How to get Hextech Keys in League of Legends for Free
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How to get Hextech Keys in League of Legends for Free

In League of Legends, Hextech Keys open up the door to awesome free stuff like champion skins and other cool items. If you're all about getting more skins without spending money, you'll want to know how to get these keys. We're here to clear up how you can get your hands on Hextech Keys by playing the game, so you can start unlocking chests and enjoying the rewards. This guide will give you all the tips you need to gather Hextech Keys and make the most of them, letting you boost your collection without spending a dime.

What Are Hextech Keys in league of legends?

In the world of League of Legends, Hextech Keys are your ticket to unlocking the treasures within Hextech Chests, which are full of exciting rewards like skins and other in-game items. Players earn these chests by showing off their skills and achieving an S-rank in matches, encouraging top-notch play and teamwork. But getting your hands on the loot inside isn’t as simple as just earning the chest—you’ll need Hextech Keys, which are crafted from Key Fragments.

You need three Key Fragments to create one Hextech Key, and these fragments can be earned by participating in various activities within the game. The journey to collecting these fragments and ultimately unlocking your Hextech Chests is crucial for players looking to enhance their League of Legends experience with new skins and items. Let’s dive into how you can increase your haul of Key Fragments and unlock the rich rewards waiting for you.

How to get Hextech Key Fragments

Earn Key Fragments by Playing

Engaging in League of Legends through various matchmade modes like Summoner's Rift, ARAM, or temporary events such as URF significantly boosts your chances of acquiring Key Fragments. Regular play not only increases your likelihood of earning these fragments but also progresses you towards crafting Hextech Keys. Note that there's a session-based cap on rewards, but you can bypass this by restarting the League client every two hours, effectively resetting your reward limit and maximizing your fragment collection efforts.

Elevate Your Honor Rating

The Honor system in League of Legends rewards players who exemplify good sportsmanship and teamwork. Climbing the ranks in this system by garnering honor from teammates not only reflects your positive impact in games but also unlocks various rewards. Among these are Key Fragments, with higher Honor levels significantly boosting the rate at which these fragments drop. Ensuring you play with integrity and cooperation not only enhances your gaming experience but also provides a reliable source of materials needed for Hextech Keys.

Participate in Seasonal Events and Accomplish Missions

Riot Games frequently organizes seasonal events offering unique missions with a bounty of rewards, Key Fragments included. By engaging in these event-specific missions, players can significantly enhance their stockpile of Key Fragments. Furthermore, acquiring event passes using Riot Points (RP) grants entry to exclusive missions, providing even more opportunities to accumulate Key Fragments. This strategy not only enriches your gaming experience but also ensures a steady accumulation of essential items for unlocking Hextech Chests.

Purchase Hextech Keys Directly Using Riot Points

For those looking to quickly obtain Hextech Keys, the option to buy them directly with Riot Points is available. This method ensures immediate access to keys but requires spending real-world money, positioning it as the least cost-effective means for players who prefer not to invest financially. By opting to use Riot Points, players can circumvent the traditional process of collecting Key Fragments, offering a fast track to opening Hextech Chests.


Where to find your keys and key fragments in the League of Legends client?

For management and usage of your key fragments, head over to the Loot tab within the League of Legends client. This section is symbolized by an icon depicting a hammer striking a gem, nestled between the Collection (backpack icon) and the Shop (stack of coins icon).

Within the Loot section, you'll encounter a variety of items including skin shards, champion shards, hextech chests, blue essence, mastery tokens, mythic essence, alongside your key fragments and more. Your accumulated key fragments are organized under the "materials" category. As for the complete keys you possess, they are displayed in a designated bar situated below the sections for materials, champion shards, and skin shards, allowing for easy tracking and utilization.


Ultimately, the journey to acquire Hextech Keys in League of Legends hinges on active participation, exemplary behavior, and continuous engagement within the game's universe. By dedicating oneself to consistent play, diligently collecting Key Fragments, and upholding a commendable Honor level, players can unlock an array of rewards. These rewards not only enhance the gaming experience but also allow for a deeper customization of one’s in-game presence. Whether it’s through everyday play, engaging in limited-time events, or a deliberate investment of resources, the satisfaction derived from utilizing a Hextech Key in League of Legends is unparalleled. This approach not only rewards skill and sportsmanship but enriches the overall journey within the world of League.

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