How to Get Orange Essence Fast in League of Legends
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How to Get Orange Essence Fast in League of Legends

Orange Essence stands as a crucial currency in the world of League of Legends, distinct from its counterpart, Blue Essence. For newcomers to the game, understanding the role of Orange Essence and its utility is essential, given its scarcity and the slow rate at which it accumulates from match to match.

Eager to delve deeper? Continue reading as we unveil all there is to know about Orange Essence, covering efficient acquisition methods and the diverse array of items it can be exchanged for.

What Is Orange Essence In League of Legends?

Orange essence in League of Legends is an esteemed currency utilized to actualize the cosmetic items like skins, emotes, and ward skins that players acquire from Hextech and Masterwork Chests, alongside various event-driven orbs and capsules.

Upon opening a chest and discovering, say, a champion skin, possession is not immediate. To officially claim and utilize the skin, you must possess the requisite amount of orange essence. This involves selecting the skin, which appears inactive initially, and unlocking it through the essence. Beyond skins, orange essence also serves to unlock other cosmetic rewards such as ward skins, emotes, and icons, which were similarly obtained through chests or orbs.

It's important to note that the rarity of the cosmetic item directly influences the quantity of orange essence needed for its unlock, with more exclusive items demanding a higher essence cost.

How to get orange essence in League of Legends

In League of Legends, acquiring orange essence can primarily be achieved through two methods: disenchanting cosmetic items and participating in in-game events.

When you receive a skin shard or ward skin from a Hextech Chest or an event orb, you have the option to either craft it into a permanent item using orange essence or disenchant it to obtain additional orange essence. The value of orange essence gained from disenchanting is directly proportional to the rarity of the item; the more exclusive the skin, the greater the amount of orange essence you'll receive. It's crucial to note that disenchanting a skin shard or emote will permanently remove that shard from your inventory.

League's events often include a purchasable event pass that rewards players for their engagement and commitment to the game. Among these rewards, orange essence is a common milestone, with amounts typically ranging between 500 to 750 orange essence. For players who find themselves frequently using orange essence, these events represent a reliable source to replenish their reserves, ensuring a steady supply to unlock their favorite cosmetic items.

Below is an elaborated list detailing the various avenues to obtain this valuable currency:

  • Purchase Options: While direct purchase of Orange Essence isn't available, it is indirectly obtainable through the '5 chests and keys + Bonus Essence' bundle in the store. Priced at 975 RP, this bundle not only offers chests and keys but also includes a guaranteed 50 Orange Essence.
  • Loot from Chests: Orange Essence can be found in Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests, where it occasionally appears as part of the loot.
  • Event Missions: Certain special events in League of Legends feature missions that reward players with Orange Essence upon completion.
  • Disenchanting Skin Shards: Players can convert skin shards, which are obtained from chests, into Orange Essence. This method allows you to use unwanted shards to gain essence.
  • Prime Gaming Capsules: Subscribers to Prime Gaming can receive capsules that include Orange Essence among their contents. The current capsule available offers 200 Orange Essence.

These pathways provide players with multiple options to gather Orange Essence, enabling them to unlock and enjoy the cosmetic items of their choice in League of Legends.

Why is Orange Essence So Hard to Get?

The scarcity of Orange Essence in League of Legends can be attributed to the game's free-to-play model, which depends on microtransactions for revenue generation. This model funds ongoing development and ensures the game remains accessible without upfront costs. Major stakeholders like Tencent and various sponsors support Riot Games, yet the company continues to introduce new cosmetics, pets, and purchasable items to sustain and enhance the game's ecosystem.

Orange Essence serves as an alternative to real-money purchases, allowing players to unlock skins without spending cash. This system incentivizes players to engage more deeply with League of Legends, rewarding consistent play and performance with the chance to earn Orange Essence. By encouraging players to remain active within LoL rather than migrating to competitors such as Overwatch or Smite, Riot Games fosters a vibrant, committed player base while navigating the balance between accessibility and profitability.

