How to Get Chromas in League of Legends? - Full In-Depth Guide
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How to Get Chromas in League of Legends? - Full In-Depth Guide

League of Legends, the massively popular online multiplayer game by Riot Games, not only delivers the excitement of strategic battles but also provides avenues for players to showcase their unique style. Among these avenues, the Chroma system stands out, offering a vibrant twist to champion customization, though not all players are familiar with these options or how to obtain them.

Chromas are essentially color variants that allow players to modify the hue of their champion's skins, adding a personal touch to their favorite characters. This guide aims to delve into the specifics of Chromas and guide you through the process of acquiring them in League of Legends.

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Understanding Chromas in League of Legends

Chromas in League of Legends serve as a vibrant tool for customization, offering players the opportunity to alter their champions' color schemes. These cosmetic enhancements are available for both classic skins and those acquired through purchases, enabling a deeper level of personalization for players' avatars within the game.

With an extensive palette of colors and patterns at their disposal, Chromas are perfect for players eager to distinguish themselves on Summoner's Rift with a unique flair. Obtaining Chromas can be achieved in several ways, such as direct purchases from the in-game store, engaging in special events, exploring bundle deals, enrolling in specific Riot programs, participating in time-limited promotions, or even through purchasing certain icons.

It's an impressive fact that the game boasts over 5,000 Chromas, ensuring that there's a style to suit every player's taste. Given the abundance of these color variations, it's likely that long-standing players have already added at least one Chroma to their collection, allowing them to showcase their personal style in every match.

Store Purchases

One of the straightforward pathways to obtaining Chromas in League of Legends is through the game's in-game store. This avenue allows players to select and purchase specific Chromas individually, utilizing Riot Points (RP) as the currency. Typically, each Chroma is available for 290 RP, offering players a targeted strategy for enhancing their champions' visual appeal.

Furthermore, Riot Games curates special Chroma Pack bundles that present an economical solution for players looking to bulk up their Chroma repertoire. These bundles often include a set of Chromas for a particular champion or skin, available at a reduced price compared to buying each Chroma separately, making it an appealing option for those aiming to diversify their customization options efficiently.

Event Participation

Players looking for an engaging and event-centric method to collect Chromas will find Hextech Crafting an integral feature. League of Legends frequently ties exclusive Chromas to in-game events, adding a layer of rarity and uniqueness to these customization options.

By participating in these events, players can secure event-specific Chromas via Hextech Crafting. This not only infuses the process of acquiring Chromas with anticipation and a sense of achievement but also allows these particular Chromas to stand out with unique designations that enhance their individuality in the game's expansive universe.

Chroma Bundles

Exclusive to bundle offerings, Ruby Chromas stand out as special variants only accessible when purchasing them as part of a collection. This method presents an opportunity for players to obtain an assortment of Chromas at a value that surpasses the cost of acquiring them piecemeal. Though it entails a greater upfront expenditure, opting for these bundles ultimately serves as a cost-effective strategy for those eager to broaden their Chroma selection for particular champions or skins, thereby enriching their customization toolkit with a richer palette of options.

LPP: League Partner Program

Membership in the League Partner Program unveils an exclusive path to obtaining Chromas, notably through the introduction of Emerald Chromas since Patch V8.20. These Chromas are distinct to members of the program, offering a unique and elite customization choice that underscores the prestige of being part of this community.

The League Partner Program is designed to support content creators and influencers within the League of Legends ecosystem, providing them not only with a platform for growth but also with access to these exclusive Chromas. This initiative not only enriches the partners' content with unique visual elements but also strengthens the sense of belonging and community among the game's most ardent promoters.

Limited-Time Events

During special limited-time events, League of Legends introduces uniquely colored Chromas, such as the coveted purple variants, accessible exclusively through Hextech Crafting. These events, often held annually, offer players recurring chances to acquire these distinctive Chromas, enriching their customization options.

This method introduces a thrilling layer of anticipation and planning into the customization journey. Players are incentivized to engage actively with the game's dynamic events calendar, marking these occasions as prime times to enhance their champion aesthetics with rare and sought-after Chromas.

Icon Purchases

League of Legends offers an innovative approach to unlocking Chromas through the purchase of specific icons in the in-game store. This method was notably implemented with the Worlds 2018 Kha'Zix Chromas, requiring players to first acquire the corresponding icon to gain access to these special Chromas.

