Rocket League: How to get Free Credits
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Rocket League: How to get Free Credits

Rocket League is renowned for its vast array of customizable cosmetics, with over a billion possible combinations to style your cars. While many of these items can be won through random item drops, acquiring specific items often requires the use of credits.

Credits in Rocket League serve as the primary in-game currency, used not only for purchasing individual cosmetics but also for upgrading your Rocket Pass and unlocking item blueprints. Typically, obtaining credits involves real money transactions. However, there are several strategies to earn credits without opening your wallet.

In this guide, we will explore various methods to acquire credits in Rocket League, ranging from those that require monetary investment to completely free approaches.

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Easier methods to get credits in Rocket League

Let's dive into some straightforward methods for acquiring credits in Rocket League:

Purchasing Credits Directly

The simplest route to obtaining credits is to buy them directly either from within the game or via the Epic Games Store. This method provides immediate access to credits, allowing you to purchase your desired items swiftly.

Advancing Through the Rocket Pass

For those who have invested in the Rocket Pass, progressing through its levels can yield credits. As you advance through the premium tiers of the pass, you'll occasionally earn credits. By completing the entire pass, you can accumulate enough credits to purchase the next season's pass, making it a self-sustaining cycle.

Participating in Special Events

Rocket League frequently hosts limited-time events that offer unique opportunities to earn credits by completing specific challenges. For example, the Birthday Ball Event celebrated the game's anniversary by rewarding players with credits for participating. Keeping an eye on these events is a great way to boost your credit balance without spending real money.

How to get credits for free in Rocket League

To secure free credits in Rocket League, engaging in the game's trading system is a key strategy. Here’s how you can maximize your potential to earn credits through trades:

Unlocking Trading Capabilities

Firstly, to participate in trading, you need to have spent at least $5 in the game. This unlocks the trading feature. However, if you were a Rocket League player before it transitioned to free-to-play on Steam, you're exempt from this requirement and can trade without restrictions.

Trading Supply Drop Items

In Rocket League, items obtained from supply drops can be traded with other players. While you might start by trading common items for small amounts of credits, the real value comes from accumulating these items to trade up. By trading multiple lower-tier items, you can upgrade to higher rarity items, which can then be traded for a significantly higher number of credits.

Ethical Trading Practices

It’s crucial to engage in fair and respectful trading practices. Exploitative or deceptive trading can lead to penalties, including potential bans from trading within the Rocket League community.

By understanding and utilizing these trading strategies, you can acquire credits in Rocket League without directly purchasing them, effectively enhancing your gaming experience and expanding your cosmetic collection.

How to get Cosmetics for free

To obtain cosmetic items in Rocket League without spending credits, engaging in player-to-player trades is a practical approach. Here’s how you can leverage trading to expand your cosmetic collection for free:

Finding a Trading Partner

Start by identifying a suitable trading partner. Remember, you can only trade with players on the same platform, but thanks to Rocket League's cross-progression feature, all your items are accessible across different platforms once linked.

Initiating a Trade

After pinpointing a partner, invite them to join your Rocket League party. Once connected, send them a trading invite. Both parties will then have the opportunity to select and offer items for trade.

Finalizing the Trade

Once both sides have agreed on the items to be exchanged, you'll proceed to confirm the trade. A countdown then begins, during which either party can still cancel the transaction. Be attentive during this phase to ensure that the terms are correct and fair. If no cancellation occurs before the countdown ends, the trade is finalized, and items are exchanged.

This trading mechanism allows you to acquire new cosmetic items for your collection without direct purchase, making it a great way to diversify your item lineup while engaging with the community.


Acquiring credits and cosmetic items in Rocket League doesn't always require you to spend real money. Through strategic trading and participating in various in-game opportunities, such as special events and the Rocket Pass, you can enhance your collection and enjoy the game to its fullest. Whether you're trading items for credits or swapping cosmetics with fellow players, Rocket League provides several pathways to enrich your gaming experience without monetary investment. Remember to stay informed about the game's trading rules and event schedules to make the most of these opportunities and keep your gameplay both exciting and rewarding.

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