How to Gift Riot Points in League of Legends
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How to Gift Riot Points in League of Legends

Gifting Riot Points (RP) in League of Legends is a wonderful way to share the fun and enhance the gaming experience for friends or family members who play this highly acclaimed MOBA. Riot Points, the game's premium currency, allow players to unlock new champions, skins, and various in-game items. Whether it's a birthday surprise or just a token of appreciation, gifting RP is a gesture that any League of Legends player would appreciate. Here, we'll guide you through the detailed process of sending RP gifts, exploring two convenient methods to ensure your gift reaches its intended recipient. Additionally, we'll address some common queries about RP gifting to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Gifting Riot Points in League of Legends

Sharing the joy of League of Legends with friends by gifting Riot Points (RP) is not only a thoughtful gesture but also enhances their gaming experience. RP allows players to acquire new champions, skins, and other in-game items, making it a coveted commodity in this vibrant MOBA community. Whether you're celebrating an achievement, a birthday, or just want to surprise a fellow summoner, the process is streamlined to ensure your gift reaches its destination without hassle. In this guide, we outline two practical methods to gift RP, allowing your friends to indulge in the game's extensive collection of skins and champions.

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The Standard Way (Through the Store)

The conventional route for gifting Riot Points (RP) in League of Legends involves a few simple steps within the game client. Here’s how you can share the love through the League store:

  • Open the League of Legends client and navigate to the store by selecting the store icon.
  • In the store’s upper right corner, you’ll spot a gift box icon symbolizing the gifting feature. Click on this to begin the gifting journey.
  • You’ll now see a roster of your League friends. From here, pick the lucky recipient of your generous gift.
  • Decide on the nature of your gift. You have several exciting options to choose from, including RP, which is often the most appreciated for its versatility in purchasing champions, skins, and more.
  • After selecting RP as your gift type, specify the amount you wish to gift. This allows you to tailor your gift to your friend's needs, whether they’re saving up for a new champion release or eyeing an exclusive skin.
  • Personalize your gift with a heartfelt or humorous message. This is your chance to make the gift even more memorable.
  • Review your selections to ensure everything is correct and hit the “Send Gift” button. Your friend will be notified of your gift, which will be added directly to their in-game inventory, ready for them to enjoy.

This straightforward method ensures your RP gift is both a surprise and a delight, allowing your friends to further enhance their League of Legends experience.

The New and Improved Way (Through the Social Panel)
The refreshed and streamlined method for gifting in League of Legends enhances the experience via the Social Panel, adding convenience and a personal touch. Here's how to navigate this updated process:

  • Start by launching the League of Legends client and proceed to the Social Panel by clicking the icon symbolized by two figures located at the client's upper right corner.
  • Scroll through your friend list to find the intended gift recipient. Right-click on their name to unveil a menu of options.
  • Look for the “Give Gift” option. If it’s active (not grayed out), the friend is eligible for your generous gesture. Should you find the option unavailable, revisit the gifting criteria mentioned earlier in this guide.
  • Selecting “Give Gift” propels you into the gifting procedure, mirroring the initial steps found in the conventional method but streamlined for efficiency.
  • At this juncture, choose what kind of gift you aim to send—whether it’s RP, a specific skin, or perhaps a new champion that caught your friend's eye.
  • Inject your gift with a dose of personality by crafting a special message. This could range from a simple note of appreciation to a witty remark that sparks joy.
  • Before finalizing, take a moment to ensure all details are correct. Confirm your gift with a click, and it’s off! The recipient will be alerted, and the gift will be promptly added to their collection.

This innovative path not only simplifies the gifting process but also embeds it into the social interactions of the game, making the act of giving more intuitive and engaging.

Understanding the Criteria and Limits for RP Gifting

To engage in the gifting of Riot Points, players must first meet specific criteria and be aware of the set limitations to facilitate a hassle-free gifting process.
Experience Threshold: A minimum summoner level of 15 is required to unlock the RP gifting feature. This level requirement serves to ensure that the functionality is accessible to players who have invested a significant amount of time and effort into understanding the game's dynamics.

Gifting Caps: There's a cap on how many RP gifts you can send and receive within a 24-hour period, limited to 5 gifts. This cap is designed to maintain the integrity of the gifting system, deterring potential misuse and promoting equitable gift distribution among the community.

Dealing with Compromised Accounts and Unauthorized Gifting

Should you find your account compromised and notice unauthorized gifting transactions, it's crucial to immediately contact Riot Games support. Submit a detailed support ticket for the issue, and a dedicated specialist will review the situation and implement necessary measures to rectify the incident.

Issues with Pre-Paid RP Cards

Certain payment methods are exclusively available through the Gifting Center. If you have a pre-paid RP card and encounter difficulties using it, send your friend the card PIN for redemption directly through the game client.


Why Am I Unable to Gift RP or Items I Own?

League of Legends’ gifting policy is structured to disallow the transfer of RP or items from a player's collection to another. This rule helps maintain the integrity of the gifting system and ensures that gifts are new acquisitions, rather than duplicates of what players already possess.

Mistakenly Unfriended Someone?

In the event you've unintentionally deleted someone from your friend list and wish to send them a gift, just re-add them. After reconnecting, there's a brief waiting period of a day before you can gift them again.

What are the gifting options available?

In League of Legends, the gifting options are diverse, allowing you to send a wide array of items. These include a selection of champions, various skin types, unique ward skins, Riot Points (RP), distinct summoner icons, editable rune pages, hextech keys and chests, and special event-specific loot items. This assortment ensures you can find the perfect gift to match the interests and needs of your friends, making each gift a meaningful gesture.

Can Gifts Be Reversed?

Once a gift has been sent in League of Legends, the process is final and cannot be undone. Therefore, it's important to carefully verify the recipient's summoner name and the specific item you're gifting. This ensures that your generous gesture goes to the right person without any mishaps, as any mistake made during the gifting process is irreversible.


Gifting Riot Points in League of Legends is a fantastic way to share the joy of the game with friends and loved ones. Whether you opt for the standard method through the store or the new, streamlined approach via the Social Panel, both processes are designed to make gifting an effortless and rewarding experience. Remember to adhere to the gifting requirements and restrictions to ensure a smooth transaction. With a little effort and consideration, you can make someone's day by surprising them with Riot Points, allowing them to unlock new champions, skins, and more. Happy gifting, and may your generosity bring smiles and excitement to the League community!

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