How To Get Hextech Chests in League of Legends
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How To Get Hextech Chests in League of Legends

Hextech Chests are a thrilling feature in League of Legends, offering players the chance to unlock a variety of rewards such as skins, ward skins, emotes, and more. Figuring out how to acquire these coveted chests can be a bit tricky with all the different methods available. Fear not, as this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the ways you can earn Hextech Chests in the game.

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#1: Ranked Rewards

Earning Hextech Chests in League of Legends is straightforward through Ranked Rewards, one of the simplest methods available. Each new split, Riot Games introduces fresh rewards for playing ranked matches, including valuable Hextech Chests.

For the current split, you can secure 2x Hextech Chests by accumulating specific amounts of Split points. You’ll receive your first Hextech Chest upon reaching 10 Split points, and a second chest at the 400 Split points milestone.

Here's how you can earn Split points effectively:

1. Gain +10 Split points for each victory.

2. Earn +6 Split points for each defeat.

This system ensures that every ranked game you play, win or lose, contributes to your progress in unlocking these Hextech Chests. Keep playing, and those rewards will come!

#2: Mastery Milestones

The updated Mastery System in League of Legends has streamlined the process of earning Hextech Chests, making it more rewarding and accessible than ever. With these changes, players can now earn up to two chests per champion, a significant boost from previous limitations.

Previously, obtaining a chest required achieving an S grade, and you were constrained to:

  • One chest per champion per split.
  • A maximum of four chests per month, essentially one per week.

These constraints have been lifted in the latest update, providing more flexibility. Now known as "Mastery Chests," these rewards can be unlocked through the following revised milestones:

  • Milestone One: Achieve one B- or higher grade, plus four grades of C- or higher.
  • Milestone Three: Secure one S- or higher grade, plus four grades of C- or higher.

Each milestone reached with a champion awards you a Hextech Chest. By consistently performing well across multiple games with each champion, you can rapidly accumulate these Mastery Chests. This revamped system makes it substantially easier to gather exciting rewards throughout the game.

#3: Skin Re-rolls and Opening Chests

You can also acquire Hextech chests by leveraging your existing skin collection. While re-rolling old skins offers a smaller chance of earning a chest, it's a viable option for using duplicates or unwanted skins. When you re-roll three unwanted skin shards, not only do you receive a new random skin permanent, but occasionally, this process may also yield a Hextech Chest as an added bonus.

Additionally, every time you open a standard Hextech Chest, there’s a 10% chance that you’ll discover another Hextech Chest and key within it. This recursive reward system enhances the excitement, as opening chests not only provides valuable loot but also the potential for further rewards. The thrill of unlocking new skins, emotes, or even additional chests makes each opening a potentially rewarding experience.

#4: LoL In-game Store

For those ready to invest a little cash, Hextech Chests are readily available for purchase directly from the in-game store using Riot Points (RP), League of Legends' virtual currency. Here's how it works: a single Hextech Chest can be acquired for 125 RP, or you can opt for a bundle that includes one Hextech Chest along with a Key for 195 RP.

Purchasing chests this way is the most direct method, but it does involve real money. You'll first need to buy RP, whose cost varies depending on the amount you decide to purchase. This approach allows you to bypass the various in-game methods of earning chests, providing immediate access to the potential treasures within.


There are several effective ways to acquire Hextech Chests in League of Legends, each catering to different play styles and preferences. Whether you earn them by achieving mastery milestones, re-rolling skin shards, opening chests for recursive rewards, or purchasing directly from the in-game store, these chests offer exciting opportunities to enhance your gaming experience with a variety of skins, emotes, and other cool loot. By exploring these methods, players can find the most suitable and rewarding ways to expand their collection and enjoy the riches that the Hextech crafting system has to offer.

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