticipate their moves and adjust your kiting strategy accordingly.
  • Customize Key Bindings: Adjust your key bindings to what feels most comfortable for you. This customization can significantly improve your reaction time and fluidity in movement.

By honing these skills, you'll not only enhance your kiting ability but also your overall proficiency in LoL. Remember, like any skill, kiting requires practice. Dedicate time to refining this technique, and you'll soon notice a marked improvement in your gameplay.

Optimizing Kiting in League of Legends: A Deep Dive into Champion Attack Animations

Kiting, a fundamental skill in LoL, intertwines attacking and moving in a rhythmic dance. This technique, while appearing straightforward, demands a deep understanding of each champion's unique attack animation. It's a skill that separates seasoned players from novices, often turning the tide of battles with nuanced execution.

Understanding Attack Animations

  • Animation Nuances: Each champion's attack animation varies, influenced by their attack speed and abilities. Mastering kiting involves recognizing the exact moment when an attack lands — whether it's the impact of a melee strike or the flight of a ranged projectile.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The best method to internalize these animations is through hands-on practice. Utilize LoL's practice tool, targeting dummies to observe and adapt to each champion's attack patterns. This practice reveals subtle differences, helping you refine your timing and movement.
  • Animation Canceling: The core of kiting is in the art of animation canceling. Once an attack connects, immediately moving cancels the residual animation. This efficiency can squeeze in extra attacks, sometimes making the difference between a narrow escape and a triumphant kill.

Adapting to Different Play Styles

Kiting isn't a one-size-fits-all skill. Players develop personal styles, influenced by their preferences and the champions they play. Some may prioritize agility and rapid movements, while others focus on calculated, strategic positioning. Regardless of style, the goal remains the same: maximizing every action for optimal gameplay.

Instinctive Play in Professional Scenes

In professional LoL matches, kiting often becomes an instinctive part of a player's repertoire. While it may go unnoticed by spectators, each well-timed move and canceled animation contributes significantly to the high-level play.

Exploring the Four Techniques of Kiting in League of Legends

Kiting, a crucial mechanic in League of Legends, combines attacking and moving to maintain optimal positioning. Mastering different kiting techniques is essential for effective gameplay. Here's a guide to the four main kiting methods:

  • Basic Right-Click Method: This simple method involves alternating between right-clicking the enemy to attack and clicking the ground to move. It's straightforward but prone to misclicks, especially under pressure. This technique is more suitable for melee champions due to their shorter attack range.
  • Player Attack Move (Default 'A' Key): Preferred by many high-level players, this method involves using the 'A' key to display your champion's attack range. After pressing 'A', left-clicking on a target will initiate an auto-attack. This method reduces misclicks and is ideal for players of all skill levels.
  • Player Attack Move Click: For high attack speed champions, particularly ADCs, this technique is invaluable. Assign the "player attack move click" command to a comfortable key (commonly 'A'). This method allows for faster kiting as it requires fewer clicks, focusing more on cursor positioning.
  • Player Attack Only Click: Useful in crowded fights, such as in minion waves or teamfights. This setting ensures your attacks target only champions, reducing the risk of unintended attacks on non-champion units. It's particularly useful for support players or in specific gameplay scenarios.

Choosing Your Targeting Behavior

Tailor your kiting style further by adjusting the game settings:

  • Enable “attack move on cursor” to make your champion attack the nearest target to your cursor. This setting aligns with natural gameplay instincts, especially in chaotic teamfights.
  • Use the “target champions only” toggle to focus your attacks solely on enemy champions, crucial for precise targeting in critical moments.


Kiting in LoL is a nuanced skill that demands practice and personalization. Experiment with these techniques in the practice tool, focusing on a single champion to build proficiency before expanding your repertoire. Observing high Elo and professional players can provide valuable insights into effective kiting strategies.
Remember, while settings and techniques are important, the key to mastering kiting lies in practice and muscle memory. Dedicate time to refine your skills, and you'll see a significant improvement in your gameplay.

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