Perform better to earn Hextech Chest

To secure a Hextech chest in League of Legends, achieving an S-Rank with a champion in ARAM or Summoner's Rift is key. Importantly, on Summoner's Rift, attaining this rank isn't confined to Ranked matches; however, it necessitates participation in a Player vs. Player (PvP) environment, as achieving this in Co-Op vs AI matches does not qualify.

Enhancing your Orange Essence collection and accumulating more chests hinges on consistently earning an S- Rank or higher in your games. This not only rewards your skilled gameplay but also enriches your gaming experience with valuable in-game assets.

Choosing ARAM for Efficient Orange essence reward

When aiming to maximize rewards with minimal effort, the type of game mode you select plays a significant role. For those looking to optimize their in-game gains without extending their playtime unnecessarily, ARAM emerges as the optimal choice.

ARAM stands out as the go-to mode for players pressed for time or seeking the most efficient return on their gameplay investment. Unlike the potentially lengthy 30-60 minute matches found in Normal or Ranked modes, ARAM games offer a more condensed experience, typically ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. This shorter format allows players to accumulate chests more rapidly, although it's worth noting that on occasion, an ARAM game might extend to a more drawn-out conclusion.

Earn Chests Through Playing

In League of Legends, the pathway to earning chests is through active participation in the game. Nonetheless, to fully leverage this opportunity and enhance the collection of orange essence, players are guided by certain criteria. Primarily, owning the champion you're playing with is a prerequisite for chest eligibility. Players are entitled to one chest every seven days, with a capacity to hold up to four chests awaiting unlocking, which necessitates Hextech keys.
The game offers a variety of chests, including Mastery, Hextech, and Masterwork Chests, each distinguished by unique drop rates and contents. By understanding and navigating these rules, players can effectively increase their chest acquisition, thereby boosting their orange essence reserves.

Buy masterwork Chests From The Store

While it may seem straightforward, acquiring orange essence through purchasing Masterwork Chests from the store is a method worth highlighting. In free-to-play games like League of Legends, offering items for real money serves as a crucial revenue stream to support game development. Each Masterwork Chest is priced at 125 RP.

By investing in these chests, players gain access to potential drops of orange essence upon unlocking them. It's important to note, however, that the probability of receiving orange essence from these chests is not particularly high. As a result, individuals might find themselves investing more to secure the desired amount of orange essence.

Engaging in League of Legends In-Game Events
League of Legends frequently orchestrates distinctive in-game events, with one of the standout recent examples being the Spirit Blossom event, which introduced the champion Lillia. These events are rich with missions that present a range of rewards upon completion.

While it's a less common reward, orange essence is occasionally offered as part of these event missions. Players simply need to fulfill the mission criteria to earn the orange essence bonuses. However, the complexity and requirements of these missions can vary, sometimes posing a challenge to complete. Nevertheless, participating in these events remains a viable method for players to accrue orange essence alongside enjoying the thematic content and unique gameplay experiences they provide.

Final Strategy: Disenchanting Skin Shards

The alterations Riot Games has implemented regarding the acquisition of orange essence have somewhat complicated the process of amassing this valuable currency. Nevertheless, the most straightforward and cost-effective method—bypassing the need for financial investment—remains the disenchantment of skin shards obtained from chests.

This approach may suit players desiring only a few skins perfectly. However, for those who pride themselves on being Collectors, gathering orange essence through disenchantment could prove financially advantageous over time. Ultimately, the most effective strategy for securing orange essence is to engage actively in the game and strive for excellence in gameplay.


As we conclude our journey through the tips and tricks for quickly gathering orange essence in League of Legends, it's evident that, despite some hurdles presented by changes in the game's economy, there are still effective ways to boost your orange essence stash. Whether it's by strategically disenchanting skin shards, diving into the game's rich event offerings, or making strategic purchases from the store, players have a variety of options at their disposal. This guide not only illuminates the path to securing more orange essence but also celebrates the spirit of engagement and mastery that defines the League of Legends experience. By embracing these strategies, you're not just collecting orange essence; you're unlocking a world of customization that allows you to express your unique identity and achievements in the game. Here's to making your League of Legends journey as rewarding and personalized as it can be!

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