How To Get Key Fragments in League of Legends
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How To Get Key Fragments in League of Legends

Diving into the thrilling world of League of Legends not only promises intense battles and strategic gameplay but also the chance to unlock treasures with Key Fragments. These small yet significant items are your ticket to opening Hextech Chests, where a world of champions, skins, and other exciting loot awaits.

For players looking to boost their collection of Key Fragments and revel in the spoils of victory, we've got the ultimate guide for you. From honing your gameplay to leveraging the power of teamwork, we'll cover the essential strategies to maximize your Key Fragment haul.

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What are Key Fragments in League of Legends?

Key Fragments in League of Legends are akin to treasure map pieces, seemingly small but crucial in the quest for unlocking the game's myriad rewards. Collecting three of these fragments allows you to assemble them into a Key, a golden ticket to accessing the vast treasures contained within Hextech and Masterwork Chests.

Once you've forged your Key, the doors to a trove of rewards swing wide open, offering the chance to uncover rare champion skins, exclusive emotes, and a variety of other coveted items. These chests serve as a reward system, enriching your League of Legends experience with every unlock, making the pursuit of Key Fragments a rewarding endeavor for players keen on enhancing their game with unique cosmetics and collectibles.

How To Earn Key Fragments in League of Legends?

In the realm of League of Legends, acquiring Key Fragments is akin to collecting the pieces of a puzzle that unlock the game's most sought-after treasures. The journey to gathering these fragments is paved with multiple paths, each offering its own rewards and challenges.

Earning Key Fragments through Honors

One of the most straightforward methods to earn Key Fragments is by exemplifying sportsmanship and team spirit. As you accumulate honors from fellow players across your matches, the game rewards your positive influence with Key Fragments. This system encourages a supportive and respectful gaming environment, and consistently honored players find themselves rich in Key Fragments over time.

Event Passes and Seasonal Events

League of Legends frequently hosts grand events and celebrations, such as the captivating Lunar Revel 2024 or the thrilling High Noon saga. Participating in these events often involves purchasing Event Passes, which grant access to exclusive missions and rewards. As you engage with event-specific activities and accumulate Event Tokens, you have the opportunity to exchange 20 tokens for a Key Fragment. These events provide a festive and rewarding way to bolster your Key Fragment collection.

Honor Capsules

Recognition for your honorable conduct in the League doesn't stop at in-game honors. Periodically, the game bestows Honor Capsules upon players who consistently display commendable behavior. These capsules are treasure troves of rewards, frequently containing a generous amount of Key Fragments among other prizes. Honor Capsules serve as a token of appreciation for contributing positively to the community, encouraging players to maintain high standards of conduct.

By engaging with these various avenues, players can steadily increase their Key Fragment stash, unlocking the potential to reap the rewards of Hextech and Masterwork Chests. Whether through commendable behavior, participation in events, or simply by being a model player, the quest for Key Fragments in League of Legends is a rewarding experience that enhances the overall game journey.


What honor level gets key fragments?

Unlocking key fragments in League of Legends hinges significantly on your in-game conduct, underscored by the Honor system. This rewarding framework is less about your leaderboard status and more about the positivity and teamwork you bring to each match.

The journey begins the moment you dive into the fray of normal, ranked, or ARAM matches. Active participation and commendable conduct gradually elevate your Honor level. Receiving accolades from peers post-game accelerates this progression, edging you closer to the coveted key fragments.

The quest for key fragments starts earnestly at Honor level two, a milestone where these prized tokens begin to sporadically grace your account, acknowledging your commendable in-game ethos. The path to Honor level two, while shrouded in some mystery regarding exact requirements, typically unfolds over 4 to 6 weeks of consistent, honorable play.

Strategizing for honor, engaging in team play, and leading by example could significantly boost your chances of being honored. Partnering up with friends and contributing significantly to your team’s victory are potent strategies to garner honors and ascend through the Honor levels, unlocking the pathway to more key fragments.

Where to find your keys and key fragments in the League of Legends client?

To manage your key fragments in the League of Legends client, navigate to the Loot section. This section is identifiable by an icon depicting a hammer striking what appears to be a gemstone, situated between the Collection (symbolized by a backpack) and the Shop (represented by a stack of coins) icons.

Within the Loot area, you have access to a variety of items including skin shards, champion shards, hextech chests, blue essence, mastery tokens, and mythic essence, among others. Your collection of key fragments can be found under the "materials" category. Additionally, the total number of complete keys you possess is displayed in a summary bar, located beneath the sections for your materials, champion shards, and skin shards.


Accumulating additional Key Fragments in League of Legends primarily requires a blend of consistent gameplay and positive interactions with your team. Demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork significantly increases your chances of receiving honors, which in turn, contributes to your collection of key fragments. Engaging in special events offers the opportunity to exchange tokens for these fragments, further enhancing your inventory. Additionally, making the most out of Honor Capsules can substantially boost your supply of fragments. With a steady approach to playing and a focus on positive collaboration, you'll soon gather enough fragments to assemble keys. These keys are your gateway to unlocking an array of exciting loot, enriching your gaming experience with new skins, champions, and other exclusive rewards. This strategy not only enhances your personal collection but also fosters a more enjoyable and rewarding gaming environment for everyone involved.

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