How to get crowd control score in League of Legends - Full In-Depth Guide
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How to get crowd control score in League of Legends - Full In-Depth Guide

Crowd control (CC) is a key tactical element in League of Legends, crucial for turning the tides of battle by impairing the enemy's ability to fight back. While dealing high damage is important, effectively utilizing CC skills like stuns, knock-ups, and slows can significantly enhance your gameplay and influence the outcome of matches.

To improve your crowd control score in League of Legends, it's essential to understand both the mechanics behind CC and the strategies for maximizing its effectiveness. This article will delve into the importance of crowd control, explain its functions, and provide tips for increasing your CC score, which could lead to higher game ratings.

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What is the crowd control score in League of Legends?

The crowd control score in League of considered how much influence they had in limiting opponents’ actions during a match. This score aggregates the total duration, in seconds, that enemies are incapacitated by various crowd control effects, such as stuns, knock-ups, and slows.

This metric serves as a valuable tool for players to assess their effectiveness with certain champions, especially those known for their crowd control abilities. By examining their crowd control score, players can gauge their performance level, identify potential weaknesses, and determine areas for improvement. If a player’s CC score is notably lower than expected, especially when playing a CC-heavy champion, it highlights specific tactical aspects they may need to enhance.

How to get a higher crowd control score in League of Legends?
Boosting your crowd control score in League of Legends involves a strategic approach to maximizing your impact on enemy movement and actions. Here are several effective strategies you can employ to elevate your crowd control effectiveness in the game:

Choose a champion that has abilities which disable opponents

Selecting champions with powerful disabling abilities is crucial for boosting your crowd control score in League of Legends. Champions equipped with stuns, roots, and slows are particularly effective as these abilities contribute directly to the score by incapacitating opponents.

Here are some champions renowned for their crowd-controlling capabilities:

  • Volibear: Known for his stunning capabilities with his Q ability, Volibear can also slow enemies with his E and ultimate abilities, making him a formidable presence in team fights.
  • Skarner: Skarner's E provides both a stun and a slow, and his ultimate ability, R, is a suppress, which is highly effective in singling out key targets in skirmishes.
  • Nunu: Excelling in area control, Nunu’s ultimate and E abilities provide substantial area-of-effect (AOE) slows, while his W offers a powerful AOE knock-up, disrupting multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Leona: A quintessential crowd control champion, Leona can stun targets with her Q, immobilize with her E, and unleash an AOE stun with her ultimate, making her an exceptional choice for controlling enemy movements.
  • Tristana: While primarily known for her offensive capabilities, Tristana can effectively disrupt enemy formations with an AOE slow on her W and a knock-back on her ultimate, providing valuable peel and control.

It's advisable to steer clear of champions like Master Yi and Katarina, who, despite their high damage output, lack crowd control abilities and therefore contribute less to the crowd control score. By strategically using champions with strong disabling skills, you can maximize your impact in games and significantly enhance your crowd control score.

Use items that can disable opponents

For players who prefer not to specialize in support champions but still aim to achieve a high crowd control score, incorporating specific items into their builds can be highly effective. Items designed to disable or impair enemies can significantly boost your ability to control the battlefield. Here’s an overview of some top crowd-control items in League of News:

  • Everfrost: Equipped with a targeting cone, Everfrost releases a burst that slows enemies caught in its range. Its utility extends beyond just the slow, providing a strategic advantage in group fights.
  • Randuin’s Omen: This defensive item is especially useful in mitigating the offensive power of opposing attackers. When activated, it releases a slowing effect around the user, enhancing your team's ability to engage or disengage effectively.
  • Frostfire Gauntlet: Ideal for champions who get into the thick of battle, Frostfire Gauntlet creates a frosty zone upon hitting enemies, slowing them and enhancing your control over movement in skirmishes.
  • Stridebreaker: Particularly favored by bruisers, Stridebreaker allows the user to dash forward and slow all enemies in the immediate area. This item is perfect for initiating or following up during team fights.

Integrating these items into your gameplay not only enhances your individual performance but also contributes to your team's overall ability to secure victories through superior crowd control.


What are the types of crowd control in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, crowd control (CC) refers to abilities that limit an opponent's ability to fight effectively by impairing their actions. Here's a breakdown of the primary types of crowd control available in the game:

  • Stun: Renders the target completely immobile and unable to perform actions.
  • Silence: Prevents the target from casting abilities.
  • Snare/Root: Stops the target's movement while allowing the use of abilities and basic attacks.
  • Knock-Up/Knock-Back: Propels the target into the air or away from the caster, during which the target cannot take any actions.
  • Fear/Taunt: Compels the target to move in an uncontrollable manner (fear) or forces them to attack a specific adversary (taunt).
  • Slow: Decreases the target's movement speed significantly.
  • Charm: Causes the target to walk towards the caster, typically leaving them vulnerable.
  • Polymorph: Transforms the target into a benign creature, disabling their ability to use abilities and slowing their movement.

Understanding and effectively using these types of crowd control can significantly impact the outcome of battles and the broader strategy of a match.

Are some Champions immune to crowd control?

While no champions in League of Legends are inherently immune to crowd control by default, several have abilities that can grant temporary immunity. For example, Olaf's ultimate ability, "Ragnarok," provides him with a period of immunity to crowd control effects, allowing him to charge through enemy defenses without being slowed, stunned, or otherwise hindered. This type of ability is crucial for navigating team fights or escaping dangerous situations unscathed.


Understanding and effectively utilizing crowd control (CC) in League of Legends is essential for mastering the game. From choosing the right champions and items to strategically deploying CC abilities in combat, these elements can significantly influence the outcome of battles. Moreover, familiarizing yourself with the various types of CC and knowing when and how to counter them, including using abilities that grant temporary immunity, adds depth and sophistication to gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the arena, honing your CC skills will undoubtedly enhance your tactical prowess and improve your overall performance in the game.

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