How To Get Cyclone in Rocket League
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How To Get Cyclone in Rocket League

Cyclone is an import car in Rocket League known for its sleek, breakout hitbox design and exceptional handling, making it ideal for dribbling and flicking maneuvers. Available in various colors, except black, Cyclone stands out due to its aesthetic appeal and functionality, making it a coveted item among players.

To acquire the Cyclone, players can explore several avenues: purchasing directly from the item shop, constructing it from blueprints, or hoping for a lucky drop. Each method involves a degree of patience and a sprinkle of luck, emphasizing the thrill of the chase rather than the grind.

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Method #1: Wait for it to appear in the item shop

The most straightforward method to acquire the Cyclone body in Rocket League is by purchasing it directly from the in-game item shop. Since its debut on July 30, 2018, the Cyclone has made occasional appearances in the shop. Priced at 500 credits, it offers good value for its cost. However, acquiring the Cyclone this way requires patience; its availability is unpredictable, and there’s no set schedule for when it will be featured in the item shop again. Keep an eye on the shop’s rotation and be ready to snag it when it makes its next appearance.

Method #2: Use Blueprint or Drops

Another method to secure the Cyclone body is through blueprints and drops, specifically those tied to the Zephyr series. Players may also find the Cyclone in import drops, though both sources require a good dose of fortune. Acquiring the necessary Zephyr blueprints or import drops involves random chance, and there’s no guarantee you’ll receive the Cyclone blueprint directly.

While luck plays a significant role in this method, it offers players the thrill of the hunt and the possibility of unlocking other valuable items along the way. Trading with other players for the specific blueprints needed to build the Cyclone is also a viable strategy, expanding your avenues to add this sleek car to your garage.

Method #3: Unlock one through a Golden Gift Crate

The third method to obtain the Cyclone is by unlocking a Golden Gift Crate, available exclusively during the annual December event in Rocket League. To earn these special event crates, players must complete designated tasks, with each completed challenge potentially rewarding a crate. These crates often contain Zephyr blueprints, which might include the blueprint needed to build a Cyclone.

This opportunity arises just once a year, making it essential for players to capitalize on the event when it's available. However, acquiring a Cyclone through this method also hinges on luck, as the contents of each Golden Gift Crate are randomized. Patience and timing are crucial as you await this yearly event to expand your car collection.

You can buy Cyclone in Fortnite

Interestingly, you can also acquire the Cyclone in Rocket League by purchasing it in Fortnite. Since both games are under the umbrella of Epic Games, they often feature crossover content. The Cyclone is available as part of a special bundle in Fortnite, which has been offered in the item shop 52 times to date. This bundle costs 1500 V-Bucks, and purchasing it in Fortnite not only adds the vehicle to your Fortnite garage but also to your Rocket League collection.

This method provides a reliable alternative to waiting for the Cyclone's occasional appearance in the Rocket League item shop. However, it's worth noting that acquiring it through Fortnite might be more expensive than purchasing it directly in Rocket League. This option suits players who are active in both games and are looking to make the most of the crossover benefits offered by Epic Games.


Acquiring the Cyclone in Rocket League offers several pathways, each with its own set of challenges and benefits. Whether you choose to wait for it to appear in the item shop, try your luck with blueprints and drops, or secure it through special events like the Golden Gift Crate or even through purchasing a bundle in Fortnite, each method requires a blend of patience, strategy, and sometimes a bit of financial investment. By understanding the various ways to obtain the Cyclone, players can better strategize their approach based on their preferences and gameplay style. Remember, each method has its unique advantage, so choose the one that best suits your needs and get ready to enhance your Rocket League experience with the sleek Cyclone body.

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