This ingenious integration of various in-game elements not only broadens the scope of customization options but also encourages players to delve deeper into the game's rich ecosystem. By linking Chroma acquisition to icon purchases, players are motivated to engage with different aspects of League of Legends, enriching their overall experience and providing new avenues to personalize their champions.

Understanding Chroma Colors

As we conclude this exploration into the vibrant world of Chromas in League of Legends, let's demystify the spectrum of Chroma colors available and their unique acquisition methods, ensuring you're well-equipped to personalize your champions with your preferred hues.

  • Black Chromas: These are perpetually available for direct purchase in the in-game store, contingent on the availability of the corresponding skin, offering a straightforward path to customization.
  • Red Chromas: These distinct Chromas are exclusively acquired by purchasing the specific Chroma bundle, providing an opportunity to collect a set of vibrant variations.
  • Purple Chromas: Unique to Hextech Crafting, Purple Chromas are attainable during certain limited-time events that typically make a comeback at least annually, adding an element of rarity and exclusivity.
  • Green Chromas: Reserved for members of the League Partner Program or as special finds in the Essence Emporium, Green Chromas signify an exclusive status within the game's community.
  • Yellow Chromas: Marked as Limited Chromas, these are either gifted directly by Riot in certain promotions or can be snapped up in the store for a brief period, making them prized possessions for collectors.

By understanding the nuances of each Chroma color and their respective paths to acquisition, you can strategically curate your collection, ensuring your champions stand out on Summoner's Rift with the exact style and flair you envision.


What are Chromas in League of Legends?

Chromas in League of Legends serve as aesthetic enhancements that allow players to modify the color schemes of their champions' skins. These cosmetic options offer a way for players to tailor the visual presentation of their characters, adjusting everything from their attire to the hues of their abilities, thereby infusing a touch of personal flair and distinctiveness into their in-game appearance.

How can i get chromas for free in league of legends?

There are a few ways to acquire Chromas without spending any real money:

  • Essence Emporium: Twice a year, Riot hosts the Essence Emporium, where players can use Blue Essence (earned by playing the game) to buy certain Chromas. This event usually occurs mid-season and at the end of the season, offering a wide selection of Chromas for various champions.
  • Event Rewards: Occasionally, Riot Games includes Chromas as part of the reward system in special in-game events. By participating in these events and completing specific missions or objectives, players can earn Chromas alongside other rewards.
  • Hextech Crafting: Players can sometimes find Chromas in Hextech Chests, which are obtainable through achieving S-rank performances in games or through the Hextech Crafting system. While this method requires a bit of luck, it's another viable way to get Chromas for free.
  • League Partner Program Giveaways: Content creators and streamers who are part of the League Partner Program often have giveaways that include Chromas, especially the exclusive Green Chromas. Following and participating in these community figures' streams and social media can provide opportunities to win Chromas.

By exploring these avenues, players have the chance to enhance their champions' visuals with Chromas without the need for direct purchase, making customization more accessible to everyone in the League of Legends community.

How can I earn Chromas in League of Legends?

, obtaining Chromas is possible through a diverse array of channels to suit every player's needs and preferences. These include:

  • In-Game Store: Players can buy Chromas directly, using Riot Points (RP), for a targeted approach to customizing their favorite champions.
  • Chroma Bundles: For those looking to expand their Chroma collection, the game offers bundled options at a discount, allowing for the acquisition of multiple Chromas for specific champions or skins at a lower total cost.
  • Limited-Time Events and Icon Purchases: Occasionally, Chromas become available through event-specific Hextech Crafting or by purchasing certain icons from the store, offering alternative methods to secure these cosmetic enhancements.

League of Legends ensures a comprehensive and flexible approach to obtaining Chromas, catering to a wide range of player interests and making it easier for everyone to personalize their in-game experience.


Acquiring Chromas in League of Legends offers players an enriching layer of customization, allowing them to personalize their favorite champions with a spectrum of color options. Whether through direct purchases, engaging in special events, taking advantage of bundle deals, participating in the League Partner Program, or unlocking them via limited-time opportunities, the game provides a variety of avenues to obtain these sought-after cosmetic enhancements. This diversity ensures that all players, regardless of their preferred method of acquisition, have the opportunity to express their individual style on the Summoner's Rift. As you navigate through the myriad ways to collect Chromas, remember that each one you acquire not only adds vibrancy to your champion but also brings a unique sense of identity to your League of Legends experience.

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